Coming back to visit the tropics always makes me miss my lifestyle in California, so today we are going to do a reminiscing of sorts. I'm taking you guys all the way back to October! In support of my boyfriend's efforts, I went to see his band live at three venues. Although I had seen it before with DoA, I got to help and be part of the process of everything, even make-up.

The Lucky Strike
Toxic Tuesdays at Loaded Hollywood
Bar Sinister

I hadn’t been drawn out to a metal show very often just because I’m trying to be kind to my ears. They get a lot of exposure to loud sounds, and that feeling of ears ringing afterwards sometimes makes me worry. I come from the generation that has their ears plugged in basically 24/7, and now that I have realized what it means to have auditory health, I’ve become much more conscious to what I subject my ears to.

The show itself is brütal. It’s fun to see behind the scenes when you are in good company. Today we're just going to let the photos speak for themselves as a sort of visual diary. Have a look!




Are you spooked? I think I am… a little! But I had so much fun!

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