Exciting news! Exciting news!

I won a contest that the Baba Studio / Magic-Realist Press began two weeks ago. We had an opportunity to publish an entry once a day for a chance to win an Alice Tarot deck and a tarot bag of choice, out of their wide selection. I will write more about it when the package comes! I’m even going to include the original entries for your entertainment! Yay!!

I have not been able to focus today in the slightest. Been alternating amongst cooking, chatting with friends online, working with clients, calling people back home, and checking the updates of the Baba Studio giveaway. And of course, writing this entry out. It took forever!

Today we are going back to an old favorite, Alexander Daniloff’s Tarot. It is beautiful! Some of the card placements make me chuckle. The Carte Blanche looks a little ominous as well. Spooky! What's going to happen on this day??

Monday. Six of Coins. Giving back to those responsible for you being where you are. Seek not to alienate others; seek to give kindness, just as you have been given. I see it as a help, or as an exchange of something given for something received.

I also tie it to the Baba Studio giveaway I am so excited about. They are doing an act of kindness, and gave me an opportunity I was not expecting at all.

Tuesday. Page of Cups. A truce. A sweet gesture of love and appreciation, even if not in a fully developed manner. I feel like he brings a sweet message of love, but given the banner that he holds, it could also be pretty bold for such an innocent look.

Wednesday. Carte Blanche. No message. You do as you like, or you allow yourself a moment of secrecy. It also feels like it might be a day in which nothing happens.

Thursday. Queen of Coins. This one made me chuckle a little. It's Thanksgiving! Embodied in the perfect card, as well. I don't celebrate winter holidays, but this card gives a feeling of wealth at home and being very cozy. You'll have everything you need on a day like today, and that's super! Treat yourself.

Friday. Knight of Coins. Comfort, security and promise. This is a reliable and dashing presence, but it feels like it can be a little flashy. Try not to show off too much if you can help it; that can actually rub people the wrong way sometimes. In light of everything, remember how important it is to be humble!

Saturday. Ten of Cups. Security. Emotional stability and fulfillment. It's such a good, good feeling when your live feels like it is full of love, care and understanding. It is something I consider to be equivalent to having all that you need. In love, we feel nurtured and happy. There is seldom need for anything else.

Sunday. Four of Cups. Boredom after all of the excitement. Taking to drinking to reminisce and dream. Sometimes when there is much of a good thing, people tend to lose their passion for it and their connection to it. It feels like people who have a lot of abundance and positivity in their lives can get bored, if we go based off the sequential order of this week in the cards.

What to avoid. Ace of Cups. Emotions that flow too freely can get a little compromising. Constant output of love can be read the wrong way. Control it and control your emotions. I do feel that this is a reminder that things happen in cycles, and you must be ready to help the motions. Don't let things stagnate if you want to see progress.

What to strive for. Death. Change. Let go of the past! Don't go down with the things that you know deep inside you have to let go of. Don't be a slave to the things you hang onto. Remember that sometimes you just have to let go to continue forward on your quest for evolution. What do you seek to attain? Remember that some sacrifices you make are out of your control, and must come to be accepted sooner or later because, well... that's life!

What a crazy week is about to commence! I am looking forward to it, in truth.


There has been so much going on! Sometimes I want to pause my life because I have the need to compose diary entries to share on my blog. It seems that if the task is not done ahead of time and left prepared, it will get left for later. It has been one full month since I turned 26, but I want to share some memoirs with you.

2014 really toughened me up. It taught me that not everyone is my friend, even though I know that I want to see and believe the best in people. I want to be proven wrong all the time, but I have had many conflicting situations. It seems the conflicts are in the fact that people put their needs first and foremost. If you do not meet the criteria to fit in their plans, you might find yourself standing on the outside of what you take to be a mutual relationship. This is just generalizing, but I speak in reference to the relationship I had with people this year.

I faced many disappointments with some of the people closest to me. My best friend going on ten years now decided to cut me out of her life. I was a positive driving force in her life, but according to her, our friendship had run its course. Well, I respect that and I wish her well. She helped me immensely, but when I think about it, so did I. And that's okay.

Ever since I started letting go or being let go, I found how free I felt. I've always cared more about honoring others than my own self. Finding the freedom not to get involved in such a direct manner has really helped me get past the things I used to mourn. I feel free, and I feel more my own than I did when I started this winding journey of being 25.

Compassion was a big lesson this year. I learned how to love with compassion, and to trust my intuition when it comes to manifesting that love for others. I found that those that were open to it also opened themselves up, and gave me an experience the likes of one I've never had before. I'm so grateful for that opportunity!

What else? In the past year I went from recently moved into an empty apartment space to making it more homey. I visited Puerto Rico two times, for a month each time. My Mom visited me in LA twice as well, with the duration of hers being two weeks. I got to spend some time with J, although the distance made it almost impossible to spend as much time with him as I would have wanted to. He knows me, he gets me, he understands me much better than anybody else does. I think that these four years of intimate interaction have really helped one another understand our most essential cores. I look forward to meeting him again in December. It's going to be surreal!

With great pride I want to announce that my tarot card collection is complete. This year I got all I had left, and I feel wondrously connected to them. So happy! Unfortunately, I don't have space for all of them, so I will have to sell some of the duplicates or copies that will not get any use. Stay tuned for that! Many out of print and hard to get jewels!

My friendships are still a work in progress. The problem is that I am constantly seeking, and that is something that blossoms naturally. You can't force it and you can't decide when it's going to happen. Oh please, oh please Universe... send me some local friends that are passionate and respectful! I want brainstorming buddies, people to take photos with and then go dancing, drinking or feasting with. Give me zest for life! I'd love to meet some sister souls soon.

I've come to terms with the way time changes things, even if it doesn't help us go in the direction we want to go. This adventure has been the most serious one in my life. Nothing was planned, but I'm in for a Hell of a ride.

[Mom! Nooo! You closed your eyes!]

On the day of my birthday, I went to the Getty Villa. It was like stepping into the ancient Greek and Roman world! Then we went to a place called Moonshade for drinks and french fries. (!!!) After that, we got stuck in traffic for about two hours, then I met my friends at Masa for some really amazing pizza. At the end of the night, I had been showered with so much love that my heart chakra was hyper activated. I felt so intensely, that it made me very fragile. I wept in gratitude for all the love I was given. Thank you for being a part of it!

Let's see what happens this year. I can't wait to come out the other side... If I do.


This week is so spade heavy! Wow! As you can probably tell, this is not a tarot deck. I have begun my voyage in cartomancy to expand my skills as an expert with the cards. I have embraced a whole new way to work with the cards, and look forward to sharing with you.
Spades are the element of Earth. They represent the direction of the North and they are the heaviest of the suits. They represent labor, career, housing, the physical body, discipline, and responsibility.

Clutters of Spades represent conflicts, clash, and hard sports in your life. Feeling trapped or boxed in. It says in the Playing Card Oracles book that they represent difficulties and challenges within the deck. They address tough issues that must be dealt with in real terms.

Wow, these cards can really sing. I can’t wait to do demonstrations for this blog on how to read with this deck properly. A review is coming soon as well!

The concepts in this post are actually mostly paraphrased and some even taken directly from the Playing Card Orales book by Ana Cortez. While I use intuition to read them, I am still studying this system and credit the book fully for the information presented here. The intellectual property belongs to Ana Cortez and her father, CJ Freeman.

♡ Monday. 11. Dango.
Someone could be manifesting in your life as a diva, looking for attention and their own self-interested agenda. They will be daring under any circumstance, and won’t resist to do something risky for an audience. It feels like it could be manifesting an irresponsible tendency. To me it seems like pushing limits and boundaries that have been established.

♡ Tuesday. 5♠. Circle of Crows.

Feeling trapped or ganged up on because of circumstances. What’s the way out? Hard to tell. It can feel like being at a crossroads without not one road being more promising than the other. It shows uncertainty, frustration and lack of satisfaction. It also depicts you feeling like the victim.

♡ Wednesday. 4♠. North Wind.
A strong, unsettling energy. Motivations that might go against you. Need to seek protection from powerful forces. I feel like it’s deep and can lead to problems if you let it.

♡ Thursday. A♠. Terra Incognita.
An ending that will pave the way for a new beginning. This card means death, loss and is the heaviest of the Aces. It means something concealed, stands for secrets. It also stands for change and the possibility of regeneration. You can’t resist changes, sometimes you just have to go with them.

♡ Friday. 3♠. The Grave.
Time to let go. Burying the things from the past that no longer serve you. A burden being carried.

What are you carrying that you can let go of? Unburden your shoulders, give yourself a chance to lay something to rest even though you clearly don’t want to. Loss is painful.

♡ Saturday. 8. The Garden.
The Garden. Labor of love. Supporting others with selflessness. Temptation. Beauty and charm.

Things that attract us can be very delicate, so we need to treat them with respect. When you see something that you admire, respect it. Learn when not to touch.

♡ Sunday. 9. Gilles de Rais.
Extreme emotions that can overwhelm. Vulnerability. Compulsion. Sorrow that flows. Compassion. Selfless caring.

When we open up our hearts to others, we become very vulnerable at the same time. We let others see parts of us that are hard for us to show them. With our soul exposed, we have nowhere to hide. It can lead us to extreme manifestations of emotion when we are hurt, because we can be easily hurt when we really invest ourselves in something.

♡ What to avoid. 9♠. Throne of Spiders.
Try not to work yourself to the bone. Overworking yourself is not taking care of yourself. Energy drain. A heavy burden. Co-dependence. Bad company. Need to let go. Peers leading you in a poor direction.

Predatory cards like this seem like warnings to me. On one hand, it could be working your hands off. Working yourself to exhaustion. I feel like on the flip side it could be someone that wants to take something from you and that could really harm you.

♡ What to strive for. 2♠. The Enemies.
Separate one fact from another when you don’t agree. If you are prone to arguments, let it happen because it is a natural thing. Sometimes you just can’t oppose nature, you have to clash with it.

Isn’t this deck beautiful? I can't wait to share more with you!


Talk about loaded! This is the most Major Arcana cards I have seen on a Hello Witches blog post. Jeez… the whole week is riddled with them! Save for two Minor Arcana cards, this whole spread is dominated. I decided to pull a clarity card on what is so big about this matter, and surprise, surprise! Another Major Arcana card pops up. All right, I get it. Let’s deal with what is coming!
I have been itching to delve into some tarot history. Finally, I took a dive and bout Il Menenghello’s Soprafino Tarot. It hasn’t arrived yet, and in my itch that I so desperately needed to scratch, I marched over to Amazon Prime and got myself the Ancient Italian Tarot. I am delighted by everything about it until we get to the card backs. Ugly! Murky! I want to paint over them with black acrylic. White would be nice, too. I'm actually going to go over it and write the meanings for the pips. Gypsies used to do it, some of my online friends do it too and I love the result. Photos soon!

Monday. The Devil. What evils have you trumped? Which beasts have you conquered? The Devil card is really resonating with me lately because of the Ritual of Triumph I am participating in. It’s okay to accept yourself as you are, to like yourself for what you are rather than for what you are not. I have come to accept myself with all of my strengths and all of my weaknesses as well. It’s part of who I am and I am excited to be experiencing this colorful adventure that is my life.

Tuesday. The Magician. See, he has attained his status. But has it been through trickery or hard work? It’s hard to tell. He seems perfectly equipped but his facial expression leaves a lot to be questioned. Regardless, drink. Life is too short to worry about who is after you, when all you need to focus on is on doing things yourself. Resourcefulness means you can do all your own work without having to rely on outsourcing.

Wednesday. The Fool. Not at all ready. What is going on here? We go from having all the tools to being on the move and losing our right shoe. Intuition will have to lead, because the side of ourselves that relies on action is a little vulnerable. Yet we step forward, because that is the big game that life has in store for us.

Thursday. Death. Times change. So you weren’t prepared. You get another day to figure things out and work a new alternative out. In times of change, remember that there are also new things coming your way even if it sucks.

Friday. The Hanged Man. Time seems to slow down after a difficult change. Things are left hanging, but in doing so, we get another perspective. An outside look into a problem we are immersed in can be refreshing. There is no better time to redefine.

♡ Saturday. Strength. Sometimes life can be difficult. Are we closing the lion’s mouth? Are we in control of our problems and how they nag us? Sometimes it takes restraint not to say what you really think, especially when you think others need to hear it. But then you need to remember that just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Sunday. Ace of Cups. Embrace new love and faith. Allow yourself to share wholehearted experiences that make you resonate at a higher level. Seek out the emotional bonds that help you feel like a better person. Look for solace in things that cheer you up and keep you motivated. They will propel you forward.

What to avoid. Judgment. Don’t take any risks this week. Seem to keep outside difficult situations if you can. Don’t push the envelope, and accept that some things are out of your control because they come from a higher place. When you are in tune with your place in the world and the mission you have come to accomplish, you will find the call to action is not as jarring as you would think.

What to strive for. Page of Coins. Little progress is a key to bigger futures. Have pride in your work and present it in the best way possible because that is precisely what helps you stand out from other people and how they perceive you. Never forget you are one with purpose and you will get the chance to carry out your purpose.

Clarifier. The Lovers. It is all a blessing in disguise. Remember that all is connected, and you are not the exception. Accept that which is given to you and watch it multiply into a series of things you have been trying to attract to your life. Say yes to life.

What a powerful message.


I missed the IAMX concert when they played at the Fonda Teathre on May 15th, 2013. It was so hard for me because I was dreaming of seeing them live with J. We had plans to find tickets and go see them together. The concert happened while I was taking care of my Mom in the hospital. The date passed and I knew I had missed out on something special.

IAMX came into my life when J recommended them to me. He told me Chris Corner was also in the Sneaker Pimps. All it took was one song to get me hooked; we would listen to it in the car or when we hung out, while having dinner, and sometimes before bed. The music is very loaded and the lyrics are heavy; to me the music is a tasteful activist. The night of the concert, I thought of J through every song, especially the ones with shared memories. I know he would have given anything to be there with us, but in truth he was there in spirit. I felt him through those songs. I know he was.

I bought my tickets for the Complex residency event the same day they came on sale. All of my friends got tickets, and I also got one for my Mom. It was to be her first time at a goth club, which seemed fitting to me considering she would see a prominent figure in the world of dark romance.

It was sold out very fast, with people still posting many adverts to find somebody to sell them spare tickets. My friends and I started to discuss the event, and in our anticipation dubbed it as our "prom night". And why not? Prom is supposed to be fun, a debut from one stage of life into another. We all remember our prom night as varying absences or train wrecks, so there it was: one night of magic that we could all celebrate together with one of our favorite musicians. We all went to the IAMX night at the Monte Cristo and had an amazing time dancing to IAMX and Sneaker Pimps, but getting to see the show live was so much more magical.




The experience itself was magic from the moment IAMX came on stage. The buzz and the excitement grew according to how full the venue was. By the time the lights turned off and our eyes turned to the stage, we were all jam packed in the Complex. When Chris Corner came out, we screamed in unison. During the concert, we were transported to another dimension full of emotive lyrics that rattled the very fabric of our existence. There as a unanimous sense of ecstasy that was so contagious. My friends and I had found a spot all together, and danced the night away in passion. The show is fantastic! The visuals aid the experience, but Chris, Janine and Sammi Doll's energy is what really makes it. They know we love them madly. I'm sure they could feel the love that was radiating from the crowd. They gave us so much love, too!


And so ends the Complex residency... for now. To my understanding, they may come back and do it again. Bring the magic back!