Hi guys, how are you?

I think that I thwarted the Death card, but I'm not sure. All week crept by anxiously as the count down got us closer to that fateful day, Sunday. There were trialing days to what should have otherwise been a very smooth week. With health on the decline, it's really hard to keep track of anything else that doesn't involve resting or working. The number one goal was to improve health, which took a lot of binge eating and laying down after fainting spells. You don't mess with syncope.

Monday. Three of Coins. Work. Hard work. Perfect your craft, whether you are helped out or doing it solo. At the start of the week, this is a very funny card. It rings true, play time is over. It's time to get back to work.

Tuesday. Queen of Swords. See, she stands with imposing strength. Many will find her to be incredibly intimidating. She speaks her mind without fear or need for her weapon. There are rubies in the sword, which make it more for show than for use. It'll glisten under the sunlight and reflect the knowledge of the moon. She knows her place, you'd best figure out yours.

Wednesday. High Priestess. Intuition, secrets and ritual magic.

Thursday. Fool. A new beginning, the realization we have been placed in a difficult situation. Sometimes we feel like show ponies. It's not a good place to be in, but it can be much better if we welcome the uncomfortable situation with a smile.

Friday. Queen of Wands. She is so proper and make-up, the kind of lady that draws attention to herself just because she is so presentable. She stands out whether she likes it or not, but given her stance, I think she quite likes the attention.

Saturday. World. An opportunity opens and awaits. The sky is clear and the environment seems dreamlike. This is the accomplishment of a goal or the sweet embrace of good news.

Sunday. Lovers. There are two alternatives for The Lovers in this deck, but this one is my favorite by far. Here we see the love where these two can't be without one another. They connected their souls through their loving kiss, and to let go would be torment. They are completely immersed and in love with one another, and I really like that.

What to avoid. Nine of Cups. Avoid drinking in excess, avoid getting drunk. It'll cloud your vision and impede the clarity that you would otherwise appreciate throughout your days and nights. It's nice to enjoy, but when you're in an altered state of mind, nothing comes through quite as it should.

What to strive for. Wheel of Fortune. Look for the catalyst of change. It could be discrete or it could be obvious to spot; the point is to keep your eyes peeled.

As much as I am struggling with this blog's demands, I really enjoy it and I think that's what keeps it going. I have something to look forward to checking at the start and end of every day and week.

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