I didn’t feel the presence of last week’s Hello Witches. Not because I wasn’t attentive to it, but because I felt disconnected from the signs that the cards were highlighting. In truth, I got lost in the depths of my mind and refused to surface until it was apartment cleaning day, also known as preparations to go goth clubbing. Nowadays, all I really care about is working, being happy and going out to glam it up with the Dead Boy or the club kids. I’ve got something good going in Los Angeles, and I really wish I had taken the risk to come here before. But that was then, this is now. I really love life these days.

This coming week seems very dark, but count on me to look for a silver lining. The year has been marred by the news of death and loss, and I guess that’s just exactly what I don’t want more of. There is only so much mourning we can endure before it turns to self-destruction. The Wild Unknown Tarot is a very dark deck, it speaks in whispers and it tells you exactly what it reckons you need to know. There is no sugarcoating allowed in a world where things are just as they seem.

♡ Monday. Six of Swords. Success! Get the week started off on the right foot and strive to uphold the ideals that you preach. Even when you don’t see the point to what you’re doing, remember that it’s all part of a bigger picture and it will all fall into perspective eventually. There are positive signs that remind you there is a promise of better things coming in the future, and that’s exactly what you must live for.

♡ Tuesday. Three of Swords. Ouch. Sometimes, we get hurt. Sometimes, we hurt someone. We don’t always want to do it; to be honest, maybe we never do. It’s part of life to embrace pain, be it in the form of bad news or realizations that we would much rather do without. It’s part of being human and being alive, so we have to make the most out of what we’ve got. We can’t just lie in a ditch in pain for the rest of the week.

♡ Wednesday. Eight of Swords. Retreat into your room or your world if you need to recover. Maybe it’s not the best time to come out if the circumstances feel so tough. Breathe and allow yourself the time you need to deal with the situation.

♡ Thursday. Eight of Cups. Time to move on, or at least to pick back up on your life. You won’t be in this state of defeat forever, but it sure feels as if you’re walking away from something important. Well, take it step by step and you will see how it goes from there.

♡ Friday. Ace of Wands. Finally some slack! Light, passion and creativity mesh together in energy that resonates with your mind, body and spirit. We needed a sparkly spark to this week, and on Friday it seems we’ve got it.

♡ Saturday. Three of Cups. Melancholy. Talking to a friend and reminiscing, almost as if you’ve been estranged your whole lives and just now managed to catch up. The sun sets and your feelings will be settled in a calm state. Your mind will flow at ease with what you’ve just done, and you will find yourself happy you took the time to be nurtured and to have fun.

♡ Sunday. Two of Wands. Time slows down and you find yourself once more at the start of a new cycle. You don’t like it. You feel like after every party, you die. But that’s how life goes, the ebb and flow will continue whether you like it or not. Accept it and prepare yourself for what comes next. No one likes to float in limbo, but then we always have a choice. Maybe it’s time to walk away from the limbo.

♡ What to avoid. Nine of Wands. Quit working yourself to exhaustion, especially when you know you won’t have enough time to recover before more is expect of you. Yes, you have great energy supply; but if you spend all of your energy, you won’t last until the end of the day. These circumstances could end up being detrimental to your health if you don’t watch what you’re doing.

♡ What to strive for. The World. Balance. Look for the way the colors align perfectly, for those synchronicities that make you feel as if life is worth it. It is worth it, and when you say yes to life, everything else falls into place. We are brought to life to be happy, and that is exactly what we should strive to do.

Are you ready to take this week on with me?

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