Have you missed me? My life has been incredibly eventful as of late. In my absence, I received a visit from my Mother and I went to fabulous parties. My life took itself apart, rearranged itself and then came back together. Two weeks ago I went to a Crosses concert.The culminating event was a Youth Code / Aesthetic Perfection / Suicide Commando / Combichrist concert. Wow! What a night. Details soon.

Life has been wonderful. There have been so many surprises and memorable instances… I could go into detail, but honestly the details are personal. I don’t want to saturate readers with details from my personal life that I feel they may not resonate or identify with.

Back to the cards. This week has a strong sense of grounding and recollecting. It feels as if anything that has dispersed is gathered little by little until things make sense. Life has ups and downs, and they are illustrated carefully week after week on Hello Witches. It is because of that, that I keep writing this column or entry. I enjoy seeing how life fluctuates in events and instances, and more so enjoy tracing connections between those events. They can be fascinating at most, and thought provoking in the least.

Monday. Five of Coins. The feeling of loss is prevalent at a time when you’re counting what you’ve still got. Sometimes you feel as if something in the world isn’t right; life somehow turns its back on you and you find yourself curiously oscillating between what is there and what is no longer. I see this as such a concern with mundane affairs that logic may be concealed or difficult to connect with. Most importantly, it could mean a serious disconnect with your higher self when you are more worried about matters of the flesh.

Tuesday. Six of Swords. Moving on from situations that cause is discomfort is not easy. It really takes letting go in order to move on and find yourself. Sometimes distancing yourself is healthy so that you can figure out your terms. However, it feels alienating at first. It’s hard to go it alone when you need support, but sometimes it is necessary.

Wednesday. Knight of Coins. This is a good omen after the start of the week. In the context of the surrounding cards, this card talks about settling down. You collect your bearings and give yourself time to assess what you have in order to figure out what it is that you can do next. Excellent! This is good.

Thursday. The World. Surprised to see how quickly things resolve. This card is about opportunities opening up, as well as finding yourself freed from any past that may have weighed you down. It’s a great moment to be thankful for making it, as well as looking forward to what comes next. New things are made manifest.

Friday. The Hanged Man. Sleeps slow, and actually very limited. Nothing is going on here that can seem productive or of use. Ride it out, embrace a new perspective and save your energy for when you can actually use it. It isn’t worth wasting energy over confusion, or things you’re not even sure are there.

Saturday. Nine of Wands. This seems so tiresome to me. Getting to the point of exhaustion means that burnout is soon to follow. When you spend too much time keeping up the walls of an invisible fortress, it turns to a task of strain. Let the walls down or see your task to the end.

Sunday. Ace of Wands. Energy! Fire! Passion! Whoa. This seems pretty intense. A burst of passion can cover anger or desire, it could also just mean creativity or admiration. Depending on where your clues come from, you can determine how your reaction could be. I think for sure it will be spontaneous in manifesting.

What to avoid. King of Swords. Avoid walls, poor communication and vague sentences. If you want clarity, push for it with all honesty. It is important to consider others boundaries as well as your own. You can say anything that you need to say as long as you mind the way you say it.

What to strive for. Two of Wands. Neither one extreme or the other. When you’re about to go off the deep end, hang on instead. This will pertain to mood swings or switching sides and impressions more often than you should.

Two of Wands. Neither one extreme or the other. When you’re about to go off the deep end, hang on instead. This will pertain to mood swings or switching sides and impressions more often than you should.


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