Last week was special; it was generally very positive and uplifting. I enjoyed it thoroughly even if today I woke up feeling like a zombie. The truth is that I feel I need a rest, but time doesn't slow down for anyone, and rest isn't likely to come until later. When you feel tired, you lack the focus and the motivation that you need to get things done. At least there are always people around that you can count on and that will want to stick around through thick and thin. I regard them as angels.

So how is this week looking? The Tarot of Prague never disappoints. The colors and the movements weaving in and out of the cards is quite beautiful to look at. I particularly enjoyed the reverse echo in the last two categories. The Ace of Swords and the World echo one another beautifully. The wreath really makes the "As above, so below" point... although, as I stated earlier, in reverse. I love how these cards are stylistically coming together even though they're very different. Some look like staged photographs, others look like obvious collages. To me, a beautiful mix and match of symbolic images... without doubt.

If you have any tips for getting through a hectic week, I'm all ears. I think Samhain Moon needs a shield to get through this week in one piece!


Monday. Seven of Cups. It's hard to keep your feet on the ground when your head is in the clouds. What is your best option? Can you even tell? Thoughts can go adrift and things you should be doing could be neglected. It's better to dream when everything else is foggy. You can day dream until the fog clears and you can see with clarity again.

Tuesday. Three of Wands. Waiting. Looking out for something, and not knowing exactly when it is that it will arrive. You can try to wait a little longer or you can try getting forces into motion, but sometimes, the best thing to do is to wait. Even if the wait feels endless, it promises to pay off in the end.

Wednesday. Five of Wands. Conflict. Every man for himself, conflict of interests. Agendas that don't match up. Generally, this is a distasteful circumstance to find yourself in. Hold your breath and tough it out until the end.

Thursday. Three of Coins. Juggling in threes; finding it hard to reach the desired balance. If you get a certain routine established, finding time outside of it can be tough. When you have to juggle people, interests and responsibilities, it gets tougher than you think.

It can also be the elements that work together to help you keep your routine going. It depends on how you view the situation.

Friday. Ten of Wands. Burnout, tiredness. Feeling worn out or out of sorts. It happens when we take on too much at a time; all the energy we had for the set task may be overspent. We end up exhausted and without much motivation to do anything else.

Saturday. Wheel of Fortune. Radical changes. Hang on, because it's going to be a wild ride. You might not know exactly where it is that you will land, but that's part of the adventure. If you're in need of a thrill, there is no better turnaround than this; especially after being so burnt out.

Sunday. Seven of Swords. Stolen or wasted time, plagiarism, loss, or ill intent. It can be a combination of all of the above stated from a person you would not expect it to come from. Don't let anyone slow you down or disrespect your boundaries; there is a reason why you have the right to settle boundaries in the first place.

What to avoid. Ace of Swords. avoid conflict or confrontation if possible. This can lead to an exchange of harsh words or worse. If you see it coming, shield yourself or seek a diversion. You might not be ready to handle it just yet.

What to strive for. The World. You're leaving; make the best of it. Prepare for the changes that are coming your way. Embrace change and all that it brings, because it will set you free.

I'm already tired and the week hasn't even really started, but let's get ready to tackle it. I'm in if you're in, we can do this! I'm rooting for you.

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  1. I think I'm going to follow this as a guide. The least thing I want is a wrinkly Sunday. Time to jump onto the ride. :)