I have decided to share the meanings I have been using throughout my career in my blog. These meanings were the foundation for my journey as a diviner who specializes in the art of predicting future outcomes and events.

Please enjoy.

Spanish Naipes Baraja


I want to say a few things since I missed the deadline for the new blog I'm about to launch. Watch this space for the next month or so if you are interested in seeing what happened next. I invite you to after a short wait.

We went to Galaxy's Edge as I wrote in my previous post. Chris loved it so much. We had a perfect day and night. We spent the night before with his family, and had a romantic time the rest of the time we spent together. I loved that I got to spend the entire day beside him, having adventures with him and enjoying Disneyland in general. On my own end I got to enjoy all the rights. I suffered through Hyperspace Mountain and we got a laugh at the photo. Most importantly, we got to do it together. Despite all our hardships this year, we still made it.

I had a tough time during the autumntime. It simply wasn't my time. I spent a lot of time feeling frustrated or isolated by my problems. I started to crank out creative work and now I'm building a body of works that I am excited about and sharing soon. It is motivating me to keep going with it.


I had a quiet time spending time with my mother and celebrating her birthday. With the good fortune of running into old friends, I had the luck of having one of them make me sushi when I visited their work. It was expertly made and extra savory thanks to the fact I was there with somebody I appreciated and had barely been in touch with for the past 10 years of my life.

I rekindled communication with another friend that had been absent for about 56 years. Despite the long silences we managed to pick up where we left off and talk about all the things that have happened since we last met. It was nice to talk to someone who gets it and with whom I feel I am on equal terms and grounds with.

This trip was very eye-opening for me. I had rapé and sananga administered by my mentor. She balanced me out with a chiropractor and with ions. I walked out of her healing center with a quiet mind and a sense of peace and joy wafting over me. During our consultation together she told me true happiness is feeling loved and having peace of mind.

I took a lot of new personal truths with me from all the introspection and reflection. It feels like old chapters in my life are officially closed and like I am taking steps towards becoming the person I have always wanted to be.

I took a risk and expressed my individuality more during this trip. I was able to make space for myself and the response was mostly positive. It made me feel good to be unapologetically myself without being asked to tone it down or to edit my image to please others. I felt much more comfortable, and my confidence has taken considerable boosts. I needed that for sure.

I got to hear the stories of people who live in Puerto Rico and that really put me in perspective. It also made me grateful for my life and the way it is structured. It made me appreciative of a few things I have started to take for granted. This island is a mirror, it always shines my true self back at me. And from what I see I grow, even if I find some experiences scary or difficult. A lot to be grateful for.


I'm coming home to Chris and the cats. We are going to spend the day catching up and making up for all the time we haven't been together. I am looking forward to sleeping accompanied by my boys, and hope it will be a peaceful time for us all. Our anniversary is coming up soon. Two years of relationship. Don't ask me how we made it. I love Chris very much and I hope as we start out a new decade together we can keep hold of one another and focus on progressing as a couple.

We're spending New Year's Eve at Cloak & Dagger. I couldn't be more excited for it. We are allowed to wear black and silver colors. I intend to wear Wheels and Dollbaby to the event. Get ready.

What I would love more than anything is some time away from the Internet sleeping, painting and otherwise not doing much. I'd probably get stoned every day and contemplate all the lessons I learned in the past decade. With a new one about to start I am going into it with less fear than I went into 2010. I hope that in ten years I will have accomplished my dreams and live quietly instead. Do you have a dream you wish to accomplish this year?

Happy holidays from Gloom, Chris, Teemo and Frost.


It is almost the 3rd of October. In the short time it has been the autumn, I have uprooted my entire life and relocated. I live in Beverly Hills now. I also got my driver's license. I'm in the process of branding a new blog and online identity. I am seeing the promise of change and growth after a time of shedding, and I am very excited about it. This has been what I have been hoping for so feverishly.

The boys and I are now haunting a house in Beverly Hills. We've got a nice interior garden in the front, and a really beautiful old looking wooden door. Our room has three large windows and the feel of the place has this old charm that makes my soul feel it can be at peace for a while.

A lot has happened since my last entry. I have been enjoying Tetris Effect, which I nearly beat on Expert mode. That is, until the Metamorphosis level taught me who my father really is. I love the music and the starlight particles making up the dancing dolphins. There are fractals taking you to an entheogenic mindset in levels like Ritual Passion. I really, really love playing this game. I just won't stop talking about it!

I have also been savoring Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Rayman and Link's Awakening. I'd like to purchase some N64 controllers to show Chris how much I love playing Snowboard Kids 2. He's all into Destiny 2 right now. Not much of an affinity for those midrange vintage games. When the Sega Genesis came out we had a friend of mine over. I cooked, we drank wine and spent hours playing Gunstar Heroes. I sucked at it. Try me with Tetris, though...

I've bonded with some unusual tarot decks lately. It has been nice to branch out and try new tools. So far I am really enjoying it. I hope to get some more reviews published now that I have a new space being built. I found one of my missing Hello Kitty decks, so now I can use mine guilt-free knowing I have a backup of it. That deck is wildly popular, very usable and sadly out of print. Those of us that have it, treasure it.

I have been obsessing over the Dark Mansion Tarot by Taroteca Studio. They recently came out with the second edition of their deck, and now the card backs are available with the same look as the ones from their limited edition. Same limited edition silky cardstock, too. I have #222 of the LE and I love the card stock. Surprisingly I use that more than the standard edition. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy!

My friend Oliver Hibert's tarot deck just recently came back out as well, so if you missed out on that before, now is the time to get your cards! Those cards really come alive; they really fit the autumn-time quite well. I'm taking out my Secret Arcana deck to mix in with the tarot once I am settled in my new home.

One of my friends from a past life recently reached out to and got back in touch with me. He and I were friends until I moved out of the island in 2013, so I'm glad to have a familiar face back in my life. It's nice being around someone who knows where I came from and understands what it's like.

Chris and I are still going. I was able to accept how things transpired. We've got a trip to Disneyland coming up in a few days. It will be his first time at Galaxy's Edge, so I hope he's excited for that adventure. I'm ready to pilot the Millenium Falcon again!

There isn't much going on of substance or interest. I forgot to do this year's Annual Review post, but I expect I will be posting it around the time my new blog launches this 31st. Got to keep the tradition alive somehow... Samhain Moon was my shelter during my formative years, but I have since outgrown it. I want to share other aspects of my life and I want it all to be in keeping with my growth. I am very excited about the upcoming name change and the plans for my new online persona. I hope you will enjoy what I am making!



I went back to Disneyland a second time very recently. My friend Bella had never been there and was curious to experience the park, so I agreed to go with her. I spent the night before at her place and we made a day of it. It was nice to have a bonding experience with another female my age, since I've been actively looking for friendship for the past few years.

Our day was really fun. We got started riding the carousel along with a band playing music and from there on we went on every other ride. I went on all the fast rides and felt my soul leave my body a few times. Hyperspace Mountain was every bit as scary as I remember it to be. I love hearing the Star Wars music, though, as we speed through the course. This time I was smiling in the photo they take at the end but it timed out before I could snatch a preview. What a loss.

I felt a renewed sense of stability that helped me carry myself with empowered strength. I was in the moment and took the day for myself. After an intense day of rides, pineapple ice cream, carousel and cruise rides, repairing the Millenium Falcon in Smuggler's Run and achieving a 100%, getting all the bad guys at Buzz Lightyear Astro-Blasters, the split light bulb, the lamp at the window, the secrecy of Club 33, the daytime parade, and chatting, we went to go get ramen. I thoroughly enjoyed dinner while I penned a valediction.

When I got back home it was close to midnight. I felt the weight of how far my feet had carried me after an exciting slumber party I had the night before. I closed a couple of week flight of adventure with a gold seal. After an exciting couple of weeks I gifted myself with, I felt my spirit renew itself and my feet planted firmly on the ground. I became fully present.

As I sat at the ramen place I contemplated my life and the direction it is going in. I'm happy with the decisions I am making for my life. I feel like I get to live a life I am more in accordance with even if I have some challenges ahead of me still. I feel very cared for by everybody around me and I feel like my life is going in a positive direction. I am very lucky, and I do feel loved.

I am having a lot of fun lately. It seems there is always something exciting going on. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is coming out and I am really looking forward to playing it. I feel especially excited about seeing the Twenty One Pilots play later this year in the Bandito tour. Pokemon Sword and Shield are also coming out around that time. There are plans for another trip to Disneyland in the fall, and getting a lightstaber this time. I'm going to be celebrating my birthday around that time, also.

Speeding towards what will soon be 2020. The next decade is coming fast!

I wanted to mention also that I am so proud of Puerto Rico for setting examples with their protests and achieving the change we so passionately wanted. The events unfolding were a big deal for all of us.