Whew, what a weekend! I went clubbing with my friends two days in a row. We were celebrating ADZ's birthday at Shadow, and then at Disko Nekro. Oh man, when I woke up on Sunday morning I was so sore and burnt out. I had a lot of trouble pulling myself out of bed after the night I had. I met many new people and ended up dancing the night away with my friends. It was exciting to socialize so intensely after a rough and isolated week.

Last week, the bad news I was expecting over the weekend came on Monday with the death of my Mom's long time friend and co-worker, Lupe. I met her many times and found myself mesmerized by her light. She was such a positive lady even though her life was unfairly rough. I have a very hard time accepting death ever since I was a little girl. I couldn't be left alone with my thoughts. Perhaps that was too impulsive to do, because the visit set off evens that I am sitting here now and trying to think about how to solve. Sometimes, things just happen. We don't always have control over the circumstances, and that is something that I have slowly come to learn. At one point I did what the old Leelah does: I sat to listen to the Marshall Mathers LP with earphones. The emotional reminiscing allowed me to vent a lot of my stress and my pent up negative feelings. After that therapeutic event, I still laugh when I think about the music I like now versus this phase I had in which I was an Eminem fan. That's a skeleton I hide in the closet from all my fabulous goth friends now. If only they knew!

This week has one Ace and two Major Arcana cards. Lo and behold, Death is in the position for what to avoid. Avoid changes and feelings of loss. But how? Change is natural. Out of all cards, I can't tell which one I like the least: Death, Three of Swords, The Tower, or Four of Swords. Each time these cards show up, I am in for a not so pleasant treat. Let's keep our chins up and look forward to a positive change.

Also, I have a Nusantara Tarot 1st Edition copy up for sale or trade, should anybody be interested in it. It will most likely be sold, and I don't expect to have it for very long. They sell like hot cakes even at the craziest, most inflated prices. SOLD!

Monday. Six of Wands. A celebratory note or feeling kicks the week off with very positive energy. Whatever it is, you’ve earned it! Move forward in confidence and be happy for your accomplishments. You’ve done it!

Tuesday. The Hermit. Keep to yourself. Look towards the inside for answers. Seek the guiding light that will help you out of the darkness and out of the doubt you might have. Time will tell.

Wednesday. King of Wands. Look for the one that inspires passion in your life and helps you lead it. This is a show of responsibility over your passions and most exciting moments. Share freely and responsibly. Look for adventures as you invest time in the things that make you feel happy or fulfilled.

Thursday. Three of Coins. Work hard and learn from your mistakes as you go. In this world, you can’t go it alone so you will have to put effort into doing the best you can alongside others as well.

Friday. Page of Swords. Time to talk. Say what you have to say and don’t be afraid to be honest even if it hurts someone else’s feelings. Be honest with yourself and others. If you have to stand up for yourself, then so be it. Do it. Who else is going to stand up for you if you don’t?

Saturday. Seven of Wands. You have the upper hand on conflict. Don’t let it try your patience, just deal with things as they come. Sometimes you just have to protect yourself and hope that it will be enough for you to sustain yourself afterwards, too.

Sunday. Ace of Swords. Time to talk, and really talk. Have you got something to say? Don’t be defensive. Just say what you have to say, accept that sometimes that’s the alternative you are given.

What to avoid. Death. This card unnerves me. As a situation to avoid, it is not to propose changes. To resist change is to suffer, which is a quote worthy experience I have had for years. Maybe it will mean there is a near slip with death, but let’s hope not.

What to strive for. Seven of Cups. Look at your options. Go over them and review them. Seek out the differences and the effects of what your actions will bring to consequence. Be aware that your actions will have reactions, and if you are not ready for what comes next, you shouldn’t go there.You will have to deal with what comes next no matter what you do.

Blessings, love and light.

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  1. Looks like a rough week to come, one must be strong in order to survive truths.
    All the best always! ♥