Chris and I had a wonderful time for his birthday. We went to Universal Studios and went on all the rides multiple times. It was truly a day filled with magic. We bought wands after I got picked for wand fitting ceremony. We watched Godzilla when we left the park. We had a few great weeks where I felt he was opening up and loving me again. Our arguments were brutal on my self-esteem. I wanted to cling to him for love and he wanted me gone because I had angered him. But I never saw what was coming.

It's almost 4:30 A.M. and I haven't been able to stop crying. After Chris got out of work he called me to have a conversation about our relationship. He listed his grievances and topped it off by telling me he didn't want to be committed anymore. He has been in contact with a woman he met at a gathering and he is interested in pursuing her now. He affirms it's not cheating because he hasn't been romantic with her, but his that doesn't matter to me. He knew I would not have been okay with him giving his number out to a female, he promised me he wouldn't do it every again after his first transgression. He's been talking to her for six months.

I pleaded him to stay and work it out and not to turn his back on our relationship and our promise to one another. He said he'd think about it until he learned I had started journaling my grief in my friends only stories. He said we were done in an extremely rude way, hung up on me and blocked me. I had no way of finishing our conversation and I needed to. It just ended in one swift cut to my throat.

I'm in mourning. He was my everything. I'm very heartbroken.

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  1. I am so shocked and sorry to hear this! This must be so hard for you. However, you will ride the wave and come out stronger for it. You are a very special lady. Sending love and support xx