Last weekend, my friend Crystal came over and I hosted a séance at my apartment. We were under the influence of the full moon for sure, trading secrets and sipping on wine. Nearing midnight, we turned off the lights, turned on three candles and turned a shot glass over on a plank of wood. The incense was burning and the room was quiet. We repeated the chant many times until finally, the glass budged. Slowly at first, then with more strength until the session was in order. We were graced by the visit of my Grandmother, Hugo, Jeanine, and a wandering ghost. In that order. It was such a memorable night. Later on, we used the Ouija board and talked to a spirit that identified as Cxuthulu and spoke to us in old English. The spirit was talking about underwater themed things such as algae and Rlyeh. We didn't understand him, so we had to let him go... but we closed the session when it switched to Zozo. He spooks me out.

I’m impressed, this is the first time my diary entry shows four consecutive cards from the same suit. This reading is dominated by the suit of Coins, but surprisingly also has one suit of each element and two Major Arcana cards. It isn’t missing anything, but rather, heavily influenced by matters of work and finance. And that’s true! In preparation for a month long trip to Puerto Rico, that is really all that I do. I am thoroughly impressed with this turnaround for sure.

♡ Monday. Four of Coins.
The week starts with the mentality that you have to hold onto what you’ve got as if it will leave you as soon as you let go. I have a bit of a problem with that because acting this way will further attract for things to go differently than planned. When your resources are just barely enough for you, you don’t really need to worry about even distribution. Just say no.

♡ Tuesday. Nine of Coins.
This card feels like the opposite: Wealth, contentment and freedom. Having more than enough of what you need, and feeling gratitude for everything that you’ve got. Life is good when things go as you hope they will!

♡ Wednesday. Page of Coins. A little extra comes your way when you pay attention. See it as a seed, as a possibility of growth for the future. An idea can have so much potential, but if you keep it in the seed stage, you won’t be able to see its full potential. Look to find out, because until then you might not really know what you have in your hands. It is untapped potential.

♡ Thursday. Knight of Coins. Stability. When things are going steady, that will bring you great satisfaction. If you need to be active about something, you might be taking it a little too easy. This feels like a card of financial stability, and some growth from its previous manifestation.

♡ Friday. The Devil. These lovers are chained to the Devil’s pedestal. They couldn’t make their choices, and instead they fall victims to circumstance and their own desires. They could release themselves if they really wanted to, but since they stay there, it seems they don’t.

♡ Saturday. Six of Cups. Here we see things go back to a simpler time, which can also be seen as a happier time. It could be the time of reminiscing and of finding worth and value in the past. Sometimes the past is a gift when we see all the treasures that it holds.

♡ Sunday. Eight of Swords. It’s not a day to do anything, in fact it might feel like a very limiting day. It might not be the day the day you get things done that you have wanted to. It might just be a day when circumstances have one up over you. Try not to resist, just let the day go by. Rest a little.

♡ What to avoid. Queen of Wands. Don’t get too caught up in being the center of attention all the time. Sometimes it’s perfectly okay to step back and blend a little. When you have character and charisma, though, that doesn’t happen very often… especially when the Queen of Wands is around.

♡ What to strive for. The Moon.
Listen to your intuition, let it run wild and without harness. Don’t box yourself into the mundane confines of the world. Rather, give yourself the chance to roam free. Follow the fluid path of life wherever it takes you, and be prepared for many unexpected surprises along the way. Follow your intuition.


  1. Cxuthulu and Rlyeh are references to H.P.Lovecraft work : The Call of Cthulhu. Which is about Great Anciens, among them, Cthulhu, an octopus god with wings and sleeping in the depth of the ocean. Those Great Anciens are aliens are here to eat us out. Lovecraft was writing stories of pure horror, it is known to be a really cool tabletop rpg going by the same name : Call of Cthulhu. Rlyeh being one of the other-worldly city where Cthulhu and his friends takes poor human driven mad by the horror of such creatures.

    1. Interesting... Thank you for your contribution, I will take some time to ruminate on this.