This week we have two fives, which are problematic cards within the tarot. At a glance, this spread has a lot to do with matters of the house as well as business matters. It is interesting to go back and assess the situation one week later.

Speaking of, last week was accurate. Things have been increasingly looking up, and I really like that. I changed sometime along the way… have been satisfied with the progress made in helping my friends. Now it’s time to work on nurturing myself. I need some tender loving care, in the form of radical self-love or something else. Today we will just say groceries.

Monday. Page of Coins. Polishing skills and dusting off the cobwebs for work. Gears are spinning into motion, and I am once more interested in manifesting my creative persona. Its been a long time since I have made anything, but no better time to start than now.

Tuesday. Wheel of Fortune. Changes that come and bring with them a total eye-opening experience. Sometimes change takes us completely by surprise, and the challenge lies in adapting gracefully to it. Don’t be afraid! Go for it!

Wednesday. Eight of Cups. Cut your losses and move on. It didn’t work out? Too bad, but not something you need to torture yourself over. Give yourself the chance to keep on going and to find your happiness. Seek out something new until you finally feel better. You deserve it.

Thursday. The Hermit. Sometimes loneliness taxes us. I know for sure that it taxes me. We aren’t always ready to take on the challenge of self-empowermen on our own, but there is a reason why it’s an option in the first place. You got this!

Friday. The World. Opportunities are opening up. Whatever happens, just say yes! Go do it without fear or without worry. Just be happy that you’re coming out of the rut, and thus out of the cage.

Saturday. Five of Wands. Problems, problems, problems. Drama can hit at any time, whether you are expecting it or not. You can’t always avoid it, so just play it cool and do the best you can to stay free of trouble.

Sunday. Five of Swords. The drama continues. It seems like it’s a passionate affair, and one that causes much trouble. Keep a level head in times of confrontation, go over your options and formulate a plan to deal with it.

What to avoid. Ace of Cups. This won’t be the week to get emotionally attached to things. Brush it off so you can continue with your life. If something happens that hurts you, cry and move on. It’ll make you feel so much better.

What to strive for. Ten of Coins. Look for stability in your living situation. Seek out abundance of comfort and seek to make yourself feel at home. When you cozy up in a place with positive vibes, your mood gets so much better and your overall daily performance improves.


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