Hello! Good to see you!

I've got news of an incredible event I helped host back in February. It was Father Sebastiaan's Endless Night Vampire Ball happening at the Globe Theater, and it was magic!

This was first gothic red carpet event that we've attended, and it was so amazing that it really raised the bar for other club promoters. The glitz and glam was everywhere, from specialty drinks to the most fantastic attire. 10/10. Sabretooth Clan members were promptly pulled from the VIP line and escorted into the venue by Father himself. We took our red carpet photos and then went upstairs to check out the VIP balcony and lounge, which had the best view of the venue. We picked up some absinthe and strolled around in full gothic glamour. During this time, we were greeted by other clan members. I got the privilege to meet Miss Isibella of The Chateau, which was every bit as stunning and graceful as I thought. Girl crush time.

As the venue filled up we explored the basement that was turned into a BDSM dungeons with decorations worthy of a spy trance party. To my delight, I got to dance to both IAMX and Depeche Mode. My favorites! There was even some And One sprinkled in there, as well as other bands I have enjoyed dancing to in the past. The night was spent weaving through all the different dance floors and greeting friends from the court gatherings. We host meetings all month at Father Sebastiaan's, the most festive dinner parties I have ever attended. Because of that, I've been able to make new friends that I look forward to get to know personally. I'm very happy to be a part of this.

When the rest of the squad arrived we went back for more pictures. I ran into Adelaida from The Dragon and the Rose as we were all dancing, and she gifted me with a carefully wrapped quartz. The night wound down with drinks and dancing with Marion, Behemoth and Roger. Erika’s group also happened to have a Puerto Rican Sabretooth Clan member. We’re rare in Los Angeles.

Spending time catching up with friends at the party was a good reminder of the importance of stepping back from work to enjoy having a personal life as well. I've been so focused on working that I've encapsulated myself in a bubble. While having the sustenance to fund my lifestyle is a relief, at the same time I've felt as if I've been drilling away too hard without also enjoying what's around me. Since then, I've been more attentive to connections from the outside world and tried turning the computer off earlier in the night. Sometimes the lessons come beautifully wrapped, as this one did.

We had so much fun with out phones tucked away that we forgot to take more photos. But then, the red carpet photos were enough to keep the memory alive. Thank you, Bob Delgadillo!


In 2018 we will host the California Vampire Endless Night. In the summer we celebrate Conclave in a castle in Austria. A very exciting year awaits us!

Sorry to have been MIA. A few days after the ball I went into surgery and took a break from the online work. A rarity! Everything turned out well with the surgery, but the recovery took a while. Since then I have been catching up on an everlasting to-do list, reading, having lunch with friends and spending time with the Sabretooth Clan. Now that all the hype is dying down I can focus my efforts on my beloved blog and online presence.

Hope you are enjoying 2017! Its been a whirlwind so far!

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