This spread is so true that it embarrasses me. I thought about not publishing it at all, but I credit this blog for it's transparency... so it's time to walk the talk. I laughed so hard at the What to avoid / What to strive for slots because it's really true. That's what I love about using different tarot decks — just when you think you've seen it all, something always comes back to surprise you.

How are you? I am fine. Better than fine, actually. I've been reflecting on what I want out of life and beginning to make plans for the future based on that. Finding my direction was tough, since my life revolved entirely around college. I'm not exactly the kind of girl that likes to work and work and not have a soul. Now I opt for being a workaholic with a pseudo-life. I don't think I'm prepared for a full life of responsibility and adventure yet... I'm still working on me.

I've been thinking a lot lately about my nature and my amorous tendencies. I figure there is no shame in admitting the way I am in that field, but then I can't really expect anyone to understand it unless they have gone through it as well. I had an eye-opening realization a few days ago, and I'm trying to put out the fire before it engulfs me. Oh, passion!


Monday. Seven of Wands. When all odds are against you, the plus side is that you stand out. There are ways to set a difficult situation to your advantage if you blend in just enough to be able to get control. I think that the important part is to have a strategy even in a difficult time.

Tuesday. Eight of Swords. There is not much you can do when you're surrounded by drapes and you can't even see, metaphorically speaking. It seems that at best, we will need to wait it out until we have the courage to break free of the bonds that keep us in place.

Wednesday. The Chariot. I need to take my car to the shop. No, but seriously... The Chariot deals with moving so fast in life that you start missing out on the little details. Somehow, you could be so focused on getting where you want to go that you forget to enjoy the ride.

Thursday. Queen of Wands. She's quite fitting. If we were to put her counterpart in the first line — or next to it — she would be gazing into the eyes of her lover. The Lovers card stands between them both. This is a romantic affair in which both sides are completely immersed in one another. She's smart about it and she has the upper hand.

Friday. The Lovers. Dream wildly. See, she's surprised as Dracula comes to her window. This is courtship that can be humorous as well as deeply romantic given the circumstance. It's a good day to spend with someone you love.

Saturday. King of Wands. By himself, the King looks back into the past. He's guided by his knowledge of previous strife and personal passions. I feel like this one has a little imp to serve as his consciousness, whispering the happenings to him. Just before he disappears, the imp always makes it a point to salute his King. The cat eyes a lizard, just as any predator to their pray. The King saw everything.

Sunday. Three of Swords. Ouch! what happened during the weekend? These bats tear away at an intact heart, depleting it of its strength and will. The circumstances seem dismal, but if we go back to the beginning of the reading, we can see that anything can be avoided by wrestling the odds.

What to avoid. Two of Wands. Keep your devils separated and you won't have to deal with having to pry them apart. It's hard to keep control of circumstances if your devils walk and speak on their own, but partially of knowing that it is coming before it does. You've been warned.

♡ What to strive for. Ace of Wands. Cast your attention to just one devil and you don't have to worry later about what ifs. Temptation can be tricky, but knowing how to handle it makes all the difference in the world. Just pick one!


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