Last week, lots of emotions were expressed. On Thursday, the Ace of Cups manifested when a friend came over to talk to me about her romantic situation. It was a strange week, I felt that people were more emotional than other weeks. Perhaps it was just an open week for matters of the heart.

I surprised myself and got a tarot reading done at the goth club I went to. She was using Radiant Rider Waite Tarot, but her interpretation of the cards were entirely personalized to her experience. Rather than discuss the meanings as cards came up, I suppressed my inner tarot enthusiast and allowed her to do her thing. We discussed the situation as the reading progressed, and both found a surprise lay in the conclusive moments.

This week is a jumble of situations and meanings. I'd rather go card by card than talk about them as a whole, because I am not getting much just from the overall tableau presented here.

Monday. Knight of Wands. Starting the week off by getting back on track. Tackling anything that is in the way to make space for progress and for fun. It’s time to clear out what doesn’t work to make room for what does.

Tuesday. Three of Swords. Ouch. News from this day may sting a little, but that’s life. It won’t always be good news, and that is something that must be accepted from time to time. Hold the memory close to your heart if you can, and release it entirely if it will do you more harm than good.

Wednesday. Three of Wands. Here we have a prolonged wait that is necessary for things to start going the way we would like them to.

Thursday. Seven of Coins. Waiting can take its toll on you when you need the product to be ready. Sit back and consider your options for the future. Don’t forget to have a backup plan in case things don’t go as you originally planned. In life, most things do not go according to plan… and I have learned this through experience.

Friday. The Emperor. Sternness is a very powerful quality. Your posture, the way you present yourself to others will say worlds about you.

Saturday. King of Wands. He is passion incarnate; his fire burns so bright that it is hard not to notice him. The world is his stage, and he is the only player. Abundance of charisma, good-natured fun and a bit of a naughty nature.

Sunday. The Empress. All is in its place. Pamper yourself, treat yourself to life’s pleasures and don’t leave for tomorrow what you can clearly do today. This is going to be a bountiful day.

What to avoid. Strength. Don’t let others silence you. Nobody has the right to make you feel like you don’t have a voice. However, make sure that what you are trying to say won’t be offensive. Practice control and restraint, but also practice courage.

What to strive for. Eight of Wands. Be quick, and find meaning in the signs as you go. This card is full of motion, particularly the perception of momentum gained forward. There will be fast action, so try to keep yourself from engaging in any serious conversations that require careful thinking.

It’s time to get this week rolling. See you on the other side!


  1. How cool. I used to be really into Tarot cards. I never got a "professional" reading, but I had this app that did Tarot readings lol. It was always so interesting to me. :)

    1. Hey that's pretty cool! Are you interested in tarot, or just looking for a weekly horoscope?