What a perfect day to talk about witches! Tonight is the Blue Moon in August, so I hope you've got your petitions ready and the candles you will be burning throughout the night. You can almost feel the static in the air, it's full of some magic made real. I love the fact that full moons last more than one day, more so when they affect the weekend. People go pretty crazy with the cycles of the moon, and this one especially hit the psychic world with the water energy from Pisces. We can expect double the crazy now!

I have been waiting for this deck to come back in stock. According to Ellen Dugan, it came in stock ahead of time -- originally scheduled to come out in September, but the quantity was limited and sold out fast. My pre-order didn't make the queue, and I had to wait until it came back in stock. A couple of weeks went by pretty slowly, but I got it in last week. To this day I still haven't been able to read the book that comes with it. I have heard good things about the book, particularly about the style it is written in. While I don't doubt that the quality is excellent, I like a tarot deck best if it speaks to me intuitively. I have a thorough understanding of how to read cards already, and it isn't necessary to brush up on card meanings. The new images are what make it refreshing for me, because I will be much more focused on the new elements they bring to the world of metaphysics. The subtle deviations from tradition in the images are what make new decks worthwhile for readers. If not, we would stick to our first deck, since it is likely the one that we know inside-out. Our market is pretty saturated already, and it is in these subtleties that we find the value of new tarot decks. For the Witches Tarot, those differences lie in stylistic approach and in the general context of the cards. It is infused with very real magic; there are only a few magical elements present in the whole deck, such as dragons. There are only around 6 or 7 cards that don't seem humanly possible, which is pretty good for 78 cards.

The scenes seem more sober than other tarot decks bordering on the literary genre of fantasy. In general, the dialogue with this deck is pretty cold / devoid of emotion. I wouldn't recommend using it for a romantic reading, but I can see how it would be good for business and financial reviews. I also get the impression it is a good deck to use for general readings / annual spreads. There are a lot of single figures in the cards, but rarely any dialogue amongst them. Even the Three of Cups seems like a stiff celebration, I don't see it as merry. I still like this deck and consider using it in dream interpretation spreads.

The backs of these cards are quite beautiful, they had me sold on this deck. They feature a space scape with the representing the various phases of the moon. When laid out, these cards feel like magic. Turning them over grounds you into a situation that will be discussed slowly. It narrates stories in what feels like a slow suspension in time as a turn around the pagan year. A better name for this tarout would be the New Age Tarot. While Samhain, Beltane, Imbolc, Mabon, etc, are such important events for wiccans and pagan witches, I don't get any stirrings from that in this deck. The people don't really seem immersed in a world of paganism or magic, either. The're just medieval folk carrying out the legacy of the Rider-Waite Smith tradition. It's missing something, but I can't quite put my finger on it. I'm just going to go with the statement that it's missing magic, and I don't mean the fictional dragons & wizards kind. I mean the kind of the craft, the grimoires, the cards, and the gypsy lore.

The scenes are quite vivid, they give off the impression of Tolkien meets Renaissance festivals of the divine. The people you interact with in these scenes look quite modern for residing within the medieval realm. I would go as far as to suggest they are contemporary actors dressed in evocative but current clothes. Beautiful actors, if I may add. They all look like movie stars to me! I have to admit that this is a beautiful tarot deck no matter which angle you look at it from.

There is no dialogue between the cards. Any messages that they offer are exclusively for the Querent, thus making it an intimate deck. I wish there was a little more rapport amongst the cards, but you can't have it all. This is still a very beautiful deck, and one I recommend to beginners if they want something more flashy than a regular RWS. They are good for breaking the ice in the world of tarot and getting the standard meanings down. While I did not connect to this deck as much as I would have liked to, I am still very sure that many readers will feel an electric connection to this deck. I will be combing through the Internet to read other peoples' reviews, maybe then I will find some undiscovered treasures in the Witches Tarot.


What is your most important characteristic?
Queen of Pentacles. This court card radiates wealth, luxury, stability, and a deep connection to the Earth. It feels like Ellen Dugan's legacy as a product of hard work and hard-earned knowledge. She will pass it down to others (dog) once they are ready for the lessons up ahead.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
The Chariot. The traditional meaning of this card is to keep moving forward even when met with opposing sides. It is of travel, persistence in harsh times and being able to keep it together. However, this card in particular has a very ethereal dream feel to it. The knight is trying to keep the horses drawn, and therein lies his conflict. He treads stellar terrain, the land of dreams, hopes, intuition and fears. He needs to slow down, ground himself and then pick the pace back up. This tarot can see itself as the knight as he draws the reigns of the horses, trying to get them to slow down.

What are your limits?
Ace of Cups. Overflow of emotions can overwhelm people and stop them from seeing things clearly. Taking the previous card into consideration, this deck is for decisions and difficult tasks, but if people don't listen with an open heart, they are not likely to learn anything from their readings with this deck. The pool under the cup is stagnant, it isn't churning even though more water is being poured into it. Our emotions are our own to handle, but they will continue to build up whether we do something about them or not.

What are you here to teach me?
Strength. Restraint before action, careful consideration of the circumstances will prove a valuable ally. The Strength card encourages the expression of the mind with certainty and passion, the details are in knowing when to do so. It is takes courage to tell the truth, especially in toxic situations. This card shines of personal fortitude and not being afraid to defend oneself in the right circumstances. This has been a prevalent lesson throughout 2012 because I pull this card every week.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Knight of Wands. Getting immersed in the moment and pursuing this craft with passion. The Knight of Wands faces forward, he is very much in the now and he radiates that confidence that I have been talking about. He looks like a man of the world, he's ready for adventure and for new beginnings.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Nine of Swords. Not the first time this card comes up. I remember it from the Vertigo interview. The card has a general sense of emotional drain with the moon in the background. She is reaching out for the tenth sword to defend herself from drama and negativity. The puncture wounds on her neck make her look as if she has been attacked by a vampire. She's going to use her last strength to fight off the negativity, the madness, the nightmares, and the worries. Since this card is very near the 10, it is a last resort to handle negative situations and people. It also represents the mental state some of my clients come to me with, feeling defeated and vulnerable. It's up to me to find solutions to problems that feel like a nightmare in their lives.

Which card do you want to show off?
The Star. A beautiful woman in the nude draws from the waters of inspiration. She isn't afraid to be out by herself in the dead of night because the map of stars led her here. She gives a calming sense of healing through intuitive practice, and alludes to the progression of feelings with the water that she is pouring. This card is of sensual inspiration, healing through divinity, and trusting in our own path even if we're not sure where it leads.

How do you see me?
Queen of Wands. Again? That's funny. The Queen of Wands is an artist, she's sure of herself and she's really radiant with charisma. She is best known for her strong character and abundance of passion, which she uses in social activity, business and personal development. At her best she can be creative, charming and radiate a lot of warmth. At her worst, her words will burn scars in your heart and she will attack with verbal fury. She can be a nightmare with her wrath, there is no doubt that she will aim to destroy.

How do you see yourself?
Six of Wands. A hard-earned victory or achievement. There is a gushing sense of pride coming from this card that I really like. The knight looks a little tired, though. The best feelings arise from our hardest battles. What a trooper -- this tarot deck is telling me that it defends its ideals with pride, and that it celebrates every victory as if it were the first.

The answers have been pretty consistent in the tarot card interviews conducted for Samhain Moon. Perhaps this calls for switching up the interview questions to find some more dynamic answers. Still, this is a really good way to get to know a tarot deck. I suggest you guys try it with your favorites. Come back to let me know how it goes!

Have a magical weekend,


There are some interests that you can't help keep present through out the majority of your life. They manifest as a fixation you probably can't explain logically, but you have an immense bond with. For me, that has to be a lifelong love for the culture of Japan. It all started when I was a toddler and my Mom walked me into a Sanrio store. It was love at first sight, the confirmation that everything in life could in fact be beautiful and practical. As the years went by, the Sanrio brand became my signature style for school accessories, electronics and lifestyle items. Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Pochacco, Badtz Maru, Pekkle, Sweet Coron, Chococat, KuririnCinamorroll, and Landry were my favorites. They each embodied something sweet — and in some cases sassy — that I found in my childhood. The memories of writing in diaries decorated with polka dots and bright colors are endless.

Sanrio has to be the first brand I ever felt identified with to such a degree. The obsession precedes all of the others, which include cats from ancient Egypt, office supplies, Sailor Moon, instant messaging, the Internet, Japanese culture in general, and believe it or not... magic and cards. This brand provided me with the magical fix long before I knew what magic even was. The characters were very real and they played an important role in my life. The brand shaped my appreciation for little details and aesthetics. It was meant to be, anything that originates in Japan is likely to set off a melancholic reaction in my. I love it more than words can say!

For years I have admired Hello Kitty tarot decks from afar. I didn't want one in black and white, and the one in color looked clumsy to me. I honestly didn't care about the fact they were clandestinely produced, although they do commonly sell from $60$95. Sanrio didn't bother to fill the need for a specific market they could have made some decent money in. If they would have put more effort into their official decks, these bootlegs wouldn't be in such high demand. I don't understand how there can be a Hello Kitty gun and vibrator, but not a decent official tarot deck. Tarot is quite popular in Japan, the best place to make something simple that works. It was bound to happen sooner or later as fan art or unofficial merchandise. I personally think that the brave souls who have ventured to break the rules have done a huge favor to the metaphysical community. As such, they deserve compensation for their efforts in extending the experience of the brand to others. If Sanrio really is so against the widespread of this phenomena, they should purchase the decks off the creators or satisfy the need that is clearly being called for. It was a unique opportunity to jump on for the first place!

I came across this tarot deck by sheer coincidence, or perhaps serendipitous alignment. Melissa Hill from the Sassy Sibyl posted a photo with a few of the cards laid out. I jumped when I saw them and sent in some questions about it, then she tweeted me back a couple of hours later with a blog entry. Melissa has a really clear voice as a blogger and fortune teller. To me she has been a really big inspiration, and the biggest influence in wanting to be a part of the fantastic world of Lenormand. I'm really glad she decided to share this wonderful secret with the community! Thank you, Melissa!

The maker of this tarot deck has shown a lot of pride in her work, and has been making it available to friends and upon request. She devoted a whopping 300+ hours to a project that had little to do with her schoolwork, but is a wonderful opportunity for her to get her name out there. In breaking into this niche, she is not only offering her services for future projects but also doing us all in the tarot community a really big favor. Her name is Brittany, a recent graduated as a professional illustrator and has the potential to take the tarot world by storm. The fact that she had an interest in the tarot before made her take on a project in which she breathed life into Joe Rosales' Hello Tarot. While the linework is 80% Joe's own, there is still a lot of original work in this deck. Enough to make it her own, in my opinion. She is very open to communication. If you would like to view her professional portfolio, you can do so here. Her illustrations are really wonderful!

This deck may perhaps be a little controversial for people because it's so whimsical and happy. Will Hello Kitty really be shedding insight into the serious problems of my life? The answer is YES!

Honestly you don't need a super occult tarot deck to delve into the serious and the divine. A pretty or whimsical deck will very likely give some very good insight and observations. You'd be surprised -- maybe the Hello Kitty Tarot will be more cutting edge, more poignant and more sassy than other decks that you may have in your collection. The point is to know how to read the cards correctly, and this is something you can do with any other tarot deck if you study it. The cards are expressive in narration and in facial expression, it's hard to go wrong with the message they are trying to convey to you. They are perfectly balanced in whimsy and in substance. I feel that they will celebrate positive events with you and politely warn you when you are getting yourself into a big problem. They certainly don't shout — rather, their manner of dialogue is very clear. I recommend this deck to beginners and experts alike. It will tell you something special, something that you need to hear and will really benefit from.

I love this deck ten times over. I love it so much that I bought a second copy, because I know the first one will get some serious mileage. The deck is based on the Rider Waite Smith school of teaching but it's not a clone, and it has a lot of influence from the Thoth. When you combine two magnates from the world of metaphysics, that seems to me like an automatic formula for success. Brittany combines the stories we're familiar with from RWS and colors/symbols from Thoth that supercharge this deck. I see it as the perfect marriage of the whimsical with the occult, giving people with a love for the sweet the chance to deliver powerful and accurate readings. It reads intuitively, it is scenic enough to give you an answer with just one card, and it has more than enough substance to make it a professional reading deck. There is no need for restraint in using a deck that you love, no matter how sweet it may seem.

My only reservation with the Hello Kitty Tarot is Hierophant is listed at Heirophant, but that's the only element in this deck that deviates from the names. It shouldn't be a deal breaker for anybody, just a little quirk that gives it personality. My brain does struggle to reverse the letters, though!

Edit: Brittany has corrected this error. All Hello Kitty Tarot decks now have the spelling of Hierophant.


What is your most important characteristic?
Ten of Cups. I like to bring people together. I am meant to bring you emotional satisfaction, joy, happier days and I want you to do the same with other people. Share me, employ me in your professional tarot readings and with friends. The connections that will be established will bring them a lot of joy as well. — What a social deck!

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Nine of Cups. This is a deck that you enjoy using. It makes you happy to see, and makes you feel like you're at a good place. I am the long-lost friend you have been waiting to meet up with, and we have a bunch of stories to tell. There is a lot to catch up on, so make some time for me! Let's have fun.

What are your limits?
The Empress. The comfort of having a set stability already. If you're too used to how nicely things are flowing, you're not going to want to challenge yourself or take on new goals. Don't fall under the habit of saying, "what for? I already have everything I need." Get out of that comfort zone, don't close up the channels of inspiration. You should channel your intuition and creativity rather than hinder it.

What are you here to teach me?
The Star. To have hope when the way still seems long. Gather your inspiration, get your sources together and think about the things you can achieve when you're ready to get back into the grind. What you do is all up to you, so nurture your mind, your body and your spirit before you continue on. Renew yourself and count your blessings, there are so many of them!

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Three of Swords. Release pain from the past, look towards the silver lining in the sky and move on from your problems. You don't need to be stuck in situations that aren't worth it for you. Instead, looks for the ways to move on. The time has passed and it's time to build into a recovery, which means you can look for support when you need it the most.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Ace of Swordss. Clear, inescapable communication. Seeking mental clarity and manifesting it through the coldness of intellect. When it comes to matters of the mind, emotions and passions are not considered. They are left out so that we can reason with logic. Bring forth new ideas and creative thinking; it's the right time.

Which card do you want to show off?
Three of Coins. Victory can be achieved through teamwork, which takes training, clear communication, damage control, and getting to know each other on a daily basis. You learn as you go, but it's a good time to show off the wealth that you have been working to showcase with others. Note that it will take a lot of hard work to get where you want to go, so buckle up and get started.

How do you see me?
Queen of Wands. A passionate woman with abundance in creativity and fire. Ruthless if need be over ideals that need to be protected. Someone in tune with their abilities — above all creative — and determined. At her worst, her fury is deadly and aggressive. This is the artist queen, the one who knows her faculties well... and this is not the first time a tarot deck sees me as her! I do disagree, though. I am the Queen of Swords through and though.

How do you see yourself?
Ace of Coins. As a gift of patience and a new tool to use for financial gain. This manifestation is like the seed that is ready to be planted. There will be no benefits to reap from it until you're actually working on it, but it's fresh. It's ready for new terrain to explore, and it will bring with it the fruit of wisdom and experience in a lovely new package.

Two aces. Fancy that, beginnings in finances and in clear thinking. I get a lot of positivity from this deck, all that is missing is to develop the passion through Wands and the emotional bond through Cups.

You should book a reading with me using this deck. You'll love it! If you wish to acquire a copy, ask Brittany if she's still taking orders.


Last week's projections were good. The Moon manifested as a temporary state of mind that I was in after my surgery. The anesthesia made me see double, I thought that I was going crazy all the while. The illusions, the thoughts and the reaction to my surroundings was a very interesting twist to this card that I will definitely take into consideration later on. The Wheel of Fortune, Moon and Magician all manifested as a very deep spiritual awakening for me this week. I opened my eyes to the rest of the world and managed to pull out of that bubble that didn't let me connect to the world. Call it grounding at its finest! The rest of the week was really direct. Saturday was super hectic and productive, and come Sunday I felt really good about everything I was doing with my life. I felt empowered to work on my goals, and will rush back to work on my own tarot deck soon. I am still having difficulties with lockjaw and pain from the surgery, and hopefully when they remove the stitches this week I will be able to dine properly.

This week has a few Major Arcana cards too. Notice all the yellow and blue in the spread. Yellow is the color of coins, finances and physical world manifestations. It feels really hot and active. It's really heavy in this spread, making it an active set of days to come. From the blue I get the complete opposite, some time to rest and to think. These cards almost suggest the time of day in which these events will be happening, and a peaceful calm.

Monday. Page of Coins. Fancy that. This card came up in the same position last week! That's the first time this happens. It could be manifesting as a financial situation that I had to take care of. It could also be a gift that Mom promised to bring from her road trip today. Notice the Page stares into the past, thinking about what he had to do to gain the pentacle he is holding. With an early rise, the day revolves around financial plans.

Tuesday. Five of Wands. An energetic day of dialogue and possibly confrontations. I get my stitches removed tomorrow, so I wonder if this could just be a card to show all the tools that the doctor will be using. Since it is surrounded by such nice cards, there is a sense of it being okay. It could be a lot of hustle and bustle or the suggestion to keep away from arguments too.

Wednesday. The Sun. Boy am I glad to see you! The Sun manifests a day of joy and of general contentment. This is a day to rejoice, enjoy and be happy. With the Moon present last week, it cna be inferred that a new cycle starts and that all the hustle and bustle from the last couple of days could be in preparation for this. Looks like a day for good news and joy of living.

Thursday. Strength. A day of restraint from talking about difficult or controversial subjects. I feel like the lion in the card, as if somebody will approach me in regards to my passionate activities. I realize that I am very electric; sometimes it takes a little soothing to keep my fire from exploding. [Moon in Aries, folks! It totally shows.] The yellow of the Sun card still shines through here.

Friday. Seven of Swords. A tricky card for a Friday! It could be to try to sneak away with responsibilities. The person's face is hidden, they don't want to be seen or recognized by anyone. This card is saying to lay low as the joyful rays from the previous cards starts going paler. It's interesting to see him moving towards Strength in the past. It could be an escaped detail from the day prior.

Saturday. Empress. Lovely card! A day to lounge about with the luxuries of the house. She looks so comfortable in her throne, enjoying the elements as they sway. She's ripe with abundance, at the best stage of her life and in control of things. Notice the water flowing, all the greens and the comfort that looms in this card. This would be a nice way to feel!

Sunday. King of Swords. Looking back into the past with a sharp mind and a hidden agenda. This card represents stable logic and rigidness. You can tell he's thinking about something, but he's so reserved and he's even turning his back on the viewer. With his sword up, he doesn't look like somebody you want to be in trouble with. He will cut with the truth, no matter how much it hurts.

This is a signifier for my Father as well, it is possible I will pass the day with him or see him.

What to avoid. Queen of Wands. Avoid getting too authoritative or passionate about any issues that aren't worth your time. As a court card, she has more weight over others and also a stronger presence in what she embodies. She doesn't look very friendly, but she definitely stands out. It would be hard to miss somebody this radiant at a party; they're the kind of people that outshine others.

What's funny about this this card is that it usually signifies a man in my life. He is a fire sign but he's more feminine in energy, especially with conflicts.

What to strive for. Eight of Wands. Keep energies moving, pay attention to e-mails and instant messages. There will be lots of dialogue established and plans in the works with different groups of people. This card says to stay on guard  and to adapt to all the changes manifesting so quickly.

This is the start of a new cycle.


I based a spread on situations that can happen with toxic relationships when one person decides to take advantage of another. It is the very first spread that I have devised myself, and as such I want to share it with the world as a tool for self-empowerment. Some relationships have been based off second agendas and hidden intentions without the victim knowing of such. Sticky situations can have us feeling trapped, as if we don’t have choices or room to move. I hope this spread will shed some insight on this type of situation. I have named it The Spider and the Fly Spread.

Imagine a spider stalking around its silky net, hungry and in search of a victim to feed off of. It takes the time to weave the net into a trap to befall an unsuspecting passerby. The plan is etched and the trap is barely noticeable, so it’s only a matter of time and waiting until somebody gets caught in it. The unsuspecting fly is on its way to spiritual growth and development, when suddenly it finds itself in a hostile situation. It struggles and perhaps breaks some of the links on the web, but the spider has been expecting it all this time. The spider stealthily moves over to embrace the fly, and then spins a silky cocoon around the fly so that it won’t be able to leave. Defeated, the fly waits for the spider to decide its fate. From then on, it dies in rapture or by the kiss of the spider.

Another idea can be of an unwilling commitment, binding or contract. While involuntarily, it may keep us as prisoners to a specific circumstance. Care should be taken — if possible — to avoid it at all costs. Sometimes we can't identify secret agendas when we're interacting with new people, sometimes a friend you've known for years suddenly seems different, sometimes you just open your eyes to the truth. Entertained with the idea of relating this to the tarot, I have designed my very first spread. It will clarify messy or otherwise predatory situations we are known to get ourselves into.


Predator's Signifier. Who is the spider?
Victim's Signifier. Who is the fly?
When the Plans Hatched. When did the spider weave the web?
How it Affects the Fly. How did the fly get caught in the web?
What the Plan is. What is the spider planning for the fly?
How to Escape it. How can the fly escape the web?
Predator Outcome. Outcome for the spider.
Victim's Outcome. Outcome for the fly.CAUGHT IN A STICKY SITUATION?
Predators are beautiful by nature, it's that dark allure that they possess that can lure us in. They pack secret agendas, whether on purpose or not. It's part of their psychological buildup and their physical needs. It takes skills and expertise over those skills to fool the opponent or victim, and some people are naturally equipped to carry these actions out. It all ties into the rudimentary drives within all of us to survive in one way or another... and I love it. The way this works is fascinating to me on many levels, but it's always something to admire from afar. This blog post doesn't advocate taking advantage of others in any way.

Spiders as a symbol can be a predatory situation you find yourself in but are unaware of at first; just as a fly as it wanders into the web. Suddenly finding itself in a bad place and struggling to break free from the trap that was laid down for it. The spider then comes out to spin a cocoon around the fly, leaving it for when it's hungry later. The stress and struggle of being caught in a web alone is enough to test you.

However, being on the losing side of this chain is difficult. There are possible exits from situations like these that we may not notice on our way down. These doors to opportunities are fleeting and can easily pass under the radar if we're not looking in the right places. How do we avoid falling prey to these situations? I hope this spread serves as a tool for you to overcome a dark obstacle in your life. A little extra insight doesn't hurt in identifying the problem. React on time; don't let others take advantage of you!

Photos compliments of some gothic blogs. I can't seem to find the artists to credit!


Last week the Knight of Coins brought me another gift. I was really pleased with it! The Kings ended up manifesting as my Grandfather and my Father. I saw them on the days the cards turned up. Using the tarot on a weekly basis allows me to see it in a more mundane level. I tend to go with the divine meanings of the tarot, the messages behind the rubble that connect us with our higher selves. After coming to that realization, I have begun to look at the tarot from a more civil point of view. The observations range from daily activities to just feelings.

I have a difficult week ahead of me. On Tuesday I am to be submitted to surgery for the removal of my bottom wisdom teeth. Two controversial Major Arcana cards test my endurance and set me up for a scenario I can't control. There are three Major Arcana cards present this week — all controversial to some degree. It is both comforting and unnerving to find my signifier card on Tuesday! Throw me a bone here... The suit of Swords is missing, denoting a lack of communication with anyone not present in my life throughout the week. If you think that I'm hard to reach, wait until this reading is in full effect!

Monday. Page of Coins. An opportunity to get my finanial plans in order before the day. This means tying up loose ends, carrying out appointments crossing over from last week and running away pending errands. A Page goes through the court to deliver messages, these are primarily influenced by finances.

Tuesday. The Moon. The Moon is seen as psychic visions, dreams and intuition. Ever since the first time I started reading tarot. I found this as my signifier. Unfortunately I know exactly what this card stands for here. The madness that ensures in such an active mind on anesthetics. There is lunacy in the instance we linger between waking life and the silent slumber induced by drugs. I'm not on advocate of drug use and it's testy to know I'll be put down with an anesthetic on the day of my surgery.

Wednesday. Wheel of Fortune. Accepting changes gracefully. Knowing your limits and letting things go with the flow. Life takes odd turns we can't control, but we should enjoy the luxury of being on top while we can. This card looks like it's about to shake up the people that are currently on top. Notice the fool being catapulted off the wheel; it goes to show what goes up must come back down.

Thursday. Five of Cups. Interpreting this card in context, it looks like three painful days are down with two more to go still. The spilled cups speak of pain, of anguish and of forgetting about the resources still left. It looks like the medicine is going to have to be a little stronger to endure that pain. In a traditional point of view, the spilled cups contain emotions that have been lost. The person has his back turned from what is left, mourning only the loss of such. It points out the possibility of wafting depression as it overtakes us.

Friday. Three of Wands. Expecting a solution to come from far away. We can't tell whether the person is resting until what he waits for comes into view. It can be a ship with visits or work, but for the most part there is a lingering feeling of anticipation after a disappointment. It says, "I'm still here, waiting for a new solution" to me.

Saturday. Ten of Wands. This person shoulders great responsibility while walking towards the future. It presents a departure from the rest of the reading, notice how previous cards look towards the left. The other cards look towards the past. Whatever was expected during the week comes in on this day for sure. Look at how much I'll have to work with later!

Sunday. The Magician. Having the tools necessary to work. This is a lovely conclusion to a week with such hardships. It looks like the time to get back into my element, the proper time to arrange everything on my work space and get back to making some magic happen. To some the Magician is a trickster, but to me he is usually a resourceful help. He's smart and he knows how to make his dreams real.

What to avoid. Nine of Coins. Avoid getting too comfortable in the luxury of home. Even in times of sickness, there are things to do. It's easy to get caught up enjoying the luxuries presented to us when we're in such a circumstance, but we should never forget our responsibilities. Too much of a good thing can be kind of bad for you.

What to strive for. King of Wands. This is J's signifier in most of my readings. It could be telling me to reach out to him or to embrace his attitude and ideals. The King of Wands is a fiery man, charismatic and charming. He's on his feet and ready for whatever comes. Looking into the past, he seems to be fixed on the Magician card. Perhaps this King will bring something to light this week.

I hope to be back with a new post on Friday. I have a special spread study planned — one of my own design! Very excited to share it with you!


Some of life's best things come unexpectedly. Last Saturday I went to check the mail and found a package waiting for me. Stumped, I took a look inside and found the Hermetic Tarot with a note from Paul, one of my clients who also studies the tarot. I felt a heavy blend of gratitude and excitement as I tore off the cellophane wrap to get my first impression of card stock. Those first few seconds of holding a deck for the first time feel like magic. Meeting what feels like an old friend with a new look is part of the joy of adding to a modest collection of thoughts and experience. With every new deck of tarot cards that comes into my life, a new layer of experience comes to life. Therein lies the embodiment of ancient wisdom in brand new paper stock.

The Hermetic Tarot is based upon the esoteric workings of the secret order of the Golden Dawn. The deck was designed by Godfrey Dowson and emphasizes astrological attributes with further sephirotic, angelic, geomantic, numerical and kabbalistic elements. The black and white illustrations are meant to enforce the legacy of the symbols depicted in the cards. I could stare at it for hours!

I have identified my signifier in this deck as the High Priestess as opposed to the Moon. It was the first card that jumped out of the deck, and has been showing up multiple times after that. Sometimes it embodies a signifier in a spread, sometimes it comes out by itself. The Hermetic Tarot also depicts my relationship with J as the Sun and the Moon showing up side by side. There is so much magic in reoccurring cards and messages, it feels like a direct reminder of something that needs attention. What are the chances of pulling the same card out of 78?

When I first approached this deck to read with it, I found myself intimidated with its royal mantle of black and white. There are no color references unless you're familiar with the Thoth Tarot, and even then I think that direct association to the Thoth is a disservice to this tarot. Granted, the illustrations are similar in some respects, but they don't fully echo the style of the Thoth. They are also laden with more symbols, thus placing the Hermetic Tarot in a visual correspondence with the reader. Some familiarity with the Thoth definitely helps beginners, but this is definitely a more advanced tarot deck. I would recommend tackling this deck after being familiar with the work of Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris.

There are heavy astrological influences in the cards, present around the card titles. You can see also the elements of the cards as they combine and react, done in simple icons. It helps to understand the alchemy of energy as it interacts and trades off. It is worth noting also that the titles at the bottom "Lord of..." are the original Golden Dawn names for the cards. They are poetic names that suggest personalized stories and conceptual information that gives the cards personality.


Sometimes I start out in synchronization with this deck, but as I pull more cards I find myself entangled in meanings that I can't decipher. Hermeticism is a set of philosophical and religious beliefs based primarily upon the writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus. He may be a representation of the combination of the Greek god Hermes and the Egyptian god Thoth. In Hellenistic Egypt, the Greeks recognized the congruence of their god Hermes with the Egyptian god Thoth. It makes sense that these teachings intertwine, since the Thoth Tarot has so many similarities. It is worth mentioning also that the secret order of the Golden Dawn was a magical order active in Great Britain during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which practiced high magic and spiritual development. It has been one of the largest single influences on 20th-century Western occultism. They shared the same occult beliefs, and it is said that members at the time had their own tarot decks based off those principles. These beliefs have heavily influenced the Western esoteric tradition and were considered greatly important during both the Renaissance and the Reformation.

What is your most important characteristic?
Four of Swords. The Lord of Rest from Strife. According to this card, the information therein should be extracted in moments of mental clarity or peace. To really understand the symbols and their correspondences with other cards, one needs to be balanced and in the right mindset. I don't think this suggests openness of mind as much as it suggests finding a place that allows for a temporary break from the rest of the world while the meanings are worked out.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Queen of Cups. Queen of the Thrones of Waters. Vast and divine connections to the waters of emotion. This card is double water sign according to the icons on the borders. It transmits the idea based on emotions flowing as a stream of consciousness that pools with feelings and psychic intuition (based on that crustacean.) The Queen controls those divine waters of inspiration and keeps them churning so they won't go murky from inactivity.

What are your limits?
Princess of Swords. Princess of Rushing Winds. I get a sense of dislike for profanation of sacred ideals. It seems to be insular in the sense of not wanting to step out of Hermetic boundary unless it is to defend it. We have here a real advocate of olden time teachings! Another possible interpretation is not getting the message through to people that go too fast and don't really make the time to sit and ponder. This deck requires time to understand fully.

What are you here to teach me?
The Hanged Man. Powerful card! I have always known that the Kabbalist undertones in the tarot are important, but I haven't paid attention to the correspondence that they have with the tarot. I always focused on the messages that I could draw from the cards according to how they interacted with each other, and left these rich indicatives as superficial symbols. From time to time I could associate a shape or direction with the situation if I had the time. That wasn't always the case, time is luxury in a quick  or timed tarot card reading. Those Kabbalah teachings can't be ignored here because everything is in black and white. This pushes everything to the foreground, ready to be interpreted. I suppose I will be working with the Golden Dawn legacy more closely with the Hermetic Tarot.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Seven of Swords. Leaving the old views of tarot behind, sneaking into a secret world. This deck will let me know when I'm in the wrong mindset or when I'm not approaching things in the correct manner according to this card. It will try to maintain balance in times of instability to provide some mental support. I like the idea of weeding out the incorrect tools (swords) also for just the ones that work.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Aceof Wands. A new spark of energy ignites to a familiar craft. This sparks new passion and interest, and also sources creativity. It looks like the start of a very interesting road with new passions and new things to learn. This card always feels like a positive manifestation to me, and at times a highly phallic one.

Which card do you want to show off?
Nine of Coins. Lord of Material Gain. The luxury of clear messages in black and white. I have always regarded Hermeticism and high magic with due respect, and this deck reaffirms the importance that its source has. It boasts of luxury and comfort in times of need, which makes it a very bold claim to the tarot world. I like it, it tells me that it has a lot to offer.

How do you see me?
Eight of Cups. Powerful messages! Lord of Abandoned Success stands for walking away from a set stability or comfort to begin a new journey elsewhere. Having already filled 'all my cups' to the brim with experiences and knowledge, I grew bored. I wanted another challenge, a reason to make divination with cards feel new again. This new addition added another layer of cups to fill with the departure from old ways of thinking about or seeing the tarot.

How do you see yourself?
Seven of Wands. Lord of Valor. As a valiant warrior, an example of how to break through controversy and opposition. When faced with difficult times, this is the push forward to keep battling even though its been a long road to get to this point. There is a previous battle suggested, one that is won before the losers start opposing once more. The victory was short, and now there are some more obstacles ahead to overcome. However, once you have a grasp on that, you fight with fearless courage.

This year has tripled my collection and taught me a lot of things about myself. I feel very comfortable where I am currently at with my experience, but I will continue to evolve my consciousness as my compass of fate dictates. After seeing the secrets of the universe in the trance I had last December, things have been falling back into place. I can say that I've healed from that brew's test and that I am once more feeling as I used to. Eight months of recovery? That's a long time... but it was well worth it. It's time to throw out the things that are not worth it before moving on.