This is the last entry devoted to the Steampunk Symposium held on board the Queen Mary on the weekend of January 10-12. It has been on queue for well over two weeks, but given the events, I have not been able to publish it yet. It is the reminder of a very magical weekend in mid January.

I keep wanting to write about my friend, but I feel that nothing I can say right now will do the situation justice. I hope you will enjoy this review.


From the moment I boarded the ship, I could feel something about it was special. It felt as if I had taken an elevator to another time period. As I stepped into deck A, I felt as if every step I took was taking me back a decade. It was electric and magical.

It didn’t take long at the registration table before I met my supervisor, Lori. She gave me the instructions for the volunteer room and told me to go explore the ship to get familiar with it.

Curious little Leelah decides to go to the lower levels of the ship to explore. This was a really bad — or really awesome — idea! I went two decks down to deck R and came across the floor that they host events at. Later on I came to find it is the deck on the ship with the most paranormal activity that is documented. The only other is one much less frequented, the boiler room. As I descended the steps and left the stairs, I found myself on a very eerie floor. I could feel the energy of parties long gone; I could feel people chatting loudly, talking pleasure over business and vice versa. The hair on my arms stood on its end and I decided to come running back up the stairs. The majority of my time on the ship was spent on this deck, though.

Tending to the presenters was very fun. I got to meet Votes for Hexapods and the Spoon Boy. During my ventures up and down the stairs, I encountered the guitarist of Steam Powered Giraffe. He was very friendly and constantly made rounds around the ship. I found him to be a free soul in search of adventure. I think his name is Mike.

I took a rather amusing class on etiquette for the Victorian Steampunks. The instructor made us all laugh, but reminded us about some useful rules of etiquette. The class ended with a chapter on romance, which everybody seemed attentive to. I didn’t catch the instructor’s name, but she is charming!

After class, I went to the activity to meet the Queen and get my cards read by a pirate named Thee Bluebeard. The way we met was kind of awkward, but it helped ease the tension when I sat down for a reading. He was using only the major arcana cards from the Celtic Tarot. When I sat down, I didn’t think so much about the semantics of tarot. I just wanted to have my cards read and to enjoy the experience.

Thee Bluebeard is careful to define all of the cards with his own mental list of meanings. I felt that he picked them up over the years, and had no time to ask why he had dropped the minor arcana. Still, when he started to talk to me about my situation, my eyes welled with tears. He did a simple Celtic Cross spread and turned the cards over one by one. Every time he brought up something new, I felt my whole fate shuffled out before me and laid bare to a stranger. I listened intently, hanging on every word and every unfinished sentence. He implied many situations without specifying, but there were other instances in which his inflection reflected how I felt. He was accurate. Everything that I needed to hear came up during the reading, and I had to brace myself so I wouldn’t stand up and try to hug him. It was an emotional moment.

After thanking Thee Bluebeard for his borrowed enlightenment, I had duty coming up. A volunteer by the name of Tiffany joined me for a very fancy dinner on board the ship. We had sparkling wine appropriately named Queen Mary and gabbed about Korean dramas and Japanese idols.

When we went downstairs, we found a long line for people that were early to watch Steam Powered Giraffe play. I was on ticket duty, so I got a little nervous. Still, this job meant that I would meet all the people attending the activity. The whole convention was about to squeeze into a ballroom to watch them play!

The missionary came around to offer we prayed with the Holy Spirit. She took out the book of the Holy Hammered, otherwise called the good book, and amongst heavy laughs, we downed a shot and praised the warmth of the Holy Spirit within us. I still giggle when I think about how brilliant that was!

Duty went smoothly enough. We took turns on the entrance and guarding the second exit. During that time, I found out what it is like to face an attempt for a bribe to sneak into a concert and I went to aid a lady having a severe panic attack. Both situations were smoothed out relatively fast. The night concluded with a long ride back home, a shower and the promise of a wonderful time the next day.

To see the photos in all their splendor, please feel free to click on them.


This is going to be the week of grounding; at least that’s the goal. Last week carried with it news of change as well as proposals for interesting new partnerships. I am truly looking forward to taking steps towards my goals once more. It feels as if they have lain dormant for way too long.

I really liked the way these cards manifested in my life, because the way the events unfolded was actually more oracular than like tarot. I loved Wednesday’s card particularly, the Seven of Wands. It manifested beautifully!

My weekend as excellent. I feel recharged and motivated enough to tackle the obstacles of this week. I hope you will be contaminated also with the same energy to go about your week.


Monday. Four of Coins. A slow start to a week is accountable for possibly not getting everything done. What is the problem? Are finances tight right now? It happens, but it takes discipline to rectify matters.

Tuesday. Three of Coins. Teamwork helps. Hard work helps as well. When you focus on nothing but improving your craft, it will pay in dividends. Stay busy and focused; soon it will be time to play again.

Wednesday. Two of Coins. Juggling the circumstances can be really tough sometimes, but sometimes he just need something to occupy our minds or keep us busy. A distraction from work can prove productive if it keeps the mind active.

Thursday. Ace of Coins. A gift; the door is open, so now you can be free. You can tap into the potential offered to you and use that as your key to success. You don’t get many chances, so take advantage of the ones you’ve got.

Friday. King of Cups. Relishing emotions; this is to accept your emotions and manifest them freely. Offer love and receive it with grace. The examples you set will come back to you.

Saturday. Queen of Cups. Reflect on what you have found in the deposit of emotions. Consider the subconscious married to your consciousness and seek out love. Love yourself and love others equally.

Sunday. Knight of Cups. Seek to transmit the message of love. Give it without limitations. People need love nowadays.

What to avoid. Strength. Don’t be too courageous, and don’t look to do things that are likely to be getting you in trouble. Hold your temper and your tongue, because for lack of control of your wrath, you could easily

What to strive for. King of Wands. Seek to be courageous and forward going. Employ the use of charm whenever necessary, and be mindful of other peoples needs.

Let’s dance, February!