Last week was quite a blessing. I got to spend some time outside of my usual environment an‬d it was very enjoyable. The company was good and so was the food, — and you know Leelah, she always says yes to good food! — but most importantly, I got to be there for a friend in need.

The week did seem to revolve around her, as her card signifier is The Star. That’s pretty interesting. I have noticed also that the presence of the Hierophant in readings is the sign that I will hear from a specific person on that day. Granted, the meaning of the card can stretch many, many ways. I said yes to adventure and found that it had to be made up for on Saturday, just as foreseen. Tarot rocks!

This week feels like a week of dealing with situations that need closure as well as getting grounded back into routine, albeit one that seems more flexible than most. It isn’t a week for big spending.

Three Sevens. Three Sevens mean an agreement will soon be made, a contract agreed upon or an alliance formed. That’s pretty cool!

Monday. Seven of Swords. Sometimes we need to get away from noise so that we can carry on with our lives. We shouldn’t feel self-conscious for sneaking away from those that are looking to take advantage of our time and of us. It’s okay to say no.

Tuesday. Seven of Coins. So many options, so many things to do and think about. There will be things that are out of your control as well as things that you can do something about. Pick your battles and give yourself the opportunity to go over your options.

Wednesday. King of Coins. Embrace comfort and being in charge of your affairs. It feels good to be in a cozy situation where you call the shots and make all of the important decisions. Treat yourself to something nice if you can, and pat yourself in the back for a job well done.

Thursday. Five of Coins. Sometimes finances won’t stretch as far as we need them to and we will feel limited by the constraints of money. Remember that money isn’t everything and do your best to figure everything out so that you can continue with your plans.

Friday. Devil. Repeat card from last week. Sometimes the limitations that we face are self-imposed or caused by us and we need to learn how to take care of them. Take this opportunity to evaluate what you are letting control you so that you can regain control and cut it out of your life.

Saturday. Hierophant. What have you learned from this week, and how will you apply it to the next? There is a lot to go over. The best part is that as things come into perspective, your opinion will change.

Sunday. Page of Cups. A sweet gesture that shows feelings and good intentions will be made or received. It could come in the form of an apology, being asked out for a drink or going for a quick lunch date. Whatever it is, say yes!

What to avoid. Lovers. In the words of Walt Disney himself in a very private ouija board conversation, “you can’t fix everyone.” I need to tone down the need to be constantly helping others or finding myself in difficult compromises just to please someone else. You know what? You should too! It’s okay to say no!

What to strive for. Seven of Cups. Look for some time to think. Allow your mind to wander, let yourself dream up options that you might not find palpable now, but might be someday. It feels like when we focus so much on what works and what doesn’t, we also forget to live our lives the way we would want to.

Let’s see how this week plays out. I am looking forward to being settled in my apartment. Who knew a routine would be so enjoyable??


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