III - Sections.

I can not wait to get into full production with this blog. Here is a brief explanation of the sections:

Personal info. Miscellaneous stuff about my life.

Social events / Photos.

Tarot, etc.

Musings / dreams.

Visuals / inspiration.

Questions / advice.

Coming soon.

II - Plans.

I have revisited the mission for this blog several times, but the good part is that I have kept it essentially the same. I want to document my journey with the tarot, and I also want to keep track of my own progress in life. I have been reading tarot for nine years. For years now I have had to return to my early journals to compare thoughts with present-day entries. I have found juxtapositions that match up and disagree with each other in the most erratic of patterns, but I always end up learning a lot about myself.

Everything seems to be in order now, I just need to start generating content..  However, the official inauguration of this blog will be on October 31, 2010. Special month, special date! To think I will be turning 22 soon!

I will be using Dave McKean's Vertigo Tarot, which I am immensely fond of. That's all for now!