The week got started off on the right foot, and then quickly declined to a problematic situation. Mercury Retrograde has hit where it hurts, and I have been unable to work in peace because of it. It’s an “I told you so” kind of situation, and I can very quickly see where it’s going to go. The voltage at the house is all messed up, leaving us with nothing but one big head ache. I couldn't even sign in to post this entry! I owe you photos...

Monday. The Fool. This card means a fresh start to a new week, an adventure that is now in the works. This is the time to go on an adventure and throw care to the wind. When our whole lives become about routine, we lose ourselves in our work, and become instead what we do.

Tuesday. Five of Swords. This is a painful disappointment, a clash with someone that could prove problematic or hurt our feelings. The mental conflict can also express hurt in the Five of Swords.

Wednesday. The Hierophant. Hello, old friend. I haven’t seen this card show up in this context for a while. It is a difficult lesson that presents itself. I can’t help but relate it to a person who will provide comfort and wise words in times of need. It is the need for advice and guidance through trialing situations.

Thursday. The Star. There is a streak of hope to pull us though. Whew! This is the card that comes right after the Tower, which is a big shake-up. I feel that it brings soothing energy into the brewing conflict, and sheds a new light on the situation. It may be just what is needed to nurture us.

Friday. Ace of Cups. This is emotional renewal offered in a golden flask. It is an opportunity to find solace in words, in people and in yourself. It is a good time to seek kindness to nurture yourself.

Saturday. Ace of Wands. Passion! Lots of passion, creativity and events. The Ace of Wands presents an opportunity to get creative with projects. This Ace of Wands can also be the strength with which we beat down the problems, the conflicts and the opposition. It's time to take action and not to let others intrude our boundaries.

Sunday. Ten of Wands. Being crushed under the weight, tired and burnt out. It’s real hard to get up and do the things you need to when you feel that the circumstances are working against you. When you resist that opposition, it generates pain and takes a whole lot of effort to keep up. In many instances it can be total burnout.

What to avoid. Seven of Wands. Unnecessary conflict. Sometimes people are just looking for the right circumstances to spark an argument. If you feel them coming at you with your negativity, try to turn your attention someplace else. It isn’t fair to have to face a bunch of problems that somebody else is trying to impose on you. You may already have enough problems of your own.

What to strive for. Page of Wands. Seek a spark of passion, seek solutions where people only see problems. Stay true to your convictions; follow through with your actions, regardless of what anybody else says. You have what it takes to make things go as you want, even if it isn’t always the easy route.


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