Another week has just begun. Where has the time gone? I have been giving a lot of thought about my life lately, mostly speculating where it's going to go from here. I'm not really clear on what my options are just because I've been feeling really bogged down with the work routine that I established to stay productive. I've been thinking about reviewing more tarot decks, but in truth I feel I have written about the ones I have enjoyed the most. There are some exceptions, but I don't feel that it's the right time to yet.

I have started composing some more Major Arcana posts as well as a few editorials. They're almost there, but not quite yet. It would be real nice to figure out what is is exactly that I am meant to be doing, but I feel that the pieces are falling into place little by little. I think that I am finally starting to see where it is that I am meant to go, and the spread I got today reflects that.


Monday. Seven of Swords. Sometimes the world around you proves bothersome with all the noise. I feel like getting away lately. It would be nice to have some more space to think. It feels like everyone is looking for something when they write to me. I’d rather have some space to get things done, so I will make myself available when I feel like it. It almost feels like going into hiding.

Tuesday. Three of Cups. Reconciliation. It could be drinks or coffee with a small group of friends. It could be a really good time spent with someone you care about. The way I see it, those birds are tweeting away as they watch the sun set.

Wednesday. Five of Swords. Sometimes sharp words someone else say hurt us. This work is literally cut in half. The wound is deep and it looks really painful. It’s a good idea to avoid conflict if you don’t want to face a painful situation with someone you care about. Watch what you say.

Thursday. The High Priestess. This seems like a break to think about the last few days and how they connect. It’s a good idea to remain calm and to think about things with a level head. That will be what I will try to do; not pass judgment and take it slow instead.

Friday. Four of Coins. Work can be limiting, it could keep us in a routine that we find hard to break out of. When we device a system that works for us, it’s really hard to break out of it once the wheels are spun in motion. It will continue to spin even if by itself, and if we aren’t careful, we may have to run to catch up to it.

Saturday. Three of Wands. This seems like a pause to think, a pause to dream. Notice the sticks are forming a triangle with a void of color. The outside is gray, and I can really relate it to daily life. The weekend feels like a window of clarity and of fun to a week that is otherwise full of routine.

Sunday. The Star. This streak of hope echoes the day before. It signifies a happy weekend full of color and of hope. It is the right time to seek inspiration and guidance for what comes next. Let your passion guide you, and you will find that you knew the way all along.

What to avoid. Six of Cups. Avoid getting rooted into the past. There are always many alternatives that you can take, and the way you look at them depends on you. Depending on the situation you are in, you will find various options. Sometimes you don’t even have to look into solutions that you employed in the past, and that is what this card is telling you.

♡ What to strive for. Seven of Coins.
Work hard for what you want. Sometimes it feels like life happens in stages. You’re not ready to reach the next stage until you can start to visualize what happens next. Once you have a concrete idea of what you want to do next, you will realize that the next step is made available. Take it step by step.

I am doing very well lately. Wishing you a happy week!

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