Guess who’s back home! Truth be told, I have been feeling such powerful inclinations to write. It has been really surreal to feel that electric feeling in my fingers, but not have the resources that I needed to post.

Last week there was no Hello Witches post, but the journal entries have once more started to flow. We’re going to have a mix of lifestyle entries as well as advice columns. We all need advice sometimes.

This week looks a little topsy-turvy to me, with the presence of Majors and an Ace. It all feels a lot like the circumstances rearrange themselves only to fall into place again. It’s kind of weird, but that’s how life flows.

Last week was uneventful save for work, but I have an interesting dream premonition to share. It was quite an eye-opener and a warning.

Monday. Three of Wands. It’s a day with no present action, but a day that doesn’t go without the desire for it. He seems so lonely, playing out his instrument in search of someone to play music with him. But there he stands, in a great place. He should be happy, even if he has no company to share his happiness with.

Tuesday. Page of Cups. A small manifestation of feelings. Telling someone you care for them, accepting an apology, and accepting that sometimes we all get vulnerable. This is a very vulnerable card in the sense of having naive feelings to share. That can get us into trouble when we don’t guard our hearts.

Wednesday. The Fool. Do you feel like a Fool? Sometimes I do, and it’s okay. Our lives are very public when we go off the invisible boundaries of the Internet. Try not to take an risks today for fear of being made out to seem a Fool. Play it safe and you won’t gain much, but fail in the process and you won’t like how it feels. Be careful.

Thursday. Temperance. The awkward circumstances balance out and finally you can breathe. It’s nice to breathe, isn’t it? Sometimes we just need to pause and look into ourselves so we can figure out what is and is not working for us.

Friday. Five of Wands. Conflict of interest can lead to misunderstandings and confrontations. After a week when nothing really seems stable, the best thing to do is just to let things sort themselves out in time.

Saturday. Ace of Wands. Follow that flame, wherever it leads you. You’ll end up soaring towards your greatest passions. A burst of creativity can lead to a very productive wave, so whichever way it hits, ride the wave and seek to empower yourself.

Sunday. Nine of Pentacles. A good feeling; or rather, a great feeling! Spring is in and the atmosphere feels completely lit up. Go out for a stroll and enjoy yourself. After such a weird week, you deserve it.

What to avoid. Ten of Cups. Stop seeking your ideal romantic situation. It will come to you when the time is right; forcing it to happen will only leave you confused and in pain. You deserve better; don’t do this to yourself.

What to strive for. Queen of Coins. Financial independence and maturity. For me, this card represents my Mother, which is visiting next week. I am feeling very happy to have her coming over because she always lightens up my life. I am really looking forward to spending time together and going on adventures.

Let’s get this week going, even if a little late.

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