This week is strangely dominated by Coins and Major Arcana cards. There is only one from the suit of Cups, and the other two suits are absent entirely. Its been a while since a reading so obviously favored only one aspect of the week. Upon getting a closer look, it has a very personal feel to it. I feel this deals with working with you as a person and as a professional.

I have been doing a lot of that lately, figuring out where it is that I want my life to go. Three years after my college graduation, I’ve been trying to make sense of why I ended up here, in this line of work. I decided not to question it anymore and to work with it instead. It isn’t easy to figure out all the answers, but with the end of the previous Annual Review coming, I’m looking forward to find out what happens next.

Monday. The Devil. This is a scary card for me to face. The one in the Tarot of Prague is especially intimidating just after the Death card. Anyway, an animal broke free from his bonds. He cast his rage upon the city and punished those who reprimanded him for so long. I feel he is going to put them right through what they put them. This is a sinister card, one that takes our innermost secrets and exposes them. The madness will ridicule you and hit you until you are so vulnerable, you won’t dare oppose. I pick up on wrath and I pick up on the birth of a monster.

Tuesday. Nine of Coins. Back in the world of color, we can find luxury awaits us. It’s good to kick off the negativity and pamper yourself a little. Tell yourself that you deserve it when you wind down a long and arduous day of work, then look over everything you have accomplished with gratitude. Perhaps the lady in the card isn’t rich, but she has made her environment so pleasant, that her heart swells with pleasure. She is cozy no matter what she has, and thus feels at home anywhere.

Wednesday. Ten of Coins. Another positive day for work. This is comfort, this is luxury and this is loyalty. Sometimes you just have to put on the display for people to really understand that you are doing fine, you have everything you need and you will be okay. This luxury is by no means covert, it is out there in plain sight for everybody to appreciate. When you bathe yourself in gratitude, you could be dressed in rags and still feel like a million dollars. And you know what? You are worth much, much more than that.

Thursday. Three of Coins. Back to work. This is a day of threes, so tasks will come and be dealt with in threes. The word multitasking comes to mind. Perhaps it is just up to one person to do the job for three. Perhaps it’ll be a team composed of three, or the amount of glasses of champagne you will be drinking at night. Do your work and reward yourself after.

Friday. The Magician. Fancy that, I find this man to be tricky. He dazzles you with his tricks, but that is exactly what they are at the end. Somebody that wants to impress you can also be putting on a show to distract you from seeing the truth. It stands for just about anyone you meet when they want to make a good impression. They may overplay their qualities to get your attention. That’s fine, but don’t take anything onto yourself you may come to regret later.

Saturday. Page of Coins. This kid is so content with his books and his game. He marvels at a world inside his world and lets his imagination take him far. Dressed in those robes, I can see he is of good family, but he yearns to explore. Sometimes you need experience more so than education, because there will always be a yearning on the inside for adventure or self-empowerment. He looks so fondly at his project, you can tell he worked hard to get it to where he is. As a result, he could be jealous of anybody touching it but him.

Sunday. Strength. Restrain yourself and your actions if you don’t want to regret them later. Sometimes anger bubbles up inside, and before you know it, you snapped. You hurt others with your sharp words and then get some in return that you would much rather not have heard. It turns into a cycle and a power struggle. If you want to avoid uncomfortable circumstances, respect others and demand to be respected equally. Don’t let anybody step all over you.

What to avoid. Eight of Cups. Don’t walk away from someone you love just because they hurt your feelings. They might not even have known they did it, even though the signs were there and the situation was blaringly obvious. If you stand together you are strong, and if you disband you are off on your own. Seek distance if you need it and heal.

What to strive for. The Hermit. Move away from that which troubles you, and always seek to improve. Follow your inner light, the heart is the compass of fate. We see a transition from the previous card to this one that is quite nice. The Hermit knows better than to get himself into a petty argument, his sights are set on something transcendental. Perhaps that’s why he is so misunderstood. He is Time, he is wise and he could share his experiences with anybody, if only they listened and learned.


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