Sometimes, I feel like pulling out darker decks. This one has been calling me for some time now, but I had not taken it out of its resting place since I got back from Puerto Rico. I needed some time away from it, and now after all that has happened I am beginning to see why.

I can’t believe this! After shuffling thoroughly for as long as I did, most of the cards in the reading came out as majors. This is such an imbalance, given that the only other cards are Wands and a court card from Swords. It took a little while to absorb the whole message because I was just surprised at how crazy the synchronicity was.

Monday. The Hierophant. In this card, he sits pensive with a scroll in his hand. What does the message say? What is he contemplating? It seems the news leave him in a state of worry. He is distracted and far from the nuns that stand together. He’s not part of their community, even though he is a leader. He has more important things to think about.

Tuesday. The Devil. See, the entity injects the poor soul that just needs a fix. We can’t accept our limitations as the very last thing that is out there. To surrender is to really give up. Sometimes when we push our boundaries, we find that after some trial and error, we will make it. The journey is scary, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying. Go ahead!

Wednesday. The Star. Inspiration comes at the time when you most need it. Relish it and look forward to it, because it should be a very good feeling. Let your guiding star show you the way, follow your intuition and cast aside advice from others. Here you will know that true brilliance shines from within.

Thursday. Four of Wands. Stability comes easy when you have support. Teamwork also brings you company, and in relishing the connection, you will find you have built the foundation for something in the future. Be mindful of who else is watching, but give yourself the chance to find happiness. Onwards!

Friday. The World. Open up to new possibilities and just GO! I see a big opportunity coming up that you shouldn’t think about saying anything other than YES to. Just go!

Saturday. The Tower. What did you leave without closure? You missed something very important before you went on a great adventure, but you will have a chance to go back and review what you missed so that you can build on it. See things falling apart as an opportunity to start building again.

Sunday. The Magician. Embrace your craft. Come back from your adventures with trinkets to supercharge. You have many things to do, but with the break you just took, you should be ready to lock yourself up in your lab or work place and produce something really amazing. Breathe life into your ideas!

What to avoid. Strength. Don’t let someone else control you with their agenda and their plans. You have your own, and you need to settle ground and space. Be willing to work things out, but definitely watch out for your boundaries. The key word here is boundaries, and one you must be mindful of.

What to strive for. Queen of Swords. Don’t let anyone overstep your boundaries. Know that when you feel strongly about something, you are entitled to defend it in any way that you feel will be appropriate. Be in control of your thoughts and the way you express yourself, and you will come out on top this week.
[I switched out Magician and Queen of Swords... Sorry!] A powerful spread for an interesting week. Let’s see how it goes!

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