Last week was really something. It was jam packed with surprises and pleasantries. Life has been very busy, and even then I find that I retreat into my shell at the strangest of times. I can be around someone I'm fond of, but when the shyness starts kicking in, I go all quiet. It happens a few times at social outings, and I have realized that the best thing you can do is just accept those awkward feelings as they are and learn to love them. It's also important to love people with their flaws as well as their strengths. It isn't always easy, but it's real good to realize that it's possible. The good news are that everything is patched up. All the awkwardness from a month ago can now slowly start to dissipate. Lesson learned!

This week is wild, just like last one. Everything is really rearranging itself before getting settled. You can tell the element of change is upon us when things start feeling disparate. It's hard to find a pattern or a way to match up the elements... but then, that's what we're here for.


Monday. King of Wands. Fire, fire, fire! The week starts off full of motivation and charisma. There is action and there is also a rush for getting things done. It feels like a great spark of motivation and passion, which is just what we need to get through this wild week.

Tuesday. Five of Swords. Hot words, fast words, insults. It's a time of great discord and disagreement. Stray from running into certain people if you are prone to an argument, or learn to back away before things start to get serious if you don't wish to get caught up in something sticky. It isn't a smart move to make.

Wednesday. Seven of Cups. It can get confusing when you have different feelings that are bubbling up inside you. What's the best decision you can make, and what holds you back from making it? She's fidgeting, hesitating. You can see her furrowed brows and the uncertainty reflected on her facial features. Sometimes making decisions is tough, especially when you don't feel you are ready for it.

Thursday. Wheel of Fortune. Radical change that comes as a surprise. It can take you for a spin even if you don't see it coming. Don't resist the change, just go with it. Let yourself be surprised by what is in store. Change can be really wild sometimes, it can lead you to a whole new place that you are not used to or comfortable in, and leave you at its core. From there on out, it's your choice how you get out of there.

Friday. The Star. Hope, illusion and good cheer linger in the environment. It feels like spirits are high and laughter will ring through the halls of the house. Good news come, people view you in a positive light and your life feels as if it has found a balance that works. When you cleanse yourself of all your drama, you feel pure and renewed. Accept your faults with love, connect to your higher consciousness and enlist the senses. Feel freely and without judgment. Celebrate life.

Saturday. Justice. Where she stands is really not very pretty, but still she shines and still she manages to find it within herself to be fair. Her inner light is her protection, armed with her wisdom and her words. You can't cross someone who is prepared and who knows what they are doing. It's hard to shame someone so grounded; this is what we must all aspire to be.

Sunday. Four of Cups. To turn your face away from a tempting option or offer makes it no longer seem as attractive. Rejection can be pretty hard to stomach when somebody you admire isn't biting the bait. What are you to do? You can't change your circumstances. You are you, the same for them. The most you can control is actually what concerns you and your personal life; you can't live somebody else's life for them.

What to avoid. The Moon. This card can be so beautiful, but the shadow aspect can make it quite serious. It can be difficult to handle days when you feel confused or you can't find a particular direction to go in. If you get lost, try finding your way back. If you're in an entirely new world, start to find the ground and go little by little. Don't make any risks that may prove harmful to you in the end.

What to strive for. The Emperor. Balance and clarity of mind are positive alternatives when things go wrong. It is in part why you can find a role model in your significant other; they may be in control of an aspect you are trying to maintain. They can be your solace and you comfort, as well as your main motivators. If you don't have a significant other to rely on, there is no better relationship to nourish than the one with yourself. Be your own role model and help push yourself through the illusion.

This week is meaningful — no, memorable. We're in full celebration mode now that something new is about to start. It's time to start thinking about what comes next. See you next week!
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