Did you miss me yesterday? I had just made my trip back from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Whew, can I just tell you that I am spent? It is such an aggressive party place! I went there for a wedding. I saw so many lights and so much decadence! To tell you the truth, though, I'm glad to be back at my work space.

There is so much Wands energy present this week, it makes me feel the week will be fast paced and passionate.

Notice also the Page yelling something at Mom, with Dad also looking towards Mom. My cards don’t usually interact with one another like this in spreads, which is very interesting to see.

I get a general message when I look at this spread: Enjoy what you have when you have it, because when it is taken away all you have are the memories. The rest is gone and no longer there.

This is a bit of an eerie reading for me, so I look forward to seeing how it will play out in the end. I hope it’s not another death; I can’t take any more of those this year.

Monday. Five of Coins. Not a good way to start the week, obsessing over things you’re missing or otherwise wish that you had. It might be time to turn to others for help if you really need it, otherwise stay focused on what you want to produce.

Tuesday. Ten of Wands. This card outlines exhaustion, especially on the back. When you overwork yourself, you wear yourself out over time. Take precaution in trying to only handle the things you can control immediately. If none, then be patient and wait until your energy is restored.

Wednesday. Page of Wands. Look to spread your passion or to pass it on to people you know are listening. I feel like when you’re passionate about something, it’s okay to be vocal about it as well. Others will understand the pride with which you peddle those things that are important to you.

Thursday. The Empress. This is nurturing energy, the kind that makes you feel like things in your life are good or growing. Take caution to listen to your intuition, but make plans that are generous or even extravagant. Give support and look for support as needed.

Friday. King of Wands. We all know this charismatic King. He is one of the most common cards in my readings, and stands for someone I know and have been fond of for years. Here we have the most romantic guy I’ve ever known, J. He comes up in my readings time and time again, and this is his signifier. I miss him tons. I feel I might get a warning from him on this day.

Saturday. Three of Cups. Rejoice! It’s a time to come together and count your blessings. Share experiences and drink, be merry. It looks like a time to celebrate close to friends. Maybe a night to go goth clubbing with my friends before returning on a trip to PR? It seems it might be. Enjoy!

Sunday. Six of Coins. Count your progress, make plans with what you have. You probably have enough, but if you don’t, it seems that someone will step in and try to help you out as well. Remember to say thank you.

What to avoid. Six of Wands. Don’t feel too triumphant, and don’t rest on your laurels. Sometimes you need to stay aware and hungry for progress. Id you don’t, you’ll get lazy.

What to strive for. Three of Wands. Wait. Be patient! You have to let things happen naturally, especially when you are aware that you won’t have full control over the circumstances. Even if you do most of the time, this week you will not. Accept it and be comfortable with it.


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