Happy Monday! How are you doing today?

My mind is so active lately. I sit down to work and I feel this compulsion to write in my diary. It is similar to that electric feeling you get in your fingers when you’re inspired. Also, I had a lot of time away from the computer this weekend, which means I’ve been able to embrace new thoughts.

This week, I don’t resonate so much with this reading. I am still adjusting to major changes in my life, and what is presented here is a physical manifestation of those changes. I am still having a lot of difficulty in wrapping my head around the matter.

These cards are so beautiful, though, aren’t they? The tableaus come to life as you focus on them. There is so much to be said from just one card, and I love that about this deck.

Monday. Two of Cups. An offer that comes from the heart can make itself manifest today. In this card, even though the people are in different worlds and corresponding to entirely different lifestyles, they still make time for one another. There is an offer of care and understanding which is what brings them together. You can love even if you’re in total different worlds.

Tuesday. Five of Cups. Things don’t feel so good. You can step out for some fresh air and a walk, when suddenly your feelings hit. You could have gotten news you were not ready to, or your own mind and feelings can trigger a spill. It is best to seek solitude when you need a moment, because if everyone else knows your business when you are not at your best, they might judge you for it. In a moment of weakness, that is not what is best for you.

Wednesday. Ten of Coins. Things can stabilize pretty quickly, which is a very positive trait. Things can be in place, even if it is because you are forcing the balance. At a time when life smiles at you, it is most polite to accept the blessings and work with what you’ve got.

Thursday. Eight of Coins. Work, work, work. Times can be hard when you’re forcing yourself to craft up your own empire. Tiring, even! Just don’t let yourself get lost in your work to the point that you are not building your life up to be something. Everyone deserves to live. Alternatively, if you’re immersed in a project, make sure you breathe life into it.

Friday. Three of Wands. Waiting can drive anyone crazy. This is not a day for action or for things to happen. It is simply a day in which you’re looking out at the world and reflecting. You see other people moving forward with their life and you know where you stand. Still, you see the ebb and the flow. You see the movement.

Saturday. Two of Swords. Day turns to night, and the no action situation seems to be in full effect still. What is going on? Why do you feel like you’re stuck between day and night, life and death? Have you lost your way because you can’t see while you are doing things right? Now is not the time to act. Just go with it for now.

Sunday. Ace of Cups. An explanation, an apology, a range of emotions that stream out of you. When you hold everything back, it feels as if the symbolic gates guarding your heart get flooded. You have a burst of emotion that wants to come out, but you keep it inside. When it finally comes out, it will do so with a lot of pressure. Hopefully you are ready to deal with that.

What to avoid. Page of Coins. Don’t try to make yourself seem happy go lucky if you feel you need to take things seriously. Work is a necessity, but not an escape from reality as you may come to treat it. Your life is better than your work life, so don’t forget to honor it.

What to strive for. Queen of Wands. Connect to your emotions, push and drive your creativity. At a time when your mind is ablaze with thoughts, it is perfect to bring out your artistic qualities and to make something. Leave them in awe with your skills, or leave yourself in awe. It’s all in the same as long as you’re doing it for yourself.

Let's see how this week turns out.

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