Last night the raging storm that is Endless Night claimed the Los Angeles, shining rays magic light and filling the air with mystery. My dear friend Father Sebastiaan throws spectacular parties, this one included a performance by The Crüxshadows and all kinds of sultry dancers, plus two djs. Your heart swells with excitement as you saunter up to the venue to find everybody finely and imaginatively dressed, living out their best Nightside fantasy. Endless Night provides safe space for people to tastefully explore their vampire persona and to express themselves among the like-minded.  There was a VIP lounge where I offered tarot readings all night and a dungeon with vendors, another dj and BDSM activity.

The presence of the current is palpable at every Endless Night event. At midnight we howl collectively, bringing out that instinctual part of ourselves that wants to come out and play. Throughout the night there were videographers and photographers documenting the event. There was also a red carpet from 9-10 P.M. with Whiskey Shotz.

At the start of the year all the emissaries for Endless Night gather weekly to promote the event and get all of the special features that patrons enjoy on the night of the event set up. We take great care in looking after one another and in looking after our guests. The team puts a lot of effort into encouraging others to dream up elaborate costumes and to tour with the Sabertooth Clan as they celebrate Endless Night in all of the different cities.

My sitters always remind me how different everybody is and lives. I get the opportunity to connect to different people and to offer them advice on their concerns. Connecting to others is the biggest reward of my work, I get so electric whenever I get to bond with people so intimately. Sometimes it is our first time meeting and yet we walk out of it as friends. Every single one of my sitters enveloped me in a warm hug and thanked me for our conversation.

Later on in the night Chris and I challenged one another to a game of Magic: The Gathering. He played Cult of Rakdos{B}{R}  while I took to the air with the Orzhov Syndicate{W}{B}. Chris is a seasoned played and a formidable opponent. While we enjoy card games frequently in person and online, it was a special moment for us to play in the lounge, immersed in our own world. Just Chris and Monica things... He had plenty of mana and I only had 4 for most of the game. When the game ended I think I had 6.

During the night I had the joy of reading for Chris. To challenge me he asked me about a subject very close to our hearts. I found myself surprised that you can read for somebody you know well and still discover something new about them. The line of clients continued and I got pulled back into fortune telling, and into the worlds of the people I had the chance to read for. Every instance felt different, as if the signatures in the energy of each person tinted the interaction with their own hue.

About what feels like an hour later he returns to find me reclined on the loveseat, resting. I know he can see the way my facial expression softens and I smile when I see him. After a few moments of mystery he presented me with a beautiful handmade collar. I think my eyes must have popped out of my skull. I loved the collar so much. It is a leather collar with lace trip and two heart padlocks, one to lock it properly in the back. This time around I got to keep a set of keys to it. The keys are special because they also have hearts on them.  I proudly wear his name around my neck as a reminder of the commitment I made to give myself to him. This is my most dressy collar yet, and now I get to remember how much I love him and how special this night was every time I wear it. I am truly lucky.

After I was done with my readings we took to the dance floor. By then it was 1 in the morning and most of our friends had left. We both love dancing. Around 2 A.M. we went back home. I was afraid I'd be too electric from the event to fall asleep, but sometime around 3:30 A.M. I got lulled into heavy slumber next to my boyfriend and his two cats. We had a nice time exploring the depths of the darkness as well as exploring each other.

Thank you Father Sebastiaan and Joy in the Dark for the wonderful memories you provide us with year after year. Maybe we will have the delight to join you in Vegas for another sultry vampire weekend.

Despite being a very busy night for me, I still got to dance and see my friends. And I had the best company I could hope for with an incredibly attentive boyfriend supporting and loving me. For that I should always be grateful.

Until next year.