This spread has a lot of Twos apparent in it. Two Fours for stagnant energy or not much action being manifested. Two Pages for young energy or the spirit of messages being passed one. Two Major Arcana cards present, with the general combined message of drawing intuitively from your surroundings. Also a great presence of abundance and wealth in your life.

This week’s spread has the rare presence of pairs, as well as most of the suits save for that of Coins. Three Cups cards, two Swords cards and two Wands cards. This spread is predominantly emotional, strengthened by the Moon card.

There is energy everywhere to build upon something with motivation, but it seems as if the heart is unsure and biding its time with all the slow Cups cards. A very interesting spread! I look forward to see how it will work out.

Last week I wrote out the Hello Witches post and could not bring myself to publish it. There was nothing negative about the post, it just didn’t feel quite right.

Monday. Four of Wands. Starting the week off by building upon something that has been made as a purpose to hold the foundation for your future. Be in good cheer when working towards a goal, and seek to rally others to your cause for support.

Tuesday. Four of Cups. When you’re not sure about something, it shows. Your expression is a dead giveaway of what you are considering, primarily because of your eyes. I have often heard the cliché that the eyes are the window to the soul, but that is the overall feeling I get when I look at this card. This man is considering taking something, but he’s not even sure about that which he wishes to take.

Wednesday. The Moon. I haven’t felt that my signifier has come up in a reading with presence in a long time. But there she is, stretching her ghastly rays of raw intuition throughout the spread. The Moon shines her light with a ghastly glow, and in her influence many strange events happen.

Thursday. Page of Swords. Some messages are sent in impulse and cut when received. We should always write while being mindful of how the other person that sees the writing will feel. At best, you are guarding your thoughts and standing up for yourself. At worst, nobody is listening and you are made to seem like a child with a tantrum.

Friday. Queen of Wands. The scales on this card threw me off a little. Here we have the embodiment of a woman that trusts her passions and is not afraid to tame any beast. We see a nurturing side in her as a mother, but see, a lion lies at her feet like a domestic house cat. There is power in that.

Saturday. The Empress. Nurturing energy, the one who gives life to everything she touches. She won’t say no, she will take you in with an embrace and make you feel better. Perhaps you are to be that person for somebody else, or perhaps there are news of pregnancy coming.

Sunday. Page of Cups. Know when it is time to apologize, or when the best time to accept a gesture of emotion is coming. This card translates as a message of love, one that is given without thought but with confidence in the heart. Take it!

What to avoid. Knight of Swords. Avoid assumptions or acting on impulse. Look at this card; that man has his sword raised and he’s ready to go! But where? There isn’t much else to do, and he doesn’t seem like he’s going to get anywhere fast. Hold on your impulses until it’s a wise time to act instead.

What to strive for. Six of Cups. Think long and hard, and remember what you used to stand for. Remember the memories you used to share with somebody else and try to honor them. If you miss someone, reach out and let them know. It is harmless to keep in touch.

Today I got more out of the pairs than the messages of the cards themselves. I did not see a sequence, not the one I usually spot during the week. Perhaps the dynamic of this week is different than others. It is my boyfriend’s birthday this week, we are looking to celebrate but I am not sure what those celebrations entail. No matter, I guess we will find out.

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