A great deal of the appeal to the Android platform is how customizable it is. Back in 2010, I was amongst the crowd that loves Apple but doesn't identify with the iPhone. [And I still am.] The iMac works wonders, but the interface of the iPhone isn't ideal for my uses. I have to admit they run real smooth, but that's not enough to win me over. I like to have control over user interfaces.
When I first started using Android, it was through the Motorola Cliq XT. I loved almost everything about it, although I did wish that I still have my qwerty keypad. It had a fancy LED light that made up for the lack thereof, though. It was later traded away for the ability to have a pink keyboard. I know— total sellout!

This post is for all you keitai lovers and phone freaks out there. While my phone is not straight out of Soft Bank, it still has some appealing features I would like to share with you.

The first thing you see is the Ashley Wood lock screen. This is my favorite illustration by him, and it makes me happy to see it daily. When you slide the phone open, you get a live wallpaper with a bridge, passing clouds and the full moon. There are two rows of main menu icons, five scrolling screens of application and an application drawer that is easily accessed through the star button. It's an eternal work in progress, although yesterday I rearranged many elements to make room for the Hello Kitty diary widget. It gives me a quick look into my decorated calendar. Love it!

My favorite find of the month includes a decora style day planner and diary. I like that you can keep your own private diary entries separate from the other calendar. You have a monthly, weekly and daily view and you can also set certain events to repeat each year. I really like that you can decorate the monthly view with stickers. This is something we used to do feverishly in high school, and that I still do today in my current day planner.

The user interface is busy and girly, but it is highly functional. It even has a password lock to keep unwanted visitors from looking into your plans and your secrets. I only wish they had more stickers to put on the calendar, but I guess that means I need to get creative with how I apply them.

This is another recent addition to my phone, which poses as a bit of a threat to my spare time. It is an application for free calls and messages that allows you to have your own customizable avatar and timeline. It mixes together games like Ragnarok Online and Gaia Online with the social network of Facebook into a simple and more intimate experience. It looks like a great way to stay in touch with people without giving them your phone number, which is something that applications such as WhatsApp and Kik are striving to do.

I especially like the mini games and the diary. It is like a Facebook timeline because you can share and like photos, but the plus side is that you can do it with less prying eyes. While there may be a lot of strangers looking at your entries, if you are smart about it, they won't be able to find you elsewhere. I think that it's nice for sharing with a select group of close friends. You can share the best parts of your life without being too overt on the internet.

I admit to being a feverish diarist. That's not a surprise, but I hope my love for diary-keeping is contagious.

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