Hello again. I am excited for the start of this week because of the general feeling in the environment right now. I don't know what it is, but I feel motivated and I feel inspired as well. I just bought the Alice Tarot from the Magic-Realist Press, which I am very excited about breaking into. I've been waiting for this since I found out about it, which was two years ago. It's going to be amazing to dive into the companion book and get acquainted with a new set of symbols. So excited!

Taking a look at last week's Hello Witches post, that was an excellent week. After recovering from the Dawn of Ashes show madness, I had a very productive week and I even caught up with college friends. None of the cards I am looking at particularly stand out as an event from that week, but it was most enjoyable indeed.

This week's post is well rounded in terms of feelings and events. Let's see how it all plays out!

Monday. Eight of Cups. Walk away from things that don’t please you. You endure so much already that taking more helpings onto an already full plate doesn’t seem to make much sense. It feels as if it’s time to walk away from the things that don’t help, don’t make sense and don’t really make you a better person. What are you waiting for?

Tuesday. Ten of Coins. This card always throws me off because the people are outside, in the cold of night. It seems as if they have just stepped out for a midnight stroll, leaving all their lavishness behind to just be themselves for a little while.

Wednesday. Three of Cups. Rejoice in company, in having someone around that understands you as you understand them.

Thursday. Five of Wands. Conflict of interest can lead to clashes. Sometimes the battles we face are actually not there at all, just a projection of our fears facing us right back to rectify things that are out of order. That’s just how the mind works. Sometimes things don’t go as we plan.

Friday. Two of Wands. Leave things in a stand still, don’t force things to happen. If they happen naturally, then great! If they don’t, just let it go and start anew with something else.

Saturday. The Star. Look forward to something. Be comfortable in your skin and know you always do the best in every situation and scenario. When you are sure about yourself, even being alone does not phase you.

Sunday. The Hierophant. Learn from you previous mistakes and don’t repeat them. You will come face to face with a hard truth you must accept. Do so with grace and understanding that not all is planned ahead of time. It takes effort to get where you want to go.

What to avoid. Queen of Coins. Don’t rely too much on your reputation to prove yourself to anybody. In the end, you could be by yourself, talking to yourself or a painting and you would still be fabulous. If others aren’t trying to get to know you, they probably won’t deserve to. Keep on being you, and don’t be phased by their lack of appreciation.

What to strive for. The Devil. Enjoy yourself, give in to the vices that make your life sweeter. So what if you are not entirely responsible for about a week? From the looks of it, you’ve been working hard enough to merit a little compensation for your efforts. Give in and worry about your responsibilities when you’re actually in the mindset to be responsible.

Wishing you a lovely week!

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