Last week was real crazy. I spent it getting my living and working spaces cleared out. The clutter was really starting to bother me, and as a result I found that I still didn't want to do much once my space was clutter-free. I felt really drained, and even took a few days off from work to recharge my batteries. In taking on so much weight, the whole start of the week felt so much like burnout that I couldn't handle it.

The body knows what it needs best; for me it was rest. There is so much noise whirring around in my head that I can't focus very much at all, especially when I feel as if I have a bunch of things to do. It's smart to take some me time off to pamper yourself now and then. I do it often and I recommend it.

I am constantly reminded about — and thankful for — why it isn't necessary to lose faith in people. Sometimes all you need is to let time heal wounds, and right before you know it, they come back around on their own. It's real sweet when a situation that had previously gone without closure comes back around to refresh and redeem itself. I'm really thankful for the fact I have witnessed it happen twice this year, and glad that I didn't have to be the catalyst. Often I have aggravated a situation, when in fact all I needed was to leave it alone.

Granted, we have to face some real tough situations. Sometimes we aren't really given an option but to resent what is done to us. Nobody likes to be made to feel worthless or unimportant, but it happens more than we would like. I don't think that people like that should be given up on.


Monday. Page of Coins. A seed planted as an opportunity for growth. Hard work and wisdom necessary to create growth or make an idea a reality. Practical planning. Mail or messages that bring a possibility for expansion. Business expansion. Can be too much time thinking, not enough doing.

Tuesday. The Tower. A difficult release. Feeling overwhelmed or oppressed. A pause before moving onto a new phase of life. Hidden forces are at work — trust. Things will improve, but not before they're blown all over the place.

Wednesday. Four of Cups. Day dreaming about a circumstance that is different than the one you are in. Overindulgence can lead you to take something for granted or get bored. Need for change. Evaluation of a circumstance that seems superficial.


Thursday. The Moon. Fantasies, illusion and enchantment. They could not be real, but it is a risk you are willing to take. Illusions can be mesmerizing, but when they go away it is as if the Earth has gone out beneath your feet.

Friday. Eight of Wands. Fast messages exchanged. Action that is taken in the moment. Quick thoughts. It is possible that affairs are not as thought out as they could be because they are dealt with impulsively. Alternatively, unknown information may be released that makes sense. Waiting on others to make the first move can take too much time, also.

Saturday. Queen of Coins. The one you can rely on to nurture you when you're having a tough time. Creating prosperity and harmony. Warmth and affection.

Sunday. Five of Coins. Feeling out of sorts, even if momentarily. Give to get, but let go when things don't work out. It also rings true that we should not be afraid to ask for help when we need it.

What to Avoid. King of Cups. Talking about sensible subjects — matters of the heart. Stop dreaming so much and do more. Alternatively, an unreliable person. This is someone that gets carried away with their feelings to the point that they don't care what it costs to get what they want. It is someone obsessed with the past.

What to strive for. Five of Cups. Alone time with your feelings. A growing awareness that a relationship is what you make of it. Appreciate what you have, don't take it for granted.


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