I felt inclined to use the Greenwood Tarot, so today I’m doing a three card spread and asking it to bring to light whatever it wishes to share. Shuffling through this deck is a real grounding experience, it forces me to focus on what I'm doing in the moment. The cards are so large and sturdy, and yet my fingers hug around them and are able to manage them, thanks to years of experience shuffling cards. In my mind's eye I see myself walking through the thick of the woods, with powerful branches overhead and streams of sunlight beaming down from gaping holes in the leaves. It takes me somewhere else, a place of peace and of quiet to still the mind and ground myself.

At this time, I understand I have a purpose. My life is not a life lived just 'cause. Rather, I serve to find answers for others as well as myself. I am an open channel, and whatever needs to come through, will come through. For my benefit as well as that of others. After cutting the pack of cards, I turn over the first three cards off the top and enjoy my reading.

Six of Wands. Harvest.
Seasonal treats, objects in abundante to nurture your appetite and sustain you. Give thanks for all that you have, and strive to share your blessings so that they may multiply amongst those with you. You have so much!

Three of Cups. Joy.
You are at your best in company of those who understand you and share your same colored feathers. There will always be a trinity, each flanking the other with love and support. So life ebbs and flows, so the numbers wax and wane. It’s a natural process of life to seek out emotional validation in numbers and in what comes out of harmony together.

Ace of Wands. Spark of Life.
Unleash those sparks that give life to new concepts. You have much to share, much to spring into being. When you breathe life into something, you breathe potential and possibility into it. Set it free and see what it will do to all that come in contact with it. For some, it will be an end. For some, a beginning. That is the power of intention.

Look for what makes you happy in all that you have already. There is so much for you to choose from when you want to, for any mood. There is much coming together, with different tastes and smells to provide you with different experience. It can be psychedelic — but I don’t do drugs,— or it can be a fun outing with friends. Seek the things that make you feel complete and happy. If it is joining a community, so be it. If it is nurturing the community you have made, that’s fine too. Stay motivated, stay fresh. Always feel like any time you step out of the comfort zone, you’re out on an adventure. Cultivate zest for life, that which gets the fire going and motivates us to accomplish our dreams. Be the magician, make magic happen with your tools.

The way I read this was by sweeping through all three at first. I let the story come to me, and then I went card by card to absorb what each archetype stands for. In interacting with the figures, I found that this deck reads more like an oracle than a traditional tarot deck. It would be great to use some of these cards as charms for spell work.

I ended up filming a video review of the Greenwood Tarot as well, in case you'd like to check it out.


My friend Tina Constantine aka Lady Nocturne is a Graphic Designer living in Puerto Rico. On her spare time she dreamed up a Zodiac editorial series which I want to share with you. I love how sexy some of these can be while still being classy. Great work! I have some amazingly talented friends!

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer   Leo  Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius


I have decided to complete one year of horoscopes devoted to each zodiac sign. There will be an Annual Review reading offered, which is one year projections in a month by month format. It is a very popular reading on this blog and in my work life, and now I am offering all 12 signs of the zodiac their own loose horoscope calendar to refer to.

I love Gemini. After spending a little time with the sign after having moved to California, I’ve found it a very bright sign with sharp intellect and the need for progress. Gemini people don’t get stuck in the box, they craft it to fit their needs. They understand human interactions at a very instinctual level, it’s almost in their nature to pick up on nuances and little details.

May. Four of Wands.
We’re off to a great start! Teamwork helps you build projects, but you feel targeted enough to start building the bridges on your own. It’s really inspiring when opportunities are in bloom around you, and you manage to build yourself up to the stability you’ve been seeking all along. Who needs pre-made things, when you’re the builder?

June. Eight of Coins.
Work, work, work. Your craft requires careful polish of skills. Experience is built through your hard work, and it feels as if you apply yourself to something until it’s finished. It takes discipline and diligence to see things through to the end, so good job on almost getting there!

July. Knight of Swords.
Rushing through words, life and thoughts can bring you quite a bit of conflict in your relationships with other people. I suggest you slow down what you’re going to say, it may be best to think things through before opening your mouth. When the time comes to defend yourself in situations that merit it, though, nobody better but you.

August. Nine of Cups.
A breather! Such a good month. All the things that you wanted are coming into being. You will have support, laughter amongst friends and much support if you seek it. Treat yourself for a job well done in accomplishing your goals.

September. Six of Cups.
Do you miss somebody? Have you had someone on your mind? This may be the perfect month to reach out to them and figure out what it is they need, or you need.

October. Five of Coins.
Not a wise time to make expensive decisions or investments. Hold back on the spending, you’ll need your cash later! If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask those around you that love you.

November. Two of Swords.
Things have slowed down, and you should too. Don’t resist the circumstances when they find themselves at a temporary position of rest. Take some time to think things through and clarify the situation. Means no.

December. Eight of Swords.
Things have gotten a little tight for you lately, the situation has gotten a little serious. Breathe, you just need to get past this. Things will get much better soon! As soon as they spring into action, in fact.

January. Knight of Cups.
Seeking and finding solace, having someone — or yourself — come to the rescue. You can breathe easy now and relax, because there are some notable improvements being made. Be thankful for that!

February. Knight of Coins.
Enjoying stability, being settled on your own and fully independent. You call the shots of your life and decide where it goes, and there is a sense of pride in knowing that it is because of your own accomplishments. Well done!

March. Nine of Swords.
Worries are keeping you up at night, thinking of yourself going back into the same place you were in before. Relax, breathe. As we’ve come to see, nightmares are only temporary. Vent that anxiety into something productive. Bad dreams.

April. Justice.
Finding balance, deciding on what is fair. Using your logic to decide on what is right for you, even if it isn’t necessarily what you want.

Clarifier. Three of Swords.
Have you gone through a break-up, or are you feeling the surrounding glow of loss? You’ll have to shake off those low resonance vibrations if you really want to free yourself from the negative things that may be happening to you when you’re trying so hard to progress. Hang in there, Gemini!
And happy birthday to my very own Gemini...


Hello Witches,
Last week was centered around the diligence of getting a new apartment and organizing my budget to make sure I'll be okay. It was really centered around the suit of Coins, which really impressed me. When it comes to reading with cards, there are no accidents. If there is room for error, perhaps it is in the shuffle — and even then...— or in the way the cards are interpreted. It's so important to ground yourself into the mindset of the reading. The rest is magic!

This week I realized the suit of Diamonds is contracting into itself. We start with the 3, going into the 2 and then back into the Ace. These cards have been shuffled thoroughly already, the deck is not new. Nice!

Monday: Ten of Hearts.
Allegra. Romance, passion and taking risks. Allowing the heart to guide and be the compass of fate. When we let our hearts guide us, we become vulnerable. We’re taking really big risks. It’s okay to be impulsive, but remember to protect yourself.

Tuesday. Seven of Diamonds.
Sword of Truth. Imparting your wisdom on others. Acting with prudence and with common sense or logic. Cutting through lies by not having time for them and always speaking with clarity. When you leave little room for misinterpretation, all parts are agreed.

Wednesday. Queen of Clovers.
Leah. Being imaginative, letting intuition bring forth ideas. Manifesting things into being that you’ve only dreamed of before. Following your intuition wherever it may lead.

Thursday. Three of Diamonds.
The Necklace. Amassing finances, making more money or increasing the tasks completed. A string of events that can bring with it opportunities or obstacles. Expressing yourself creatively through your work.

Friday. Two of Diamonds.
The Rivals. Opposites within the same space, competing for attention or for authority. A dynamic or financial relationship. If you are not careful, those differences can bring friction and arguments to your life, simply because you think and live differently.

Saturday. Ace of Diamonds.
Ignita. Cultivating and nurturing a strong sense of self. Looking out for yourself. Money gained. A gift coming in.

Sunday. King of Spades.
Mardoc. He’s a stubborn, skeptical man that just wants to lie in his quarters. He’s cold and unforgiving, and can even be resentful. Stay away, he looks like trouble.

What to avoid. Queen of Spades.
Morgana. Avoid being your favorite card. [Laugh] Try not to be cold, try not to alienate or isolate yourself. Being independent is a wonderful thing, but it can also leave you feeling like an outcast.

What to Strive for. Six of Diamonds.
The Tower. Look forward to that new apartment!!! [Laugh] Foresight, seeing things and preparing for them. Having the advantage, working your way up to something better. Always have a plan, and a backup plan too.
These playing cards are so stunning.


Poisoncage is the world of Rann, a manga artist from France that has killer illustration skills. She’s awesome! I can’t imagine how much effort and energy went into making this tarot deck. Good job, Rann! I reviewed this tarot deck when it first came out as a majors only set. The rest of the cards have been published, and now we can give it a proper review like it deserves. I’m so excited to share it with you!

Now the decks come with really nice outer boxes, separating Major and Minor Arcana cards. I wish I'd have waited until now to get my Major Arcana decks, but no matter. I have first editions. : ) The cards themselves are in the same card stock as before, premium playing card stock.

These cards are LARGER THAN LIFE! Man, they’re huge. I actually don’t mind it because it helps me project into the illustration and interact with the characters present in it. I have also come to find that I draw less cards when I am reading with them, because there is more to pull from them intuitively. In part, it’s also because I have to adjust to the manner in which they read. Each time I draw cards, I draw three and I spend some time looking into them and contemplating their elements and colors.

The cards fan out with ease, although given the scale they may take some more time to shuffle. They are a little crunchy when they shuffle, for those who appreciate how a deck feels in your hands. The borders are large and ornate; the Major Arcana have titles and so do courts. Pip cards only have a roman numeral at the top to identify them, which I appreciate.

The illustrations of the Poisoncage Tarot are stunning. They’re digital illustrations with minute details, and based around a scene that echoes RWS tradition. Character designs are elaborate and varied, but most tend to have sculpted bodies. Costume design is also very nice. I feel as if manga came to life and embodied the archetypes of the tarot to carve a personal story as needed with every shuffle. Rann did an amazing job with all the character depictions; it’s hard not to like your signifier or court card when they’re all visually appealing.

I like the fact this deck caters to fans of Asian culture and animation, but it’s serious and it reads very well. Whoever decides to pick tarot up and treat is as a serious trade can learn to read using this deck. It will speak to novices as well as seasoned readers. I love how versatile that makes it!

At some point I may trim the borders of my working copy, because the cards are so big that I feel as if I’m handling flash cards. I’d like to be ale to work with them more quickly, although I wouldn’t want to cut into a first edition majors set. I think that in time I’ll get a third copy and cut the borders off.

What is your most important characteristic? The The Moon.
I come from the depths of the subconscious, risen to show the beauty of intuition when left to its strengths without harness. Worlds meet when we listen to our intuition and go with those instincts. Let yourself be surprised by what you pick up when you really tune yourself in.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck? Page of Cups.
You have to be able to accept your feelings and honor them. If you make decisions in spite of what your common sense is telling you, then you will need to start listening to your hearts. Let your ego silence itself and tune into what your heart says; you’ll find the messages you get are much more in tune with you and your needs. You can find solace and understanding when you allow yourself to.

What are your limits? Ace of Swords.
A closed mind won’t amount up to much. It’s up to you to be open to channeling the messages that come forth from the universe. They are, after all, for your own benefit. Hey, listen!

What are you here to teach me? Four of Swords.
Sleep on it if it doesn’t immediately come to you. Take a pause, breathe and allow yourself to get grounded before you proceed. Take your time with every element and detail, there is no need to rush when you’re the one dictating time constraints. If you’re in a rush, you’ll likely miss the point of what you’re doing.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you? Death.
Let go of the notion that things are precious. Everything has an expiration date, and you’re no exception. Treat every instance as if it were to be your last one.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? Nine of Coins.
Luxury. You have all you need, yet you keep finding some amazing treasures to add to your collection that will give you insight and clarity. You should be thankful for all that you have.

Which card do you want to show off? Two of Cups.
Mixing the elements, spirit and the living. Relationships with ourselves and those around us. Deep, deep heartfelt bonds. There is great vulnerability present each time we open ourselves up for others and let them see into the shadows of our soul. You’ll be doing lots of that when you work with this deck.

How do you see me? King of Cups.
I chuckled when I pulled this card, because it’s my playing card signifier. I looked up my date of birth, and this is the card that popped out. Sentimental but in control of feelings. Benevolent, willing to put skills at the access of others for their own enrichment. In tune with spirit, perhaps a little easy to influence.

How do you see yourself? The Hierophant.
The male aspect of divinity will follow logic and tradition. This deck ultimately upholds traditional concepts, not changing them but allowing them to channel new concepts. Foundations built on tried and true systems never fail, they stand strong and integral. And that will be passed on as well.

Once more, a very deep interview. Simply a delight to own this deck plus a backup! Get your copies here. I suggest you get them tracked, because one of my decks has gone missing and is yet to arrive. I'll have to re-order it if it ends up never showing up!


My drawers are jam packed.There is NO room left anywhere in the apartment that I can house my decks in. And yet, decks I resonate with come my way and I can’t say no. I’ve gotten a few rare decks this week that were a necessity for my collection, but as a result of that, I have to get creative when I store them now! Shame aside, it’s a really beautiful tarot deck and it feels quite sturdy, so I feel inspired to use it.

This weekend I received the Poisoncage Tarot while I was away. It’s larger than life! It’s even bigger than my first edition Vertigo Tarot… but it’s quite stunning. I will likely be publishing a review with it by the end of the week. Hopefully a video also! It would be great to have a custom pouch or box made for it someday. Luckily, I'm moving into a new apartment soon. It will have more room for my things, so I'll be sure to get a new drawer to store my tarot decks in comfortably.

I’ve had a very eventful past few months. I’ve completely forgotten about my daily card draw journal, but now that I’m back in the flow of things, I may be able to continue.

Monday. Eight of Coins. Work hard. Work very hard. Work your hands off! You have so much to do. The satisfaction lies in knowing your craft, loving it and letting it love you back too. Hard work pays off.

Tuesday. Two of Wands. Take a break, pace yourself and let the answers come to you instead of going in pursuit of change. Sometimes the best changes happen when we’re taking a break from routine and opening our minds up to something else. That might be when we surprise ourselves the most.

Wednesday. Four of Wands. All the hustle and bustle can come to stabilize. You’ll find you’re not as alone as you thought you were, because you’ll have people around that you can count on and that will not have reservations in counting on you. You’re safe, and thinking about the future. That’s important!

Thursday. Six of Coins. Sometimes you need to make an investment in order to find peace of mind or something of equal value. Sacrifices made are not forgotten, they change the lives of those they are made for.

Friday. Five of Cups. Not everything goes your way all the time. That’s something you might just have to be okay with. Count your losses and give yourself time to mourn whatever it is that you’re letting go. A lot of times your environment is what you make of it.

Saturday. Knight of Coins. Find the ground beneath your feet and secure it. Stick to safety, don’t venture out too much. Your investments should go towards what you know will help to sustain you in the future.

Sunday. Seven of Coins. Hard at work, getting creative and dreaming up options. Look for the things that will ease your conscious, as well as things that aren’t entirely attainable now but will be in the future. Plan ahead, or try to.

What to avoid. Seven of Cups. Keep your options open, and continue to look for other options to fulfill your needs. An open mind can lead to new discoveries and possibilities.

What to strive for. Ace of Cups. Seek to give and receive love. Try to let empathy rule your emotions this week. Let yourself be swept by the gentle undercurrents of the subconscious, wherever they may invite you to go.



Lately I yearn for something outside of my usual comfort zone. I need to be free, and I would love to roam through the wild woods to find myself. As there is a huge following for the Wild Unknown and the Greenwood, there are others out there who also understand the importance of seeking solace in the wild greens of a forest. Communing with nature is a grounding experience and brings us back to ourselves. I’ve always been a city girl.

In city life, I tend to enjoy the lights and the treats of working hard to have a quality lifestyle. I have to say, though, I miss the greens I so often saw in Puerto Rico. It has lush forests in the mountains that are ideal for Shamanism practice. It is in the mountains of Utuado that I had my first ayahuasca experience, which I think I will share with you all very soon. It is very personal.

When I first encountered this tarot deck, I didn’t resonate with it at all. In fact I made fun of it on the AT forums with enough frequency to make my aversion to it public. I felt the artwork was ugly, and I felt that it was too rudimentary to really connect us to what we needed to know. I admit I was wrong, because I simply wasn’t letting the deck speak to me. It isn’t until now, years after digesting and ruminating on my salvia divinorum and ayahuasca experience that I really get it. Even then, I may never really get it.

Shamanism is an ancient art that connects us to the Earth in body and in spirit. It is a practice that is beyond what I’ve been able to comprehend in my 26 years of life, but it is still very much alive in those that choose to honor it still. The practice honors the bond between man and nature, seeking to heal him of his ailments with natural medicine, song and tools that are used by those who have devoted their lives to its study. They are healers, and they are the voice of generations past. It is fascinating to me that still today, we have access to such an ancient song that can move us and take us to another place.

Now that I am finally ready to listen to nature’s song, I hope I will be able to tap into new insights. It's going to take me some time to understand the manner in which these cards speak, because they aren't structured as a traditional tarot deck. The sequential order is different from RWS tradition and it's an entirely different way of thinking to process. The cards are large and sturdy, and big enough to facilitate meditation and projecting into them. I love that about them and look forward to trying Tarot Dreams out with them. I never thought I'd get the chance to!

I dream of days ahead in which I’m sitting in the garden, a light breeze is blowing and the contents of my tea cup are perfect. I will shuffle these cards in my hands and reflect back to a time in which I was freed from my physical body and roaming amongst the beings from other planes of existence, happy and free. And so it may be.

“Still round the corner there may wait
A new road or a secret gate
And though I oft have passed them by
A day will come at last when I
Shall take the hidden paths that run
West of the Moon, East of the Sun."— JRR Tolkien

♡ What is your most important characteristic?
Nine of Stones. Tradition. Here we will be gathering our wisdom the way it used to be done, through a sacred circle ground and according to the cycles of the moon. Through your intuition you will be connecting back to the past, while your body remains in the current state it is in. You will wander lands of mystery, yet to be discovered by your psyche. Prepare for a long journey of rituals and self-discovery.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Six of Cups. Reunion. I will reunite you with your old self, lost knowledge and a wise part that you may not yet be connected to. Here, you can find peace while the outside world continues to spin and so the cycles of life remain perfect. All is as it should be, but here you will be embraced. Here you can find solace in nature’s teachings.

What are your limits?
The Shaman. True and powerful healing comes from a shaman, who uses the elements to heal. He is a teacher and a real practitioner, and for healing and knowledge it is bed tot go to them. Also, it is a sign to follow your own guiding light. You are the healer of your own life, and responsible for those around you. Bear that responsibility with integrity.

♡ What are you here to teach me?
Death. Of course… my life lesson. Letting go of the material belongings, stripped of all life and anything that has been added over the years. You will be taught, you will be an oracle and you will find truth that will change you forever. Nothing to conceal you from the change that is coming.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Justice. Embracing your natural birthright and zodiac of Libra. You stand guarding something precious, and should decide when it is to be treasure and when it is to be a tool. You will have to learn when to strike and when to stand at attention. Using natural teachings to protect yourself.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Knight of Wands. Fox. Quick adaptation in order to survive. Learn to move amongst the wild ones, learn the tools used by shamans and learn to survive. There will be new tricks coming up your sleeve, but you must trust your sense of intuition and communion with spirit.

Which card do you want to show off?
Nine of Wands. Respect. I stand as a challenge to see if you really want to learn the ways. You will have to undergo a transformation in order to really value these sacred teachings. If you want to enter, I will lead the way once things are clear. You will need to respect my traditions.

How do you see me?
Page of Wands. Stoat. Very energetic,very hyper. You tackle big projects and undergo transformations according to the psychic weather. With your enthusiasm, you will still have much to learn.

I nearly flipped. Flipped! A meditation I did years ago in which I found myself in contact with my totem animal for the very first time ended up being a stoat. I remember it coming out a the pond to greet me in my vision, and it was as lively and playful as one would imagine enchanted forest folk to be. It made me smile to get this confirmation, it’s very inspiring.

How do you see yourself?
Ace of Wands. Spark of Life. I am a tool for magic and inspiration, bringing into physical manifestation that which is first consciously evoked. I can help spring energy into action, so that life may continue to go on. I am a positive energy in your life, to use as a tool to heal yourself and others.

These messages are very deep and took me a while to decode. The messages don’t become apparent to me at first, and I need to spend time projecting into the card and interacting with the illustrations in order to get the right messages from it. I can tell it’s an advanced deck to use from my very first interactions with it, but feel that the illustrations lend themselves to picture stories and interactions.

I’ve got a backup on its way to me to use freely and without regrets. To ensure its use, I got a copy with a dented card. Now that it is no longer a perfect deck, I will have no reserves in using it.

It took me a very long time to really understand what this deck is about, but I hope to share stories with you in the future. For now, into the woods of intuition we go!

I ended up filming a video review of the Greenwood Tarot as well, in case you'd like to check it out.


Let’s talk about an experience that lingers in my mind still today. On March 21st, 2015 I went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The event was held at the Masonic Lodge, which is in the actual cemetery and was built in 1927. There are no elevators in the venue, just flights of stairs. The show itself was held under a stained glass window with the all-seeing Masonic Pyramid on it. How cool is that? Upon arrival, I could see the tombstones under the stars and I wanted to go frolic in them. Security was high enough that we couldn’t, but the fact remains that it is a very beautiful place. We got to have a conversation in front of the fireplace in the meeting room. It was a real delight to be standing inside a building with its kind of history, walking through the halls and anticipating a rare event.

In true hipster fashion, we arrived and laid on the floor while letting Tropic of Cancer and Alexander Lewis’ music wash over us. It felt a lot like a sonic energetic cleanse. It was really nice to relax and close your eyes, letting the music carry you elsewhere. When Grouper came on, we found ourselves standing directly in front of the stage. The Grouper set was a mix between elector-acoustic ambient and noise. It felt a lot like sonic experimentation to me.

The real treat of the night, though, was Lustmord. He came in quietly just past midnight, set up his computer on the Masonic altar and the show started promptly. The space we were in started to shake, the sound made the building shake. When I think about frequencies powerful enough to make a building quake, I wonder what those frequencies did to our bodies. We are, after all, sonic frequencies in our most basic state. I closed my eyes and swayed on my legs, transported to a new place within the depths of my soul. For a whole hour I ceased to be myself; I was simply existing in a simple state, and taken through worlds I never knew existed. Once more, this felt a lot like a sonic cleanse of energy. It went right through us, communing with our frequencies. In a sense, I felt rearranged.

Behind Lustmord was a projection of fire, smoke, sigils and Latin texts. At times, we could even see images from the branding of his albums. It was all extremely well done in accompaniment to his haunting sounds. At the end of the show, he credited his sources. [Thumbs up.]

I was wowed by the experience, at times staring up at the stained glass windows or projecting into the sigils. At times, just watching the artist Brian Williams do his thing. Incredible!

The experience itself was very special. Being in a building of such history and use adds another layer to the feeling of listening to dark ambient music in the dark. We were, after all, inside the Masonic Lodge... He was, after all, performing atop their altar. One of the perks of living in such a happening state, and for that privilege I'm very thankful. All those hours of hard work and sacrifice are worth it with experiences that really cater to my interests and intellect.

Here is a video from The Sound of Darkness, sharing with us all a snippet. of the event. Thank you!

After that, we went for a burger and talked about what the experience had done for us. We knew we were changed from it; it was a beautiful night in March. A memory to hold dear forever. What a beautiful night!

Photos are compliments from the Internet. I only took the first one.