Every time that a Major Arcana card pops up by itself during the week, I have come to understand that a big lesson is coming. This isn’t just any lesson; it can’t be used as an easy fix. I’m talking about a life lesson, something that is firmly rooted in the components of your soul. You can’t ignore something like that, no matter how much you try. As a card, I can see Justice interpreted as the cold truth. As being detached from an emotional perception, but still being able to point things out clearly. So how do you do that? How can you shut off emotions to that extent?

The truth is that you can’t. You can’t detach yourself from how you feel when you are directly involved in a situation. Your very own sentimental heart makes it too difficult. The next best thing is to find an intermediary. The most impartial person you can find in the environment. The key is that the person can’t be directly involved in the situation. If you have failed to resolve an important situation by yourself, it’s time to break out of that toxic situation. The purpose is to find a solution in the case that the situation can not go back to the way it was — trust me, having that happen is a luxury.

Finding yourself in a situation such as this is exasperating; you want a solution now, not later. The notion of an unresolved situation is enough to keep you on your toes as you make up a thousand possible scenarios and estimate how much time you have until they begin manifesting. The good news is that this is not likely to happen if you’re not a psychic or a tarot card reader. If you are, well…

There is an aspect of the Justice card that always says a lot to me in a reading. The fact that she is blindfolded is shocking, because she doesn’t see the cases she judges through the eyes of a mortal. This is an indication that she doesn’t need to ‘see’ to be fair. This means that any possible bias or sentimental association is detached from whatever situation she is facing. She will be impartial no matter what comes her way. That’s wise indeed!

The scales are the infamous symbol for Libras, which are the only inanimate object of the Zodiac. As such, some could argue they have the least bit of personality, when the prevalent element is the fact that they’re fair. The scales stand for a more traditional and diplomatic branch of justice, the kind that can bring forth good solution with the employment of dialogue. There is more compassion present in this branch as well as fairness. It is the kind of circumstance in which both side can emerge winning or at least in compromise. The scales cover the most ideal setting; when both parts can talk it out without having a middleman tending to the situation. This requires the most restraint (VIII. Strength) to do. They can also represent female and masculine polarities, light and dark, good or bad, and so on.

The swords represent a more widely used form of bringing matters to justice in our society. This represents truth as imposed by force and underlying violent actions or verbiage. It is a sign of aggression that is used to cut to the truth, no matter who is hurt and why. It’s the aspect of us that doesn’t feel any compassion for the other side, and the one that most often produces unwanted circumstances as an end result.

The real balance is in knowing when to be merciful and when to apply force. I find a natural preference for the ideal influence of the scales, but certainly see where the sword comes into play. Although Strength and Justice are often exchanged in numbers in the RWS and Thoth, I feel that these two cards go side by side. It takes courage to tell the truth, and even more with restraint. These aspects of our lives are all intertwined, we just don’t notice. Much like the perfect DNA strand, weaving endlessly in a helix that contains everything therein.

Back when I was a little girl, I was a firm advocate of the code of ethics that my family passed down to me. I was firm in the fact that people could talk things over employing the principles of diplomacy, without having to step over each other’s boundaries. It was an idealistic point of view of ethics, but I still maintain the same belief today. Granted, when I was six and life was pink, I didn’t have the preoccupations of a young adult setting out to deal with the rest of the world. The semi-perfect bubble that I lived in shielded me from having any serious worries at that age; back then my drama was trivial — and dare I say it, made up. Nowadays I don’t have the same privilege, and I’m in the process of learning a much more realistic way of doing damage control without turning my back on my firm ideals. There isn’t always a logical explanation for all the situations that cross us. The reality is that these situations just need to be dealt with.

I have said before that the heart is the compass of fate, but now I see that the principles it abides by are its North.


Last week I had a lot of things to think about. I was getting over being sick and adjusting to several situations going on. I found that I needed to avoid socializing to focus on my work, but sadly that didn't really happen at all. I need to ground myself more in my work, to focus on the goals that were laid out before. There is a lot that I need to wrap up before the 2nd Anniversary of Samhain Moon comes around. I am very excited to share with you the news for the future!

There is a lot of powerful energy this week with two court cards and two Major Arcana cards. It seems gracual. An observation I have made is that the suit of Coins is missing, which is a clear indicative that I need to seek staying grounded. I can't focus solely on the things going on without also focusing on my material sustenance, which could be compromised this week for the sake of other situations going on. It is a good reminder not to go looking for trouble.

Monday. Eight of Cups. Walking away from a possible stability and taking a risk. It could be leaving your responsibilities because you feel you need some time to recharge your batteries. The man gazes at the moon as he swims out, seeking some inner peace and meditation. Today I will look for just that when I go to my tribal belly dancing lessons!

Tuesday. Justice. Fairness in action, being placed on the scales of justice and judged. The truth is a key factor here; truth doesn't scream or force others to listen. It waits patiently until its turn to cut away the opposition with facts. I have some situations pending that need a decision before I can continue with my plans, so I look forward to hearing the decision.

Wednesday. Queen of Wands. The last time this court card showed up in a reading, I got in trouble. I have a feeling that the same thing will happen this week with the conflict card right next to it. The Queen of Wands is the worst one to be in confrontation with — her wrath is problematic. Being as volatile as fire, she has an easy rise and a burning stare. I can see the tattoo on her face representing the fire of passion igniting inside her. She's ready to pounce with her fury, perhaps stemming from the Justice card previous.

Thursday. Five of Wands. Conflict, confrontations, problems. This card looks like a head ache with many things coming from different directions. It's an outside struggle making its way in. This isn't about having a battle of egos or making my days more difficult for myself, I'm really not looking forward to having more problems on top of my responsibilities.

I accidentally mixed Friday up with Saturday here!

Friday. King of Swords. Dealing with situations objectively, fairly. The cold truth prevails here and it feels like a decision is finally made. Perhaps not one that makes everyone happy, but the correct one that we can work with. The King of Swords is distant with his helmet, rising with his impeccable throne. He's not one to argue with, just somebody to listen to.

Saturday. Six of Wands. Victory! It looks like a good way to end the week. This Knight returns in celebration of a battle he has won, and he carries with him the air of pride. This is a sign for a good day with an upcoming celebration and the promise for better things to come.

Sunday. Two of Cups. Alchemy between people in good natured spirits. They are toasting to a wonderful victory. This puts the weekend on a celebratory note, one of mutual support and of joy. I see love kindled, gratitude and lots of emotional responses. Cheers!

What to avoid. The Emperor. Avoid feeling tied up by anything or responsible to sit on the throne that calls for responsibility. There is a sense here of doing what is right in public because all eyes are on you, so avoid making a spectacle of yourself. Deal with situations fairly, objectively and focus on the greater good for everybody. Don't be unyielding.

What to strive for. Knight of Swords. Being objective. The Knight of Swords charges forward with a helmet on. You can't tell what he is thinking when he charges. His mind is sharp with the convictions he believes to be true, and they are not up for discussion. He proceeds forward with speed, and won't likely be making many stops.

One day to get anchored. Work on matters of the heart. I associate the Sun and the Moon as the duration of the situation, and the kind of work that I will be doing. I am getting settled with matters that mean something to me emotionally. I love Lenormands because of how concise they are with their messages!


The Nihon Matsuri was a lot of fun. I volunteered to raise funds with tarot readings, and donated the funds to charity. The response from the general public was great; people jumped on the sign-up sheet like piranhas. Many of them were first-timers and not very curious about anything in specific. They were just looking to be entertained, which told me their expectations of me were not the highest. I had to find out what I could about them, since the bulk of my clients were not curious about a situation in particular. Rather, they were open to just 'whatever comes'. I am perfectly capable of doing this, but I guess that my main concern was to tell them something with a purpose. In the future it may be prudent to ask them what they hope to get out of my card reading. I don't just want them to walk away with something they already knew. Confirmations are wonderful, but I want them to walk away with a meaningful message; a viable solution to their problems. That's the point of getting a tarot reading!

The intensity of the readings was mind-blowing. It was really hard to get myself grounded while having so many thoughts crossing my mind. The hustle and bustle of the crowds in the activity was also pretty hard to handle — you couldn't understand anyone within 3 feet unless you were basically yelling at one another. During the rare moments in which there was little to no speaker activity, our table thrived. I didn't have much retention of who went when, but some of the reactions I got while I was reading made me feel that it was worth it. I love the rapport that is established between the reader and the client during a session. There is a key moment in which the life of the client breaks off into several layers, and the consultant can look into those layers to find the source for a problem or identify a solution to said problem. There are possibilities etched in the code of the reading, which is always different according to the draw. It is invaluable to know that these people entrust you with their secrets no matter which background you come from. They entrust you with the keys to their future in the hopes you can find the solution to their problems. If that's not a gift, then please tell me what is.

There are some things in life that you just need to do. You feel compelled to practice without question because that's what feels right. Tarot does that for me wonderfully. I didn't receive any formal instruction in it, and I don't believe that you need any to be a good card reader. A lot of people mistake the tarot as something that you need to learn from others off osmosis. You can't really steal someone's skill by sitting down to watch what they do an entire day. You also can't adapt their card meanings as your own, because you will perceive different messages once you get comfortable with the language of the cards. Mastering the tarot takes years of study, trial and error. What I did was study it feverishly through a series of diaries. I would make comprehensive lists and definitions to better understand all the things a card could mean. There was barely ever any overlap once I realized the key factor that the cards mean something different when paired with other cards.

What I love the most about what I do is watching the lives of my clients improve. They don't always get what they want the most in the end, but they learn a lot during the process. Watching their own self-discovery as it unfolds with every nugget of information is golden for them. It not only confirms that I am doing my job, it also teaches them to identify patterns of behavior and break out of said patterns. It's the school of life mixed in with the karmic resolution of their problems and the doors that lead to better places in their lives.
I wanted to share two testimonials that I have received from my clients within the past couple of weeks. They make me proud of what I do.

"Every time I have a reading, I'm absolutely blown away by how accurate Monica is in knowing exactly what is going on in my life. Not only does it amaze me, but she is also just wonderful to talk to. She makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I usually have a reading when I am feeling really off course and full of uncertainty, but she always brings me back down, allowing me to understand my present and also my future, which she has been very accurate with! She's extremely talented and has a beautiful soul."
Wallflower63, Florida

"All of Monica's readings for me have been totally accurate, she is a committed, sensitive, caring individual and I truly appreciate her honest, respectful approach. She truly cares about her client's
developing needs and carefully structures her responses to completely answer all questions. I can actually be guided and make proper decisions by her direct words of wisdom and I am extremely comfortable with her confidentiality concerning my sensitive issues. She has inspired me to be more confident ; I am so glad that I found her and will continue to rely on her advice."

Hackshaw, USA

It is really humbling for me to read these testimonials. While they are glowing reviews, they are also a reminder that I need to work very hard to keep raising this standard. I want to be the kind of tarot reader that makes you feel like a new person once the reading is over. This is my way of helping people!

Photos compliments of Thania Martinez


Last week's projections did not come to pass noticeably because I was sick in bed. I have thought about my responsibilities on the daily. My absence made me realize how much I love to write about my experiences in the tarot. I really love blogging.

This week's reading is very balanced. I see a bit of everything, with a subtle focus on emotions. There are a few psychic and emotional blessings floating around, which makes me excited to see manifested. I can spot my mundane signifier present in the Queen of Swords, and the soul signifier of the Moon present. With the first one I can see an exercise or being ethical to the point that it comes off as cold. The second card makes me feel that I am working on my psychic faculty this week. It may also point out the lunar cycle. Reading about the Lenormand has helped me simplify my readings so that they are not just about the divine.

Monday. Knight of Wands. Fast, passionate action. Getting things back in order just the way I like it, in fast and good pace. I'm jumping into my agenda. This card manifested in having to make haste to meet a deadline. The Victorian Romantic Limited Edition bundles came out today and I have had my eye on it for a while. It makes sense that I was chasing a passion impulsively.

Tuesday. Queen of Swords. My signifier. Having a sharp mind through the day and approaching people objectively. In the dark, it can be feeling detached from surroundings and thus disconnected from reality. The manifestation of this card was that somebody told me I sound like a machine. I have been practicing taking my feelings out of what I have to say, and it seems like a noticeable practice. It isn't ill intentioned, rather a notion in practice to protect myself.

Wednesday. Seven of Cups. Many options, many tasks. Learn to prioritize which one needs to come first. Not all of them are as promising as they look. It's a good time to figure my plans out for the future. A bad day to feel confused about what I want to do.

Thursday. Page of Cups. An apology making its way to me, or one from me to somebody. This looks like a sincere offer with a sentiment that is both pure and delicate. Pages represent messages because they are the youngest ones and they travel all over the court. I have not yet associated a Page with a person in my life.

Friday. Moon. Psychic sense of intuition. It represents the time of day in which I am most awake and functional. There is a certain speed gained during these late hours in which I am most productive. I have not yet learned lessons from the Moon card, so it will be interesting to see how it manifests.

Saturday. Five of Coins. Lacking in support or feeling left out in the cold. In this card, the people present are marginalized from their society and are left alone to worry about their problems. It could be that I have made too many investments lately, and that calls for a little less spending. It may be I'm short on budget for something that I need.

Sunday. Ace of Cups. The clear manifestation of emotional energy. It is a raw burst of love that is offered, or an overflow of emotions. The sense I am getting from this card with the card before it is that it could signal feeling overwhelmed or worried.

What to avoid. Three of Cups. Socializing. In particular, trying to avoid getting stuck in tight knit circles or situations in which I'll find myself having to act according to how everyone else will be acting. What is clear to me from the reading is that it feels like I have a very personal journey to tend to this week and that I should not get distracted by outside influences.

What to strive for. Ten of Coins. Staying at home and getting comfortable. Working hard for my goals without getting too concerned with what's going on in the outside world. This is the card of the home maker.

I was having a hard time stringing these cards into a story because I don't see many relations between them this time around. For clarity I pulled two oracle cards from the Victorian Flower Oracle from Baba Studio.

Oracle. Hidden Romance. This is a secret manifesting. Secret romances and ideals are the best kind because they taste and feel the best. It's the

Shadow.  Joy. A shadow manifestation of something so bright means that it is the same bright aspect with less density. This card reminds me of The Sun inverted, a card that isn't negative even when in reverse.

My observations appear disjointed. The reading was actually conducted in a pretty crooked mindset and schedule, which in turn reflects on the content of the reading. It's a lesson about being in the right mindset when these projections are made.


Last week's review was very literal. It happened in a sequence of events that string together, and yet were depending heavily on Sunday. I think that gleaming Ace of Swords inverted stands for a big secret that I found out from one of my clients that could shed some light on a situation. However, with the doctor/patient confidentiality, I can't disclose the details to the person it concerns, which is why the Ace manifested in reverse. I'm also a little sick with asthma, which affects the throat / means of communication. A tarot card can manifest in many ways in just one day, and this goes to prove that.

The festival was successful. I volunteered as part of a group to do tarot readings. The funds that came from those readings were donated to charity. I hope my two cents go a long way. At the end of the day, I was pretty tired and it was difficult to focus my thoughts. I am hoping that more photos of the events will surface so that I can post a review about it. Many of my readers will enjoy a quick break from the weekly tarot musings.

This week's spread shows a bit of everything. I see two Major Arcana cards, the most radical of which is centered in this spread. With those teal hues, the Wheel of Fortune stands out as a wild catalyst of change. I can see that my period of rest will be short-lived. It is also placed on the day of an important interview, so I am very curious to see how that plays out in the terms of the tarot. There is a card of every suit present, with a notable presence of Cups and Wands. Generally this feels like a balanced spread to me. The week starts off with the air of a vacation, then when the changes come about turns heavy with things to do and plan for. I also see a court card in the mix, which adds the question of whether the court card stands for a person or event.

Monday. Two of Cups. The coming together of two worlds, or an activity done by lovers. It can be a date with someone you love or a romantic moment that manifests itself. It makes sense since I will pick J up from work so he can laugh while I take my tribal dancing lessons. He's very supportive of what I do. Maybe we will end up going for some Starbucks afterwards. We'll see. In some cases I have seen the Two of Cups manifest as a job offer or apology before.

Tuesday. Three of Wands. Waiting for something before going back into stages of production. This card came up last week, but this week it feels like something different. Now I see it as a man that is resting after a period of work. He must not have been resting very long, because now there is a ship with fresh new cargo — and thus, responsibilities — that makes its way closer to shore. He has just seen it, and now he knows that he must prepare for the work that is heading his way. He better enjoy the brief rest before the work starts back up again.

Wednesday. Ace of Wands. A blast of energy that comes with great force. Notice the volcano in the background unloading itself from all of its pressure. The element of fire represents great passion. This is a day to blow off that pressure or to embrace the creative energy that comes with it. I look forward to seeing that Ace of Wands manifest!

Thursday. Wheel of Fortune. A radical change in your fate as determined by the circumstances around you. This is a twist in fate that you can't control and would be wise not to do so. It brings with it big changes that can take some time to adjust to. Let go of the stirring wheel and watch where life takes you to next, because it looks like it's going to be a big adventure. I have been waiting for changes like these to manifest for a while. This day I have an interview also, it may mean that the session will be fast-paced, and that it will present some unexpected situations that I may have to deal with. I'll be on my feet and ready to take them.

Friday. Six of Swords. Moving away from a difficult situation in the hopes of finding a better purpose. In most cards it depicts a scene in which one moves from the left (past) to the right (future). In this case, the scene is moving directly at us, placing it in the present. It's interesting to see that arch, an entrance to someplace new. There is new terrain to explore mentally according to the suit of the element of air. This reinforces the air of change and the adventures suggested by the previous card.

Saturday. King of Coins. The adventure brings us to the King of Coins. This is an important figure, one of status and great wealth. It can represent a financial settlement or conclusion to a situation. It looks like the traveling settles down, and now the fruit comes from building a foundation to benefit from. I can barely see the man behind all the riches.

Sunday. Knight of Swords. The adventurer as shown by the sign of Aquarius. This day shows quick movement, that knight is sharp and ready as he rides on his dreamy Pegasus. I often find this card to be one of conflict, but it is surrounded by positive vibes which makes it more of a dignified warrior. It encourages free thinking and writing.

What to avoid. The Sun. It's hard to interpret the Sun when it comes up as a shadow card. I still see it as a positive one, but maybe not as much as upright. This means there is little joy here and there, but that the purpose of this week is not to do what I enjoy the most. There are glimpses of happiness here and there, but they will be limited.

What to strive for.  Ace of Cups. Find that new love. This container is empty, and it is waiting to be filled with a refreshing elixir. The mermaids hold up the tank expectantly, as if the sky were to present them with a gift for their efforts. I feel that it is a good time to seek new things that nurture my emotions.

The forecast for the week looks very positive. I have many subjects that I want to talk about in the coming weeks. Hopefully you will enjoy what I come up with!


Today I am going to be talking about the Major Arcana known as Strength in the RWS, or Lust in the Thoth. It shows a woman interacting with a lion, either by taming it or accepting it as a part of herself. She takes the courage and the strength from within — or borrowed — to face her fears, however they may manifest. This card embodies the sun sign of Leo, best known for being a fire sign in the ranks of nobility. This card exalts having the valor to do the right thing even when faced with difficult situations. It isn't so much about doing right thing as the Justice card would suggest. Rather, this card stresses the importance of not being afraid to accept situations and people as they are, all the while paying close attention to your own compass of fate. Our actions represent our moral values.

For women, this card points out that you may be getting more in touch with your masculine side. This card generally depicts the journey of making peace with your flaws and loving yourself. This is a difficult task for those that are always hard on themselves or bear severe expectations. It also manifests as an awareness of when and when not to do something. Finally, it represents the control over our instinctual selves, whether it be for our personal enjoyment or restraint.

In the tarot in reverse, I have come to see this card as the abuse of power. Some people manage to get drunk off their delusions of grandeur, and in the process they can destroy reputations that they have built  over time with their own effort. It's not okay to disregard the rights of others for our own convictions. If there is a card that illustrates that, it is the Strength card inverted. It manifests as the greedy disregard for others that are not yourself.

We have a lot to learn from this sign in regards to fortitude. That process of learning, as always, begins from within. Allow yourself to grow compassionate of others, and to stand for your rights without blocking anyone else's. Learn from the lion.


Last week's Hello Witches made clear to me how things were going to go. It still allowed enough leeway for changes and unexpected surprises. I was literally brought to my knees with what came on Saturday, and found that I wasn't in the position of the Queen of Wands. Rather, I was the Page with his little sword brandished, trying to protect himself with the truth. No matter how swelled up our egos are, we should still have the clarity of mind to see things objectively, more so when there has been constant bragging about said discipline. There are some people you just can't win with, no matter how right you are. I have found myself with a personal distaste for confrontations now more than ever, and will make it a point to distance myself from such. I respect myself too much to stoop down to the level of a high school kid trying to manipulate his way through the week for his weekend debauchery. It bothers me to see Strength on this week's projection as well. Hopefully it will have little to do with last week's situation, which I am ready to bury in the past.

Today's spread has an abundance of Wands for conflicts, but it also has one card from every other suit. Even a Major Arcana card is included, although I would rather if it had been another. There are unresolved conflicts in the air that are settling for the final stage they have been left off at. With all the fire burning throughout the week, it's a sign that I will need to stay level-headed. I can't let my passions get the best of me. The Major Arcana card of Strength is telling me that I will be working with my opinions as I voice them, and the strength that it takes to stand up for myself in the face of opposition. I know that I am at a stage in my life in which I am being tested for self-worth, but I have had six months to prepare for this moment in time. I can't say I did not know it was coming, because I did.

A controversial week awaits me from what I can see. The spread immediately relates my present situation to that of work relations. Life lessons are tough right now and I can't give up. Here's what I see relating to that:

Monday. Three of Wands. Waiting for something. This is when time stops while the ships come in with their loot. This is a very appropriate card for today. The man is of humble origins, resting on his post. I felt this way during most of the day, and I got impatient because I had other things to do. Today just wasn't the day to sit around and wait.

Tuesday. Ten of Coins. This is the gift that comes from hard labor. The faces on the pillars look worn and bothered. It wasn't easy for them to carry the weight on their backs; they had so much to do. They build something special for the crowd that is walking in, mesmerized with the precious gift that lies before the,. The Coins are placed in perfect symmetry, and they shine brightly with wealth.

Wednesday. Knight of Wands. This Knight faces the past. His steed breathes fire, and with the propection of his armor he dashes to battle. He waves the colors of his flag with pride and he doesn't forget what he is there to represent. I have often seen this knight bringing a message of passion, and following his ideals in that same passion. He's ablaze!

Thursday. Strength. Having the courage to stand up for yourself. The lady's third eye is pointed out with her make-up, and she bears the sign of fire on her face. She's not afraid to stand up for her beliefs and she will do so with fiery passion. The chains around the tiger keep the fury contained.

Friday. Six of Wands. A good day. A day to celebrate a victory for a common cause. There are good news being spread through the town, and a motivational rally for the activity coming up.

Saturday. Eight of Coins. Working hard. Making preparations for the next day, and making sure all the details are smoothed out before completing the process. This card shows hard work produced in mass quantities that will be on display for others to see.

Sunday. Ace of Swords. Reverse. Not a day to voice my opinions, not because I don't want to, but perhaps because I just can't. It may mean that channels of communication are blocked. It's an important day for me, so I hope it doesn't manifest in a way that hinders my performance on that day.

What to avoid. Ten of Coins. Reverse. Avoid getting caught up in the tight bonds of a toxic family situation at work. I have never seen this card in reverse before, but my interpretation is that personal and work lives should be kept separate. This is a call not to attach emotionally to work situations, and to treat everything objectively.

What to strive for. Queen of Cups. Being as one with your emotions, feeling at peace with the tides. This is a card of knowing one's limits for personal benefit. Queens don't just think for themselves, they also think about their kingdom. In the end, they have to act selfless for the benefit of the rest. She keeps her cup close to her, which shows that she doesn't share her feelings with just anyone.

The week is controversial. All the messages make sense to me, and I will take great care with them. I want to add that from now on I will be referring to Pentacles as Coins.