Last week was amazing right up until Sunday. The week was very productive and the weekend was packed from Friday to Sunday with social adventures that range from clubbing to touring beautiful botanical gardens. I spent the weekend doing things I don’t usually do, and as a result felt myself recharging and getting ready for next week.

When I got back from the botanical gardens, I decided to take a shower. Just as I got out of the shower and was getting ready to work, I accidentally touched an electric outlet. My fingers were damp and it resulted in electric shot when I was trying to plug in my cell phone. My nervous system was shot and I had just taken Nyquil, so when that came into effect, I was freaking out. I had no other alternative but to call J and to have him talk to me until I decided to shower a couple more times, and ultimately go to bed. This morning at around 6A.M. I woke up to a 4.7 earthquake that shook most if not all of Los Angeles. The slew of social media messages was exchanged, and after a few personal exchanges, I fell back asleep.

Today I will take it slow, giving some slack time until I am back up to speed. The spread is giving me leeway for that. The week seems to be on a topsy-turvy mode until the weekend. Let’s take it easy so we can come out the other side safe. Look forward to the surprises this week has in store for you!

Monday. Ten of Wands. No wonder, with everything that happened over the weekend, I feel spent. Burnt out. The responsibilities I usually take care of on Monday will have to wait until I am feeling much better to be taken care of.

This card stands for taking more weight than you can carry, but being used to it even if it takes a lot of effort to keep going. The result is draining, but if you finish you will be satisfied.

Tuesday. Queen of Cups. Emotions being placed in a container will stir and rearrange, but essentially remain the same. To reflect on them in a diary, planner or spare piece of paper is to accept your feelings and honor them. It reaffirms compassion and strengthens your emotional bond with the world.

Wednesday. Strength. Gaining strength in exchange for discipline. I feel like it’s a test of how much you are or are not capable of doing at the time, followed suit by a likely problem in the next cards.

Thursday. Seven of Swords. Here is the actual test. An obstacle makes itself manifest that will try to rob you of your time and your energy. If you see it coming, you will be prepared to handle it. If you don’t, try to think a little before jumping in to deal with it. It can’t be made on impulse.

Friday. Five of Wands. Something goes off with the catalyst. The energies are all wound up and manifesting in different ways or different obstacles during the week. It’ll make you feel like the world is conspiring against you, but it really isn’t. Remain in good cheer!

Saturday. Wheel of Fortune. Things turn around. It’s time to embrace with an open mind and heart to what comes next. Let go and adapt gracefully, and you will find that things are once more in order for you. Enjoy!

Sunday. Ace of Swords. Communication sets itself straight and you can think again. There is clarity of thought and in self-expression, and enough to defend yourself if any situation were to merit it. Take confidence in your words and do what you have to.

What to avoid. Four of Coins. Watch your finances; keep from spending if you can until you have some more financial leeway. Things are tight right now, so make the best of it that you can.

What to strive for. Nine of Wands. You’re tired; take a break before you keep pushing to finish what you started. Sometimes we get burnt out from overexertion, and that’s definitely where you are right now. Recharge those batteries!

Now for lunch and tea, and a slow start to what should be a day of healing. I wish you a happy week!

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