The new Twenty One Pilots video for Chlorine came out on January 22nd, 2019. Chlorine is from the Trench album, a deeply emotional sonic journey that dropped on October 5, 2918.

In the video, Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun are filling a pool up with water to encourage Ned the jackalope to come out of hiding. It becomes apparent that Ned isn’t very enthusiastic about he conditions they expect him to come thrive in, and because of that he refuses to stay out and interact with him. He doesn’t want to enjoy himself, he just seems reclusive. Despite their efforts filling the pool up with water and chlorine, Ned just doesn’t want to cooperate. 

Even when the pool is nearly filled, Ned still doesn’t want to come out. They dump the chlorine into the pool and make it warm, possibly exhausting themselves in the process. Ned finally comes out and dives in, enjoying himself as his horns grow. He swims around a while. It's nice to see him refreshed and exercising.

At the end of it all the pool has been emptied again and Joseph Tyler is sitting at the bottom, visibly exhausted. To me, it even looks like he's possibly depressed. Ned apathetically walks up to him and gets offered to drink from his cup, but he doesn’t seem to like it and he is ungrateful for Joseph Tyler’s efforts to make him happy. They seem estranged from one another, like there is a ton of work invested in keeping them connected. His horns are once more back to a smaller size, he has gone back into himself.

The first time I saw this video I was confused. 

Joseph doesn’t drink from the cup once, and instead offers it to Ned who doesn’t seem too enthusiastic to drink from it either even after all that work to coax him out of hiding.

Twenty One Pilots
share a message I can get behind. They talk at length about struggling with depression, struggling not to go with the call to kill yourself. It takes a lot to keep working on getting out of the dark mindset, just as Dema keeps people trapped. I love songs like Car Radio and Ode To Sleep. They illustrate the weight of the shadows that persistently haunt us. More recently, Legend has been very relevant to me personally.

As a struggling artist I relate to this song and video on a personal level. While I feel the compulsive need to create, achieving it takes a lot of work and often exhausts me. I stress a lot about how I don’t do it enough despite wanting to. I stress about meeting my responsibilities and getting everything done. When I finally have some time to myself I have no energy left to funnel towards my creativity. I’m spent. The rest of the night is spent feeling guilty, and feeling like a failure.

I know I’m not alone and I know many other creatives struggle with a persistent block. On the days we do endorse our skills we feel better, and that’s enough to keep us going.

It’s even harder though when your passion becomes your responsibility. When you’re facing the big challenge of having to overcome yourself. It hinders your ability to be free because of the pressure of what you need to do still. It lends itself to a ton of stress, and to burnout.

Anyway, it's important to address mental health. It is even more important to look after yours. If you feel you are dealing with burnout, please remember to be kind to yourself. Give yourself some time to decompress. Show yourself some compassion; it's necessary.

I feel like this blog has been a great outlet for me in my own time of need. It has encouraged people to reach out to me privately with their own stories. Writing about how you feel really helps digesting the reality and reaching your own personal truths. Keep a journal, reach out to your loved ones and try to remember in the scope of everything what matters the most is finding your happiness.

Check out the video!

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