Hello, hello! This is the first published Hello Witches of 2014, and I am so happy to be here!

This is my first week back in Los Angeles, California after a vacation down by the tropics. I spent a month in festivities and personal parties, which were quite lavish. I got to see people that have been sorely missed since the first venture to LA in August of 2013. Now they are missed again, but at least there is the promise of a reunion pending for sometime in the summer.

There are so many editorials in my queue of things to publish, so please refer back to this space every Friday. I am going to be sharing news from the Steampunk Symposium as well as reviews of new tarot decks that I received during my time off from Samhain Moon. Exciting!

♡ Monday. Nine of Cups. Celebration; feeling well-off, even if you aren't rich. Wishes coming true. This card shows a man at his work space. The candles are lit, the night is just starting outside and this man has finished a long day's work. He kicks back with a glass of absinthe to enjoy the satisfaction of having concluded his experiment early. He represents feeling satisfied, and even rewarding yourself for a job well done. Sounds good!

♡ Tuesday. Queen of Cups. The feeling starting up the week lingers. Feelings are in harmony with the environment. You should feel reinvigorated and ready to talk about how you feel. Its been a while and you have reflected on what you want enough to know how you really feel about it.

♡ Wednesday. Ten of Coins. I have always found this card strange because they are outside rather than inside, but this gives us more of an interpretational quality to work with. Prosperity; wealth in abundance. Happiness and joy.

♡ Thursday. Eight of Coins. Reaching a point in which sticking to something pays off. You have worked so hard at perfecting your craft that you have confidence in everything that you make. It feels like after all your efforts, others can start to see the beauty in the product of your labor. Keep going, you are on the right track!

♡ Friday. Seven of Coins. When you review what you have already achieved, consider the steps you have yet to take. This is a good time to ponder what you are happy with, and what you want to continue to improve. We can see our life as a work in progress, but it could be a literal project you are working on as well.

♡ Saturday. Six of Coins. An exchange; time that is found to catch up. In this card, I feel that teamwork is a very important dynamic to keep in a functional basis. It is through teamwork that something can be made to work. Know when you need to seek help, and when you're OK to go on your own.

♡ Sunday. King of Swords. The intellectual fortress; keeps others estranged. It's so hard to get through to him because of how thick his mental armor is. You could try to soften him up with heartfelt words, but the truth of the matter is that he is closed up to anything you've got to say until he, himself is made a believer. How do we convince that person whom does not want to see? Well, that's in part what you will be dealing with today.

♡ What to avoid. Nine of Wands. Getting tired of your task? Just do it! Don't pause to think about how tired you are. During that time of rest or break, you may lose the little fire that you've got left to complete a task. See it through to the end and then be done with it. Don't leave things off for later!

♡ What to strive for. King of Cups. Manifest your love. Speak it out loud and without fear. Seek to have dominion over your feelings. Don't let yourself get carried away by the things that hypnotize you, though. At this point, you should know to distinguish fantasy from reality. Relish it and admire it, but stay grounded.

It's good to be back.


  1. So many good pointers to start anew. Thanks for sharing with us again. :)