In the world of metaphysics, double dates stand for portals opening and manifesting. These portals unblock and activate various types of energy, which in turn cause many turning points in the universe. These are times of action and opportunities to unblock the energy that you feel has been holding you back. Your life is witnessing significant changes that intensify in this important date. Most psychics have published broadcasts focusing on world events, particularly in the financial status of the economy. I respect said broadcasts, but prefer to focus on matters of emotions and social influences. By extension, I see 11:11 as a chance to turn things around for the better, and as an opportunity for advances in self-empowerment.

Since 11:11 falls under the Sun in Scorpio, there are physical manifestations of mystery and of underlying emotions. As such, situations without proper closure are those that resurface and come to your attention. It is a chance to close off some chapters that have not yet concluded. Scorpios are water signs, which makes them changeable as well as emotional. Scorpios have a tendency of keeping to extremes; extremely shy, outspoken, serious, charismatic (and attention-seeking,) pretentious, and brooding. The one suggestion I have in dealing with this Scorpio energy is to evade their wrath at all costs. A scorned Scorpio is worse than an enraged Aries (ram) or charging Taurus (bull).

Speaking of bulls, it is worth mentioning that the full moon in 18º 04  Taurus is on 11:11. This makes the enigmatic energy of Scorpio aggressive and headstrong as well as stable. It signifies a time to talk about matters that have been placed in secondary importance with your partners. Due to the nature of the energies flowing, those conversations might be heated and passionate, but the resolution that they bring is satisfying.They just might take a while to adjust to.

If you haven't already noticed, the Age of Aquarius brings with it free thinkers and clairvoyants in high numbers. All the changes of the past decades have been building up to the present moment. Metaphysics have gone from being totally obscure in the past few years to being widely accessible in bookstores as well as on the internet. While the practice isn't popular, it is more common to see teenagers and college students studying the teachings of the tarot and other fortune-telling mediums. Business men and women seek financial advice from tarot readers, and so do various other demographic groups. People are seeking knowledge and enlightenment, to spread out the truth, and to reach new bounds after sacrificing ideas from the past and deeming them as obsolete.

SO WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT AT 11|11|11 11:11 A.M. AND P.M.?
Keywords for this day include: foresight, speaking, divinity, healing, empowerment, dreams, sacrifices, and water energy. If you are looking to unblock the flow of energy, this will be the time to do it.
Wishmaking: It is ideal to have a candle lit adorned with pictures and petitions.
Sacrifices: Offer something in return for the benefits you seek. Make it count!

Changes don't come immediately. They take time to manifest and develop. Remember that!
Attract. Use the warm energy of the sun in Scorpio to ask for meaningful changes at 11:11 A.M. Employ the use of a white candle, sweet spices, photos and a list of petitions. You may ask for energies to be unblocked, for stages to end and new cycles to commence. Ask for blessings, give blessings, and wish for your aspirations to come true quicker.

Distance. Use the cool full moon in Taurus to spring aggressive changes into effect on 11:11 P.M. This includes distancing toxic relationships and problematic people from your life. Employ the use of a black candle, tangy and bitter spices, photos and a list of petitions. Ask for people who are causing you difficulties, enemies, rivals, and other unwanted energies to leave your life in peace.

I recommend forgetting about financial endeavors on a day of such magnitude. Focus instead on the other areas of your life that are in need of a little attention. Friends, family, love, forgiveness, and the sense of belonging. In the end, we are all trying to define and reach our higher purpose. If you don't know where you're moving to next, now would be a good time to find which direction you are moving in. At a time in which everyone needs someone to talk to, it is best to consider what else can be done. If you're not happy with the way things have been going, then take this time of reflection to formulate on a new plan.

11:11 is a physical manifestation of the X. Wheel of Fortune card. The Wheel of Fortune presents events of divine origin that bring with them erratic and yet wonderful changes. This is a massive turning point that will be witnessed and celebrated worldwide, which makes it of a very powerful magnitude. The wheel stands for the rise and fall of fortune, with one final conclusion: What goes around comes around. It's a change that happens without explanation or logic, but it brings with it great joy. Sometimes you have to accept that you don't have control over the situation, and that things will work out as they should on their own. The situation shows movement and changes, whether be good or bad.


Much like last year's Best of Samhain 2010, I have scoped through Facebook and blogs in search of the best Halloween costumes. Here are the best looks that I found. Enjoy!

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