I think that I have been spending far too much time on my blog entries that I could be investing in other projects. Starting today and hopefully in the next weeks, I am going to try to keep Hello Witches to short descriptions. Call it Hello Witches Lite.

Last week was excellent! The epiphany came as promised, and so did some other surprises: unexpected apologies, packages in the mail, lots of work to tend to, and a great attitude while out in public. I feel quite refreshed and liberated from stress today.

With two Pages in one week I am seeing young energy or people behaving younger than their age. It is a time of sensibility and crafty imagination blending fire with water harmoniously. Alchemy is the only way that I feel we could get two opposing energy types to work. Another explanation would be that they fluctuate, actually. The reading is balanced out save for the suit of Swords.

Monday. Page of Cups. Hello repeat card! We had this last week as what turned out to be a date. We went for coffee. This time around we get a naive androgynous character from a land of dreams and heartfelt emotions. This speaks of sensitive feelings and dreams.

Tuesday. Ace of Coins. Finally getting grounded, leaving the world of fantasy and whimsy. Finding oneself standing in a more literal world with responsibility that has gifts to bear. Alternatively, a package arrives in the mail or an unexpected gift is received.

Wednesday. Page of Wands. Passion! A stroke of it that lasts a good while. This is something we feel strongly for, or alternatively, rage.

Thursday. Ten of Cups. This is the feeling of being whole, of not lacking anything emotionally and having whatever you need. Being fulfilled and grateful for it.

Friday. Ace of Wands. Another Ace! Passion, creativity and ideas are sparked. Motivation to push something forward.

Saturday. Nine of Wands. Being tired or worn out from the week and all of its events. Accepting a moment of rest before giving the final push.

Sunday. Death. Changes, loss, reluctance to let go. This is a tough card to face given the surprises it has brought my way before. It must be my least favorite card to see in a weekly spread!

What to avoid. Two of Cups. Sole priority of romance. Romance is a beautiful thing, but to get lost in the trance of connection is to avoid other subjects in need of attention.

What to strive for. Five of Cups. Spill out emotions, feel the difficulties and grieve them. Find yourself grounded again if you have been floating in dreams all this time.


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