Hello Witches, happy Monday! You will not believe, but we have finally done a hundred of these weekly readings since the start of the practice in 2012. I am very happy to have made it this far! It is really amazing to me when readers

I don’t usually use titles that are not traditional. However, it makes sense to use them in this deck. This deck strongly feels like it works as what it is, not what it can be forced to be by people who read solely based off RWS meanings. Honestly, if you want a RWS deck, you will buy a RWS deck. This deck can be read in RWS form but will offer you more messages if you listen to the manner in which the cards speak and if you understand the cultural backdrop of the cards. The Chrysalis Tarot is a world of its own, and I see it and understand it perfectly.

Monday. Nine of Spirals. All this wild energy! I feel like after huffing and puffing, either the walls come down or you get tired of the unnatural effort you are putting into breathing life into a world that seems to feel dry and barren. The birds flying overhead seem like gossip, and the wind blowing can be casting dust over what the birds leave behind. Stay away from talk and gossip today.

Tuesday. Eight of Stones. I don’t see much movement here. It looks like a day stationed at the work station and making magic happens for others. I view my work very to be very much a manifestation of magic in the lives of other people. It feels as if in the skills I have that make me different, I help others view their lives differently and work on their shortcomings.

Wednesday. Wheel of Fortune. Change can come when you least expect it, and it can bring with it much news and progress that you have been expecting. I see this as a time of natural cycles to adapt to, and the need to remember that if today didn’t work out, tomorrow may bring opportunities and things to look forward to doing.

Thursday. Eight of Scrolls. Look into your mind, let the messages come to you. Don’t force them, and don’t let yourself blank out. Be an open channel, there is no need to act until the circumstances are right. Be patient and listen to what the signs are telling you. They’re there for a reason!

Friday. Ace of Spirals. Look at how it spins. This looks like the raw suit of fire, creativity and emotion. The teardrop on the ram really speaks to me, as do the chains on its neck that are no longer there. Powerful and personally relevant sign! Go run wild.

Saturday. Two of Spirals. Juggling two worlds isn’t easy at a time when there is much talk and chatter. I feel as if this little bird is having a hard time deciding which little nest it is going to rest in. Sometimes even the simplest decisions can be pretty tough and it’s not our fault. That’s just how life is.

Sunday. Nine of Scrolls. Some things get tiresome or hard to handle. This angel looks as if she weeps over a tomb, which is pretty powerful imagery.

What to avoid. The Hermit. Don’t get too expressive in sharing your stories with people who will not understand or appreciate them fully.

What to strive for. The Tower. Boom! Look for action, shake things up and don’t get too attached to things as they are, because time will change everything. You should know by now that all that is guaranteed in this life is change.

This will be an interesting week. Let's see how it goes!

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