Did you miss me last week? I had the entry written out, but I really needed a break from blogging so I did not publish it. I used the Victorian Romantic Tarot for what turned out to be a very interesting spread. You could not see the direct influence of the cards throughout the week, but there was always a hint here and there that suggested what you would go through.

Here is what I got just in case you are curious:

Monday, May 26th, 2014.

Monday. Six of Coins.
Tuesday. Four of Wands.
Wednesday. Four of Cups.
Thursday. Five of Wands.
Friday. Ace of Wands.
Saturday. Six of Wands.
Sunday. Seven of Wands.
What to avoid. Five of Coins.
What to strive for. Judgment.

This week we have a notable absence of Cups cards, and a heavy hand of Swords in this spread. Some roundedness, some passion… but no feeling. The overall aura cast upon the reading is one of cold logic and reasoning. Trumping all of these circumstances are four Major Arcana cards side by side. A whopping message for this week that cannot be ignored for sure! Never in the history of Hello Witches have we had such a heavy hand of information. The Majors are all side by side, which I find rather curious. I took my time while shuffling this deck and have read with it already, so it came as a surprise that there were that many clumped together within the deck.

There is a lot of divine energy in this deck. After reading the Major Arcana cards in sequence, it feels like there will be a big divine manifestation making itself apparent in life throughout the week. It looks like gathering enough inspiration to breathe life into an idea, or like the realization is such that it renders you paralyzed for a few days while you figure out how to harness that power. Power is certainly a key element in this reading, and the question is whether we conquer that power or we let it conquer us.

Monday. The Hierophant. Now here we have a character that has not graced out readings for a while! He sits contentedly on his throne, relaying the divine word of God to his acolytes, who bow before him and bask in the glow of his wisdom. Either accept the advice coming to you from divinity or be the source of inspiration for others who have lost their way. You are experienced in that world.

Tuesday. The World. The sky has turned pink, a portal opens in the heavens and the staples of magic and alchemy witness someone going into or coming out of the portal. The direction is really up to your interpretation. To me it looks like an opportunity presenting itself that allows you to take something important to you one step further. It is also full acceptance and synchronicity with surroundings as well as with circumstances.

Wednesday. The Magician. Having all the tools that you need is an inspiration. You may lay them out before you and look at them with adoration, or you may not even notice how sacred the tools of your trade are. Still, it takes thought to employ these tools and to use them to bring forth a task. Are you lacking the vision that you need to make something from nothing? Take a step back and mull it over in your head. If time permits, that is, because these tools are not going anywhere until you move them. You have time to decide.

Thursday. The Devil. Have you become a slave to circumstance? Did you renounce the control of your abilities to a higher power in hopes that it would all turn out okay? You shouldn’t have done that. Now you rely at the mercy of a higher power, you have renounced your power. Best take the chains and break them, because they were never there to begin with. Break those invisible chains and take control of your life once more.

Friday. Two of Coins. It takes time to adjust to circumstances that you feel you are not ready for. Sometimes that can even get a little confusing, but if you have the willpower to handle it, it really won’t be as bad.

Saturday. Page of Swords. Stand up for yourself if you must, just don’t let anybody step all over you. If you don’t give them the chance, they won’t be able to overstep your boundaries. Granted, you may come across as inexperienced in argument or overly passionate, but as long as your message gets across, you should be fine.

Sunday. Seven of Swords. This is a repeat card lately. It tells me of ill intentions, or rather, intentions to steal something of value. Time, effort, something material… it doesn’t matter, it’s still something that rightfully belongs to you. Remain aware of your surroundings and don’t let anybody get the best of you.

What to avoid. Four of Swords. Avoid time away, avoid disconnecting from what matters to you. It’s true that you may need rest, but don’t let what matters to you slip away. Avoid feeling like you have to retreat into comfort, when it is perfectly okay to stand your ground and remain in a natural state of mind. Don’t let anybody intimidate you.

What to strive for. Ace of Wands. Use this situation to fuel your motivation and push you forward. Seek inspiration in things you are passionate about and welcome swiftness of action into your life. Move forward with a spark that fires up your motivation and pushes you to get out of the usual routine to try something new. It is your life after all, so go live it.

There is a lot of heavy activity going on. Don your armor and set out into that battlefield we like to call life!


  1. I am enjoying your blog. You post lovely cards but why don't you give the names of the decks?!

    1. This is the Delos Tarot from Lamb-Lamb. I don't post the names because I usually review them. The Delos review will be up this Friday or the next.

      Thank you! : )