I’ve been feeling this compulsive need to sit down and write. Because of that, I’m going to side step my monumental blog post queue and share something more fresh and personalized with you today. I hope you’ll enjoy it, as it will give you an inside look at my day-to-day. Most importantly, it’ll give you an inside look into how I read my cards as a visual system. This is a technique any reader can benefit from no matter where they are at in their journey with cards. It works with tarot, oracles and whatever you wish to use. It tunes you into body language, which is about 70% of human communication. The rules apply also to reading cards. Some people get so caught up in getting their meanings right, that they miss important nuances that their cards point out until after their reading has come to pass.

Take this square of nine for example. The Queens rule from the sides, as is custom. The King, her King, takes a central focus. The event revolves around him. He is approached by the King of Hearts, who stands his ground and has a very lucrative establishment. It’s his venue. He speaks about his son, placing him under the care of the King of Clubs for tutoring on skills. For personal enrichment. A heart connects the King of Clubs with his Queen. With a protective mirror, he reflects out the incoming King of Diamonds. A friend but also a rival in attention for success, they all connect but the Queen is protected and held at distance so that she may not be advanced upon. She is shielded. The Jack of Hearts has his provenance from the King of Hearts, the relationship is clearly marked by the suit.

It is very easy to see relationships between court cards when you see pips between them, and where their external and internal selves face. I also note the pointing of scepters as tools and as indicators of personality.

Playing cards are very dynamic and straightforward. It’s all there. I’ve been in need of this, but I wasn’t aware of it. Been reaching out for tarot cards all week, trying to figure out which deck I vibe with and which style of reading I want to employ. sometimes it’s not even about the style of reading or the illustrations. Sometimes it’s the system that needs to be put in rotation.

Conversations with cards enrich our thoughts and perspectives about our lives. Exercises like these prepare me for future situations in which I am faced with a client.

You are welcome to chip in if you’d like to. I’d love to see if you see something I didn’t. I've made some card reading friends lately, and it's wonderful to share that passion in common. I really love life out here in Lost Angels.

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