Last week held a riveting epiphany. I found myself in a tough situation in which I could either protect somebody's feelings and endure a bunch of things that were nagging at me, or stand up for myself. What I did was a bit of both in the end, because I tried to settle some personal space in order to maintain the peace. I was met with a terrible backfire; the attempt was met with wrath. It was an I told you so kind of bitter aftertaste that remained. I knew there was a risk of this happening, but I trusted my intuition and I went with it anyway. While the process was painful, I have to say that I feel relieved now. I just wish that the whole situation could have been avoided entirely, but sometimes life doesn't give us that option. The suit of Coins was present as a grounding element. It's kind of like seeking shelter from an assault you see coming.

I wish I could show you how important friendship is to me. I regard friends as treasure; they're rare to find and come with their set of virtues and flaws. It's only natural, and through the years I have learned to love people with their best faces and their imperfections as well. It's hard when you reach the point you need to choose between yourself and someone else that you love dearly. Honestly, it can get maddening. Sometimes we don't have control about where life is steering us, and all we have left is to follow the signs and cherish the moments. That's what I intend to do, but I admit that even though I am moving on, part of me saves the cavity in my heart for this person to fill. I don't quite feel the same anymore.

This week's spread seems more amicable. It does have the jarring presence of the Death card smack in the middle, though. The last time this happened was in January, and I remember all too well how difficult that one was. It's time to take it a day at a time and enjoy the week, rather than spend the days leading up to that worrying about it.


Monday. Ten of Coins. This card was present last week. We start off with a good grip on the financial department. Jobs, projects, finance are all in control and in good status. That's a relief. It can also explain matters pertaining to the house.

Tuesday. King of Swords. Whew, he cuts! This archetype stands in for an analytical mind. He is quite gifted in matters of intellect, but has become so self-aware that he estranges others from himself. Maybe he doesn't even intend to, but it's just the impression he tends to give off. He can be cold and intimidating at times.

Wednesday. Death. Oh, no... Not you again. We all know this card, the one that stands in for difficult changes. Sometimes we don't have control of the changes manifesting in our lives; it can lead to a sense of loss or helplessness. Seek some support and see those changes through, otherwise you're looking at a long haul by yourself!

Thursday. King of Wands. Wherever he goes, this man radiates passion and creativity. I look up to him and recognize him as the archetype for my wonderful boyfriend. Here is a man of creative vision and sparked talent. He can make magic out of nowhere to entertain anybody, and he has the charm to keep a charade going for days. His heart is warm and so are his eyes. I find him irresistible.

Friday. The World. Just like that, opportunities open up, plans are made and soon set into motion. This is a good sign. After the change comes the big lesson. Have an open mind and open heart towards anything that is offered to you today.

Saturday. Ten of Cups. Emotional satiety comes with knowing you have worked hard to protect your feelings as well as those of others. Don't pick a fight just because you can. Turn away wrath with caring. Embrace those who seek love, because you have enough to give in abundance. Leave nobody feeling cold and lonely.

Sunday. Page of Wands. See, this little Devil is sparked with passion. Here is a burst of energy that comes out of nowhere. It is a passion restored to its former heat. Enjoy the rush as it pulses through you and become a source of inspiration for others with your own creative spark. You don't need somebody else's voice to shine on your own.

What to avoid. Three of Wands. The solution doesn't come when you stand around waiting for things to fall into your lap; that's not reality. You want something? You work for it. You honor your intention with action, otherwise you're just wasting your time looking out for ghost ships in the horizon. Something is coming, but it's not the right time yet.

What to strive for. Eight of Cups. Just walk away. Even if it feels as if you are abandoning something, you're really not. You're looking for a break, you're looking to be cut some slack... and that's okay. Go in search of something new even if you don't know quite what it is you're searching for.

Sometimes our plans change along the way, and we shouldn't punish ourselves for that. We can't always have control over everything. Have a very merry week!


  1. Treasures are lost and then they are found again and treasured even more :)

    1. I hope you are right, dear friend. In my heart I will carry that notion.