Reading tarot for others is bothersome for some. Here is a risk that the querent won’t resonate with the secrets that you share. I don’t mind reading for people I don’t know that well. This population makes up more than half of my client base. Most of the people I read for, I haven’t met in person! This is why it is important to let go of bias and stop trying to pick out facts from a first impression. Just lay down the cards; they will tell you everything you need to know.


Ask their d.o.b. and gender. For online clients. You’d be surprised.

Don’t scare them. The people you read for will possess various levels of skepticism. If you paint their future grim and gray without the promise of hope, they are not likely to want their cards read again. At least not with you.

Ask them things you’re not sure about. It’s okay to clarify doubts. You don’t know all the facts, and simple yes or no questions will suffice.

Trust your intuition. You get different variations of each story, so trust your intuition in choosing the right one for the querent. You will be able to decide if it is x or y by the adjacent cards!

Keep it short. If they’re doing this online, they probably don’t mind much time to share. Keep it short and sweet, but as detailed as is possible in that short span of time.

Give them what they came to you for. Focus on the first question as you tell the story, then just follow the opportunities that unfold. Answer their question and add in a few messages you get from the cards that you feel they will appreciate to know.

Be empathic. Without letting them into your auric field. Be open to feeling what they are feeling too.

Reading for others generates gratitude and a healthy relationship. People tend to open up with you after you have read their fortune. In this sense, tarot is great for breaking the ice socially, although it shouldn’t be used for this purpose alone. Remember that it is an honor that the querent is letting you into his or her secrets, and that you just need to give them a subtle push sometimes so that they may reach out for goals that are close by. Most importantly, have fun!

This is the third and final installment of three: ReadingTarot for Yourself, Reading Tarot for Your Friends and Reading Tarot for Others.♡♡


I am humbled by the number of people that have willingly allowed me to look into their secrets to help untangle their problems as well as help them get what they want. Even when dealing with skeptics! When you finally make the change from reading tarot for yourself to reading tarot for others, the portals you open don't just concern you. You are taking the ancient art of cartomancy and making it available for others. Even though the tarot is readily available for everyone, it takes discipline and dedication to this art to be ready to help others. In a way, it helps with your karmic work as well as builds up some dharma, should you be doing it right. Keep it simple, keep it direct, and most importantly, answer their questions. Don't let the querent walk away with doubts in their mind. Offer them clarity!

It is important to maintain the notion that tarot is a game present when talking to other people. As mentioned in A Different Kind of Religious Tolerance, it is important to keep that notion in mind when approaching the subject of tarot with others.

Ask their spiritual guides for permission to read. This practice is very important, and it is the one that most tarot readers overlook. Think of it as an equivalent to entering the querent's house when they are not present and re-arranging the furniture in their house. In the world of metaphysics, one should ask for permission out of respect. It is said that we could the querent things that they are not meant to hear and that could affect the spiritual work that the querent's guide is doing.

Engage them. This is not a monologue. It will give you a better measure of accuracy as well as an opportunity to click with the querent more deeply.

Don't assume that you know all the details. Remember that even though you may already be familiar with the situation, it is not likely you have been told the full story. Furthermore, it could be possible that the querent isn't even aware of everything. The purpose in this situation is to find insight and disclose secrets that may be floating around. If you go into it with the notion that it should be easy because you have already been told much of the situation, it is known as bias.

Everyone is entitled to their secrets. Don't disclose what you find out to others. It is an honor that someone you know entrusts you with all of their secrets, and you should treat it as such. Sometimes people think it's okay to talk about the things you see because the cards "have made it public". The fact that you had access to that information does not mean you should share it. You're dealing with somebody's personal life.

Remind them that they can change their destiny if they don't like it. We are channelers of messages, but those messages are never final. The querent has the choice of changing what they have just heard. Each person carves out their own path.

Encourage them to reach out for their dreams. If you sense hesitation or insecurity, and you find that the cards are screaming for them to go on (The Fool, The World) in most cases, motivate them! Sometimes all someone needs is a final push in the right direction.

I hope you have found this article interesting whether you are a novice, an experienced reader, or a curious voyeur. If you should have any questions, feel free to comment!


To be honest with my readers, I find that I stray from reading tarot for myself. Not because of negative things that could happen, but because it feels as if the reading will ruin the surprise for me. I have learned to take undesirable circumstances as life lessons and reminders that I need to push forward to accomplish my goals. To me, those undesirable circumstances are just part of the process to get where I want to go. They are not final unless we accept them to be so.
Sometimes it is better to accept the element of surprise, simply because it keeps things interesting for me. I find that if I were to suspect things before they happened, I wouldn't enjoy them as much or anticipate them. It's true that mystery keeps us motivated.

However, you're reading this because you want to read more accurate tarot readings for yourself. I'm going to share some pointers on how to do so. The approach to read for yourself is different from reading tarot for friends because of an obvious reason: You know all of the fact up until this point. Your friends don't necessarily fill you in on all the minor details of their life. It goes further when you read for people you're not very well acquainted with. This means: No bias!!

When someone else is reading for you, it means that you have employed them to use their intuitive skills to assess the situation for you. This provides an unbiased approach as well as to see possibilities were you have not been able to before. When you read for someone else, it is the other way around.

Don't skip any cards. This happens especially when you want to skip to what's happening in the future. You'll get to it eventually! Enjoy the ride. Remember that the general look into the past will definitely serve to shed light on things happening in the present and in the future that may not be as clear. If you know why something is happening, you are more likely to have a better grasp on it.

Don't assume you already know the circumstances the cards are trying to clarify for you. It would be a mistake to assume that you already know the details of the whole situation just because one card apparently hints out to something that you may already know about. Remember that the tarot has access to secrets that are otherwise being kept from you, and if you're not careful, you might end up interpreting these cards incorrectly.

Play devil's advocate. Assume roles and mindsets that you usually do so, but within reason. It might provide solutions to your problems that you haven't previously encountered. It also makes for a nice way to gain perspective without losing your own perspective.

Have an open mind to possibilities and surprises. Sometimes you'll find things out that you're not sure you're ready for. It's just something you'll have to face. It won't be a good enough reason to get confrontational unless you have physical proof of what you're reading. Regardless, whatever unexpected surprises you may uncover along the way will provide insight as well as time for preparations.

Adapt card meanings to the situation, but never warp them. Cards don't mean just one thing in all situations, they are versatile enough to stretch into a number of meanings. The only way to know what one card means for sure in your current reading will be the clues provided by the cards surrounding it. You will be able to tell whether a new romance will last or dissipate, if the new guy you're crushing on likes you just as much or not, etc. It all depends on the theme of the situation, and where it is leaning to go.

Learn to identify the people involved in your situation. Court cards provide behavioral and even physical attritubes of the people you deal with, but they don't always stand for the same person. The cards are as versatile as the archetypes they represent, as you will come to see. Certain decks see the same people differently, so if you have more than one deck, it would be interesting to check each one for the same situation and compare.

I find that keeping a tarot diary helps in learning. Throughout time, it will serve to assess how people around you change according to the majors or court cards that represent them. It's very interesting to see how a parallel world applies to ours!

Next time on Samhain moon I am going to teach you about readings with people you know. The final installment to this verbal triptych will teach you how to read tarot for strangers.