Forgive me, I seem to have misplaced the order of the cards in the photo.  I try to keep these mistakes from happening, but there are still straggling moments in which I seem to slip. Later during the week I am likely to seek better photos of this spread. With that said, isn't it beautiful? I find it hauntingly beautiful and accurate. A real plus in my collection!

Here we can see mood swinging back and forth as a pendulum would when it's giving you an answer. The movement seems erratic but it is rather organic, as are our lives during the process of our growth. For a spread so heavily detached from our reality, I feel that I know exactly what these cards are talking about this week. We will see, of course.

Notice only one Major Arcana is being flanked by numerous court cards. The presence of certain people may be key this week, with a few familiar signifiers present. They are the key components of the week to keep an eye on. Without further ado, the cards.

Monday. Six of Swords. The balance breaks and webfind ourselves under the pressure. Will the pain be prolonged once the blade starts to go in? Who is the one that wields the sword and who is the one about to face the cold cut? How do we come out of this situation unscathed? Do we?

See, in this instance things get tough. We kay start to consider a possible necessary change to our lives fueled by the realization that we are in danger. Once the danger is gone, will we go back to previous patterns of behavior or will we learn our lesson and move on to a new attitude once the danger is past? Do we learn our lesson at all?

Tuesday. Nine of Cups. The danger is past. In this card we see relief; she is mesmerized by all the beauty around her and thankful for it. I recognize this as that humbled feeling of being appreciated by others, surrounded by good company and immersed in a world of comfort. She accepts these blessings with gratitude and looks forward to enjoy them with all the people that she cares for. I see moral support.

Wednesday. Knight of Swords. Again there are lessons learned. Trial by fire and obstacles in our way. There is fast aggression at bay; the danger returns when you least need it to. Know when to protect yourself from problematic people and aggressive words.

Thursday. The Devil. Bondage. You want to scream but you can't. Maybe you do, but it's not heard. Then what? You're captive. Enslaved. Things look rough again and we're tired of being dragged and pushed through this emotional roller coaster. We need a break! I need a break.

She claws at her captor to be set free. What she doesn't see that we do is that her captor is herself. We are slaves to what we say, and owners of that which we do not.

Friday. King of Wands. And so we dance. Watch him, he's alluring and full of fire. He knows the true joy of living and brings out the passion in us. How could you resist his allure? How could you not want to spend your days with someone who wants to make you laugh? Who makes you smile? Who is momentarily as crazy about you as you are about him?

Saturday. Two of Swords. Time slows down again. Here we face a slowing down of time in which we can look at our problem in the eyes. It's right there; there is nowhere we can run to. For a moment we can gaze at it in the eyes and see clearly, only to be brought back to the moment in which we have to make a decision and don't know which step to take next. The next step could be the last if we aren't careful.

Sunday. Page of Cups. Young emotions make us vulnerable. They make us weak in the eyed of others, sometimes even immature. What is at fault? Can we really choose who we are attached to, or why? This is a gentile offer of love, a token of friendship and a reminder that somewhere out there, someone is thinking about us as we are thinking about them. It's nice to find people you connect with, people in which you find solace. Life isn't easy, but it's bearable when you have someone to share it with.

What to avoid. Queen of Swords. See, my court signifier. What does she encompass in the reverse? Is she too hard on people? Possibly. She's analytical. She can spot situations from the start and is sure to put an end to it. I often see her as the lady in XI Justice, the weighs the scales and decides whether to bear sword or compassion on the person she is against.

I see it as trying to remain peaceful, there is no need to brandish a sword every time something difficult happens. Why do you think that should be necessary in the first place? For defense. She will keep people at bay and she will hide from those whose intentions she's not sure about. It's not personal, it's just how she is. In times of stress, toxic and parasitic people are the first that get cut off. There is no more need for unnecessary stress.

What to strive for. Ace of Wands. This sweet girl offers us a gift, something we all should love. Something delicate and cheery to raise our moods. There is something similar in my daily environment lately; it is a flower plushie with "get well" embroidered on two petals. It is meant to be wrapped around the rails of the bed and set in such a way that it is smiling at you all day. With a smiling flower peering down at you, how could you not get better? That is guaranteed to bring your spirits up every time you see it.


Last week was intense. It brought with it a series of foreseen events that were not deciphered in time, and aggravating circumstances that made it very serious. It's shocking how in a single moment, the earth gives out beneath our feet and we find ourselves falling. It took a lot of support to reel through a risky surgery, but we all made it out okay. I'm so thankful it was successful, seeing as it took us all by surprise.I am surprised at the Halloween Tarot. It delivered very eerie news in the simplest way possible. Even if I missed the message, once I was on track it was better to work with. For that I'm thankful.

This week is foretold by another deck I have been lugging around at these times. It is the Bohemian Gothic Tarot, and one eerily associated with the light blue and white corridors of the Auxilio Mutuo hospital. The catholic images resonate with gothic architecture, making this hospital a blend of the new with the old that is really hard to miss. The chapel is very dark, which is strange for that environment. In this light the stained glass really shined, though. It was really beautiful.

Monday. Judgement. A second life, a second chance to live and make corrections. See as these angels revive this corpse or send it on its merry way. This card hits home, and oh does it! The promise of renewal is a powerful motivator, and it is what we feel is happening. When a new life cycle starts, we can tell right away that there is something going on even if we don't immediately recognize it.

Tuesday. King of Coins. See, his head lies over the tome of his estates. He is weary now because it took a lot of work to ensure his future. He reminds me of my Grandpa. This lavish crown is product of hard work. These aren't dreams coming true, that's not concrete enough. This is just the grind work. It doesn't take creativity yo get this King's job done.

Wednesday. Ten of Swords. This card is difficult to confront. A lady in mourning bows her head to utter prayers for the lost. In an optimistic standpoint this could be saying good-bye to sorrow because it's over. More likely than not these will be bad news. Hope we're ready to handle them when they come. It's an ending of some sort for sure.

Thursday. Knight of Coins. This guy is headless! He doesn't think about anything, he's so clumsy. Why is he lying dormant somewhere when he could be carrying some plans forward? How annoying. This gives me the impression that someone doesn't think things over so much. They are in leisure while they should be at work. Maybe they are already at work but we just don't realize it.

Friday. Queen of Wands. See, she shines! Her dress merits attention, but perhaps it is just the way that she wears it. She makes the rest of the room seem opaque, and looks around with distaste for the rest of the people around. What a drama queen!

Saturday. Two of Cups. She sits alone with her thoughts, but not for long. A suitor is going to try to impress her, he has a few ideas for romantic rendezvous under the full moon. He's sharp, he's witty and he's ready to try to win her heart. Watch out, girl! This boy is after your heart.

Sunday. Five of Coins. If you ask for help, it will come. If you don't, you find yourself out in the cold... and in need. This is a time of financial stress and little to no relief from it. The crows are the nagging teachers, reminding us of our losses and what we did to get to this point. No one likes to hear nagging at a time of stress or need.

What to avoid. Knight of Cups. Romantic idealization and castles in the sky aren't the way to proceed. Don't get carried away with the turbulence of your feelings and the impulse to chase dreams, or else you may find yourself falling right back into reality. Sometimes you don't really even realize you're riding on a dream until you fall off. This card feels as if he is at the brink where reality meets dreams, and unsure about what comes next.

What to strive for. Nine of Cups. Drink, eat. Simple pleasures are often best. Treat yourself to comfort and simple pleasures for a job well done. Simple luxuries can go a long way at making us feel at home. Light some candles, set the ambiance and enjoy yourself truly.

This concludes the only weekly projections that have taken a long time to finish. While stuck in a roller coaster of some of the most intense emotions I have felt in a while, I find myself with great gratitude for how things have worked out. Nearly losing an indispensable person in my life has really put things in perspective for me. Now I am grounded and happy because I have found my way back home is the only place I am meant to be at right now.Plans for the future? Sure. I can make them, but first I have to tend to something important. Then we can talk about the rest.


Last week was really lovely, the weekend especially. The birthday celebrations have commenced for J, so everything seems to be centered around him at the end of April. I am finding springtime to be delightful, every day I wake up to is absolutely radiant. I've seen more birds doing mating dances than before, but that's likely because I have particularly taken to birds in the past few years. They're so very free and brave, but also quite delicate.

This deck is new, but it reads really well. It's the Halloween Tarot by Kipling West and it reads wonderfully, but it isn't fully traditional RWS. There are some very interesting nuances in the cards that deviate from RWS and offer a fresh intake on your already established system. I like it, it's more than just a novelty deck and it sings to me. I ordered the standard, but for some reason received the mini in a tin. Right…

Three Major Arcana cards are present this week. Not much can be turned around, but if we look more closely, this spread is about leaving a comfort zone and having high hopes for new beginnings. If you read each major card by card, that's the general message of this reading. Quite powerful, and also quite straightforward. I like that a lot in a reading.

There is such a dilemma. Do I tell you or not? Maybe not for now. Stay tuned until next week, then it will definitely be more apparent.


♡ Monday. Nine of Swords. Worries, anxiety and a busy mind… or rather, busy noises around our otherwise sentient selves as we try to sleep. The moon peers through the window, accompanied by twinkling stars, but the woman is preoccupied with all the bats in her room. This isn't the most hospitable scenario. Notice the sun under the bed, it feels like a protective amulet. It'll all be better in the morning, so the best thing to do is suck it up and take it. The next day may have answers.

♡ Tuesday. The Empress. Check out that funky hair! That's precisely what happens when you go out without protection around your head. Be wary of that, hair is the ego. Hers is majorly fluffed up like she doesn't care. It's probably worth keeping like that. Her trusty cat at her side, she has everything she needs. She's comfortable, but she would be happy to compromise her comfort if her cat were to need it. With so much wealth in abundance, what else could they ask for?

♡ Wednesday. Ace of Wands. A spark, an invitation and a tricky appearance in our way. The element of fire makes this card all about taking action, acting for passion and relying on impulse to be what we need to get us through. Impulse can make us clumsy if we don't watch it. Something we could be gathering just for us could instead be scattered everywhere. What good is it to us then, and what use?

♡ Thursday. The Star. The night is ripe, and that's when things start to happen. Out of the network of stars overhead, one outshines the rest. It will be your point of reference, your usher out of the darkness and the reassurance that there will be light come the next day. Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today, and don't count on others to do what you can do. If necessary, seek some quiet time but return in time to do things on time. There are new tasks on the horizon.

♡ Friday. Queen of Cups. See, she stares into nothingness. Where people see nothing, she is entertained by a guest of good humor. An informant as well, but that's a confidential manner. Somebody would tip to hear her secrets, sending others to spy on her just to hear her inner musings. she is unabashed about her true nature, and she will share her secret when the time is right. The Queen of Cups is traditionally a woman of strong intuition, but even stronger dreams. Being able to tell the difference between dreams and reality could be challenging. She doesn't care, though. She's too immersed in her world.

♡ Saturday. Ace of Swords. A release of a thought that plagues the mind could rid you of a burden. Which one will be the right one to release? The hand has a ring on one finger, which is a binding contract as well as a responsibility. Surely you're giving up the scapegoat and not your duty? Thoughts that plague your mind can eat away at your peace, they can distract you from what you need to do. Have a clear mind and be ready to face the distractions instead. Chances are you will find your answer has been hidden under the shadow of the distraction. Therein lies your key to whatever you need to say or think about next.

♡ Sunday. Six of Swords. Release from your bonds, liberation from doubt and trouble… or so you hope. Here we see a cloaked figure and her friend leaving on a boat. The bothersome bats are left behind, screeching and causing trouble amongst themselves. This is an attempt to find new beginnings in distant places. Have caution, don't look back behind you. It may be painful to leave what you know behind, but when it causes you pain, why would you prolong the pain? It's time to go. Leave, find solace in a new place. Be calm, you will be safe.

♡ What to avoid. Death. How can you avoid change when you are propelled into new places? You're not the one in charge, you don't control things even if you would like to. When a chapter dies, the seeds are planted for a new one. The end is painful for some, but will bring with it new beginnings for others. It isn't easy to let go, and you shouldn't. Not yet, not until you absolutely have to. You know it will be more difficult then, but then… what choice do you have?

♡ What to strive for. Five of Swords. Trouble? Not getting your way? That happens all the time. I guess this is saying that there is always a loser when there is a winner. That cat in the background is crying his eyes out, he just lost everything he had to a masked stranger. The moon peers down at them through disapproving eyes. I can read, "why can't you just share?" on the moon's expression. The truth of the matter is that a loser has to face the consequences, and the winner will enjoy the product without caring for the one who lost. That's a universal truth, and one we need to get comfortable with because we're a part of this too.

Today's choices for what to avoid and what to strive for are confusing. They seem opposite to me. Extreme in a way, they challenge safety and security. It's worth watching out for this once the signs are out.


Lately I have been getting asked how to get to know a new deck of tarot cards. There are many tricks to getting acquainted, so I'm going to share the things I like when I'm looking through my cards. There is of course no one way to do it right, but it always helps to have suggestions to get started from. These tricks work with or without a tarot diary. It’s up to you to personalize it to work for you.


Go through all of the cards in the deck and look at them. Do it over again but take a little longer to absorb the elements in it. Get to know them. When you’re done with that, take out the major arcana and keep the rest in the deck. Align the cards in a tableau, aligned in rows. Look through them; get familiar with them as a whole. Look for common themes or symbols, and arrange them in cloud piles. Switch them around to the ones that contrast one another the most. Try 1 with 11, 2 with 12 and 22. Compare and contrast your findings until you feel you have squeezed the juice out of them.


Place out the suit of Cups in a similar fashion and look over them again from Ace to King. Make a series of cloud piles and analyze the contained stories told. Look through similar symbols or insinuations. Tie certain cards to the court cards. Repeat this with the three remaining suits. Make cloud piles with all the aces. Compare them. Do this through Ace to King with all the suits present. Don’t you feel as though you have a better understanding of them now than when you started?

Now you can get experimental. Make a pile of all the cards with animals, women, men, and groups or couples. Draw connections from them and study them. Try the same with cards that can be at nighttime or day time. Make a final pile with cards in which you can’t tell which time it is. Play with them a little, make up your own categories.


Take out all the court cards. Look them through. Figure out the zodiac sign each one is intended to represent and stick to it, or look for the one who is most like you in terms of physique and behavior. Find the one that represents you, either by definition or intuition.

I saw myself in the black haired, fair skinned Queen of Swords right away. Lucky me, she just happened to embody the zodiac sign of Libra and my personality. She is a home run!

This one is a little more challenging. Take out all 22 major arcana cards and shuffle them. Fan them out while asking to know which card embodies you. Pick one. What did you get?

The very first time I tried this, I got The Moon. The rest is history.

In the first few or last few pages, make an index of every card from the Fool to the very last court card. Number every other page from 001 to however many the book allows you to have. Allowing two lines for each card in the index, write the number of the page you wrote about that card in. I like the idea of using red ink for romance, green for finance, purple for personal, and blue for reversals. Feel free to mix and match colors according to your own categories.

It makes your own experience a how-to book, which could in fact give you more personalized answers. Your initial impression could come to change in time as you keep employing this technique.

Write down your impressions of each card. Here are things for you to think about:

♡ Imagine yourself having a conversation with the people in the cards. What would their behavior be like? What do you think they would tell you?

♡ Do the characters in the cards interact with anything in another card? Is there a certain direction they are pointing in, or a gesture they share?

♡ Are the court carts facing one another or turning away from each other?

♡ What part of you is represented by the card that you just pulled?

Place the full deck over a table in rows. Shuffle it if you like or place it in chronologic order. Place a clear surface over the cards so that they won’t move over and so that the planchette can glide more easily. Mini tarot decks come in handy for this. Light some candles, meditate and prime your mind for the session. It helps to have a representative of each element present, healing crystals and non-distracting music in the background. Once you feel in your element, you are ready to begin.

Place the planchette over the board and move it in circles after you initiate the session. You are ready to ask questions once you feel it’s warmed up. Start asking questions and record the results or have somebody write down the card sequences for you. Pay attention to whether or not the planchette stops over a particular symbol or a card name.


Where did the weekend go? I thought it had only just begun! Truthfully last week's spread was a little ambiguous. It went wonderfully, but in reality it merited a bit more action. The Hanged Man was certainly the primary driving force all week; you could feel it.

I look at this spread and my face blanks. I know exactly what it's about but I don't know how to put it in words. This is a spread that is best left to the feelings. Sometimes quiet understanding fills in the blanks.

The blue hues are quite beautiful. I think those are the bluest cards in the Daniloff Tarot by Alexander Daniloff. It was worth taking for a spin, figuring this spread out reminded me of what I love about this deck in the first place. The slowest part of the progress is in shuffling, one slip and you could tear or crease one of these cards. It is so beautiful to look at, though, that I can't resist. This is easily one of my top favorites, if not tied in first place with the Vertigo Tarot by Dave McKean.


Monday. The Lovers. I love this card. These two are immersed in one another, they really understand each other. Who doesn't want that? They are entwined in their garden of delights as the all-knowing eye watches over them. It sends its divine blessing. Cupid hides between the trees, now you see him, now you don't. You think he's somewhere to your left, but if you take time to really get a good look, it seems he is neither here nor there. The snake ties them together, to their garden and to divine knowledge. It all comes together in a strange mix, but everything makes sense and everything is meant to be. Enjoy it.

Tuesday. King of Swords. After such a people oriented card, this one is actually pretty cold and solitary. This court card shows a man of much experience. He peers at you through a steely gaze, one you get out of disapproval. No matter how much you try, you can't open him up or get a good look inside his mind. He has plans but he won't share them with you because he doesn't want you to spoil them. In fact, don't even try. Just change the subject to something else. This card is a great example of us being owners of what we do not say and slaves to what we confess. With the principles of ethics and mental clarity, this makes for an interesting signifier or behavioral suggestion.

Wednesday. Three of Cups. These three women look at you as if they know your secret or as if they suspect you will try to steal theirs. In them, I see celebration, abundance and joy. There is much drink, merriment and happiness around to last for everybody. They offer emotional gifts aplenty, it's up to us to accept the gift from them. Each gift is different and comes with its own feeling. Celebration is bountiful, abundance is modest and joy is radiant. Eat, drink or be merry. Make your choice.

Thursday. Eight of Wands. Fast communication. Messages being exchanged back and forth. These are the kind that are not thought about too clearly. They just come out with their own will, you don't quite have a say when they come out. I see a person blurting out their feelings without even thinking about it. It's automatic, it's something you can't quite avoid.Just avoid saying the wrong thing, at least pause to think about what it is you're writing. This is a powerful exchange.

Friday. Justice. Be fair. Things are being balanced out, but which side to the scales tip in? Im not quite sure. There is no leniency as far as the scales are concerned. No plea will sway the final decision. There are many things being balanced out right now. Keep things in balance so that they don't fall out of order. How, though? When you have a little monkey on either side, each professing their truth, which one do you listen to? The one enticing you or the one that is trying to remind you of the things you should be doing? Which side will the scales favor this time around? We are never forced to do something when it is our own choice that counts, but we should at least pause to consider if the choice we are making is the right one.

Saturday. The Chariot. Its been a while since I have seen this card on a Saturday. It's fast action, a race to the finish. When you are fighting opposing thoughts, you can't really concentrate on what you're doing. It's important to have your eyes on the road to avoid any accidents. It's a rough world out there, the streets are pretty rough. Keep thoughts and actions in sync so that you are able to see your way to the end. This guy can't see at all, he allows these two forces to lead him. You can't even see the actual chariot, just the force that drives it.

Sunday. Nine of Wands. This poor soldier looks tiresome an worn out. There is still work to be done, but considering the scars from the battle, what this soldier needs is to find his way back home. He needs rest and he needs a break. That's funny, this is exactly what Sunday is supposed to be for, anyway. I feel the battle he has been through is long and hard, and he questions whether or not it is worth to get back up and keep fighting. You can see it in his face that he would rather be anywhere else but here. Some battles are not worth fighting when you are exhausted, but sometimes you need to find it in yourself to keep going because you're almost there.

What to avoid. The Moon. Don't get lost in a world of illusion, don't float away when you need to keep your feet still on the ground. As the crayfish emerges from the waters of the subconscious, it is met with a strange scene. There are mirrors reflecting the glow of the moon onto the crab. Inspiration beams at us from a divine source, but all around there are questionable things happening. With the opposing polarities at war, it's hard to see clearly through the stream. It's time to follow the stream. Follow the flow of consciousness and seek out the way into that world. It's not just an illusion if you find the way to make your dreams manifest.

Finding my signifier to be the point of what to avoid is a little tough. How do you strive to stay away from the principle you enjoy the most in the Major Arcana? I guess just avoid the madness, whatever that means.

What to strive for. The Magician. The man with a mask, the man of two faces. On one side he is incredibly crafty. He operates on a table, but you can't see what is going on beneath the table. You just know there is a reason for the way that this all works. On the other side, he is the dazzler. Allow yourself to be captivated by tricks and the lights, after all, it's refreshing to see something new. For someone who dreams something and brings it down to manifestation in our world, it's nice to enjoy. He seems so serious, but with those two faces, you don't quite know.

What a loaded week, I wish you all a beautiful one.


Spring is running wild and I am trying my best to enjoy the sunny blessings. Today we will cover the Lenormand’s most advanced game, the Grand Tableau. While I have identified with the German tradition more so than the French, but you can expect a bit of an eclectic mix of the traditions as we squeeze the juice out of this tableau. This is a completely different dynamic to that of the tarot, which has been our main focus. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy sharing it.

As I lay out the cards over the luscious reading cloth, I pay close attention to the houses versus the cards that land on them. This time around I had my first match, card # 18 Dog landed over the house of the Dog card. It is a friendship card, making me feel as though my friendships are reconciled and stable. I like to refer to each house lying under the card because it tells me a little bit about where I am at that point in time. Most of the times I checked, the results were quite beautiful. On the house of the Heart, the Moon card was drawn and I thought of the word “soulmates.” It made me smile. There are several other connections that made sense, like the Cross over the Lilies as Death. The position of the Cross card made me weary of the message, though, obviously. For the most part this is a very positive spread.

I usually start out by reading the first four cards to find out a little more about the spread. Then I look at the four corners also for a little more information.

Tree + Mice + Lady + Fish = A girl (me) needs to take care of her health if she wants to be fit for her line of work. When I check the houses under each card, I trace connections between them.

Tree + Rider = Family news. I had a call from my sister recently, whom I have not heard from in months.

Clover + Mice = Luck is not as it has been in previous months. Don’t take risks.

Lady + Ship = A voyage lies ahead, a new adventure. Change is in the air.

Fish + House = Finances are stable.

This Grand Tableau is talking about the circumstances around me as I prepare to make anew journey to improve my experience in my career.


Now that the general theme of the Grand Tableau has been established, we move to the four corners of the tableau to find out a little more information.

Tree + Snake + Ship + Man = There is a man in the family making a trip soon. I will leave it at that for now.

If we use the houses here, we get the following interpretations:

Tree + Rider = News about the family.

Snake + Coffin = Unpleasant end to something.

Ship + Ring = Contract is fulfilled.

Man + Moon = Resting.

Moving on…

There is an extra line of four at the bottom that can provide information about things we can’t change. Since I had some space in the spread cloth and Ciro Marchetti provides extra cards, — all of which I keep in my deck for my readings. It works for me even though it isn’t at all traditional! — I placed the extra cards to either side of the tableau. I use meanings from Mary K. Greer’s own interpretation to aid the reading. More on that later.

In the line of fate, I have Whip + Lilies + Child + Mask. This means that issues from childhood could be playing a role in the direction of the events, or that there is an underlying influence from childhood memories or past experience that is key to understanding this tableau. Now for the houses.

Whip + Key = A difficult chance.
Lilies + Fish = Spiritual work.
Child + Anchor = From a young age, lasting a long time.
Mask + Cross = Unable to show true identity. Taking off a mask.

This means: After hiding a gift for a long time, I have taken off the mask and made it my main source of income. I work in the spiritual field.


Mary K. Greer devised her own interpretation of the four extra cards in Ciro Marchetti's Gilded Reverie Lenormand. She meant it for use of the special cards outside the tableau, but I mixed them all together so I am counting the cards that landed on the positions.

1st: what's most important (for instance, Mask could suggest that the 'masked' Houses are extra important).
Key = Finding solutions. Unlocking doors to opportunity.

2nd: an obstacle - something that could get in the way of a clear interpretation or resolution.
Woman =
There is someone standing in my way of progress.

3rd: hidden wisdom, a teaching.
Path = Can go both ways depending on how ready we are to make a decision. Will make us choose one path or the other.

4th: moving on (Time indicates patience: it will take time before things will be resolved; Mask would say something significant in the future is still unknown; Dice - take a random chance; Bridge - Yes, now's the time to move on).
Dice = Take a gamble on luck and time. We don't have control, it happens by chance.

The first part is over. Now you know what this is all about, so it’s time to interpret the rest of the Grand Tableau. This is where it starts to get a little more complicated.

Identify your signifier and then try reading the 8 cards around it. It presents a scene to you. Mine was very easy to spot because it shows up at the very start of the reading. Unfortunately there are no more cards over the signifier, which means that I will have no look into the thoughts of the signifier. Since this is a demo, that is an interesting observation. This is not so much about thinking, it is more about what will happen. For more reference, we can read the line that strings down as well.

Lady + Bear + Birds + Rider + Whip = There is talk going on about work and family matters. Both at once, quite loud and quite out of control.

Now to read the cards around my signifier. I do so clockwise.

Lady + Fish + Heart + Bear + House + Mice = I focus on a line of work that involves helping others. It is a big company and it is stable, but it does sap me of my energy more than I would like to admit.

I found the signifier for my significant other at the very end of the tableau, and took the liberty to read his spread of 9:

Man + Letter + Moon + Man + Dice + Road (Path) + Mask + Cross + Mountain = At work, he is considering writing an important document to end his journey if a misfortune cannot be rectified. He is taking a gamble, to speak is to condemn himself and to stay quiet is to accept torture. The mask is the person involved, and quite interesting because I could see that person having two faces. He hopes for the best.

This speaks of two situations, actually. Interesting how they could converge.

Once we know what is going around the signifiers, we can use the famous knighting technique to find out a little more about them.

Lady + Fish + Heart + Anchor = I love my line of work and will continue to do it for a long time. It makes me happy. We could also add the houses to the interpretation.

Ship + House + Birds + Park =
Moving, but continuing the line of work in person. And each card can be combined with the corresponding house for more information.

Lady + Ship = Moving.
Fish + House = Working from home.
Heart + Birds = Gossip about love. Talking to a lover.
Park + Anchor = Staying in the community.

I string together the cards before the signifier, and those reaching back.

Ahead: Lady + Fish + Clover + Bridge + Tower + Snake = Be careful, mind your luck as you make your way to your new job. The job you thought you wanted could turn out not to be the one you thought you needed. Adding the houses, we get the following:

Lady + Ship = Moving.
Fish + House = Work from home.
Clover + Tree = Delicate health. Family issue.
Bridge + Clouds = Heaven. Not knowing.
Tower + Snake = Dishonest work place.
Snake + Coffin = Unfortunate event. Unfair end.

I see some overlap now. As you find you near the end of the tableau, the messages will continue to overlap until you can find no more new information.

Back: Mice + Tree = Family problem. A loss in the family from before could once more manifest or be talked about.
Mice + Clover =
Less luck.
Tree + Rider = Family news.

See? More overlap.

This is my favorite part. I tend to trace connections amongst signifiers, or find stories that are not directly a part of the tableau, but somehow influence it. I trace diagonal lines.

Bouquet + House + Lady + Heart + Coffin + Cross + Path + Man = After a beautiful start of a relationship, there is a tie being cut to a man of the family.

Since there was only one house corresponded with the card, I decided to draw a line over the Dog’s house. Yikes, maybe I shouldn’t have read that.

This is the end for now. There are many things you can try to really squeeze the meaning out of a reading. I recommend that you try it out and enjoy the process! I hope you will share your progress with me in the comments section or write to me with your own blog entry about how you have performed this reading. I love reading about how others go about their readings.



I did this spread twice. The first time around I used the Victorian Romantic Tarot and it didn’t quite work out for me. I tried, but it just wasn’t telling me what I expected to know from it. I decided to go over it a second time with the Golden Tarot and I got a whole other set of results. This time it made more sense to me. The interesting part of it, though, is that the Magician came up both times. I’m ready to take a crack at this, though, so let’s jump right into it!


♡ Monday.
Seven of Wands. The character in the card is resolute on winning the battle. He is faced with obstacles and with a problem, but his advantage is the fact he is on higher ground. He’s ready to take on and overcome whatever threatens him in the situation. The clouds are a big contrast with the offending wands, but he knows they are coming so he is prepared. This makes sense because I expect to be put through some tests and I want to make sure on top. It’s important to be prepared, but there are many things going on altogether so I need to make sure to be prepared.

♡ Tuesday. The Hermit. Oh, how the light shines for us in this card. We see a man withdrawn from the world, going out to seek answers. He’s going up a mountain path by himself and in search of answers within himself. He seeks wisdom, intellect and understanding, and knows that won’t come to him in the noise of working day life. It’s just not possible to get that much personal time when you’ve got responsibilities to face. It seems like the light shines whether we see it or not, we just need to be ready to face it when the time comes.

♡ Wednesday. The Empress. Look at all the rabbits! With spring in full swing, things feel rather tropical around here. Everything is in bloom and the Puerto Rican parrots are already making their mating rituals and routines. We feel wildlife flourishing and celebrating, and rejoice in the times of wealth and bounty presented to us. It feels good to spend time with loved ones and with people that appreciate us. It’s nice to know hard work pays off. Last week I had my best cycle yet at work and I am really thankful for that. Hard work pays off.

♡ Thursday. Ten of Coins. Enjoy that wealth again! Hard work at the house to keep things running as they should be, or perhaps how we have dreamed of. We have a certain way to approach things around here; a right way to do things and we stick to the plan.

♡ Friday. Four of Cups. Day dreaming proves unsatisfactory if you don't find the motivation to get up and do something about it. You can't expect things to fall into your lap if you're not willing to work for them. You need to be able to envision how you're going to get plans into action and how you're going to see it through to the end.

♡ Saturday. The Magician. This is magic manifested into our world. He has the tools on his table and he's ready to make his dreams come into reality, but that takes hard work and dedication. He is the one who manifests things once he takes the first step. This seems to be the key in this week's reading, but it could also be the manifestation of a key person.

♡ Sunday. Wheel of Fortune.
Things change once more and go into motion. What rises brings some down, and those brought down will meet their end. There are some rising that will one day replace the ones on top now, which is a sheer reminder to be kind as some are on their way back down... because one day it could be us that will find out place down. We don't have control over the circumstances, and we will have to learn to go with the flow until our time comes. What goes around surely will come around, so bide your time.

♡ What to avoid. Ace of Swords. This week I need to watch my tongue. I will need to think over the things I say so that I speak with clarity about the situations at hand. I want to make sure there is fairness, equality and objectivity in matters. This angel doesn't look friendly at all. Rather, as

♡ What to strive for. The Hanged Man. Let things slide and float. Things will rectify when they need to, and it is not always required to take action in order to fix things. Sometimes it is best to float and to reflect on things as they are going to better understand where they will end up. When we can accept that we don't always have control over what is going on around us, we can find that we have a new perception on things. Once we see things from another perspective, we can decide where we stand next.

I am sorry about the photo quality. The sun was glaring and I had no other time to take the photos!