What a busy start of the week! I wasn’t able to get around to publish this until today, and all the while I had the entry in the back of my mind.

I had an unexpected visit coming on Monday, and spent most of the day reliving memories with Kim.

♡ Monday. Seven of Cups. This is interesting, seeing as the day already passed and I know exactly what it stands for. I was doing readings for a friend, and this card summed up her entire situation.

Too many options and feelings floating before you. It gets to the point you are overloaded and unsure if you are ready to make a decision. In this case, it is good to absorb them before you decide to do anything.

♡ Tuesday. Eight of Cups. Detaching from emotions that no longer serve their purpose are the order of the day. Why subject yourself to any more? You’ve got so much to handle already, and taking on everyone else’s burdens are weighing you down, too. No… It’s time to take care of yourself from now on. Tell everybody you love them, and that you’re going on a self-exploration journey. It’s time to go work on your own affairs, rather than fixing everyone else’s.

♡ Wednesday. Eight of Coins. It feels good to find yourself in the zone and with a sense of where things are going. Elements have fallen into place and you have a sense of direction for what you want to do in the future, so crack on. It’s time to work on all of those projects you have been holding back for no reason at all.

♡ Thursday. Three of Coins. Even if you’re not used to working in a team, having a circle of support counts as working in a team. Take into consideration notes and suggestions and work around what you think will be the best solution. There is a reason why you’re part of the team, so work on that!

♡ Friday. Three of Wands. Waiting. Be patient and let things come around naturally. Things happen naturally, sometimes without our own hand in it. It means we’re ready.

♡ Saturday. Five of Swords.
Conflicting agendas lead to a difficult exchange in words. Sometimes it’s hard to make worlds meet, and the end result is a clash. You will have to walk away from it if this is something you’re not prepared to work with today.

♡ Sunday. Two of Swords. Communication seems broken. It’s a day when words aren’t flowing and messages aren’t coming through. You’re at a standstill, and to be honest that is the best place to be.

♡ What to avoid. King of Swords. Avoid the walls, the games and the circumstances you don’t understand. You don’t have the time to pry words and feelings out of people if they’re not making the effort to communicate. You can’t fix everyone, as you will come to find.

♡ What to strive for. Six of Swords.
Moving away from climate of worry. This can include people that confuse you when they’re not clear about their intentions. After you have tried to help them or stick around long enough, it becomes clear to you that it isn’t worth the effort that you’re putting into it, so you decide to move on.


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