This past week went as foreseen, and better. It revolved around a new-found love for my career and a very productive schedule. The increasing motivation tasted sweet as the week went by, I was very pleased with the results.

This week projects an extra layer added to my emotions as I face conflicting thoughts. I can see where it is going clearly, thanks to the identification of suits by color. This week projects two Major aspects of my life in emotions and in the mind. The two Majors present are Judgment and The Star. With Judgment I get the looming sense that I may have some difficult changes to get used or adjusted to. It could come in the form of decision or a consequence of something else. Judgment also feels as a realization that some things are not so pleasant, and will instead require work to rectify. With the Star present, I get a sense of hope needed to get mt through the week. In the darkness, twinkling stars can tell sailors of their way back home. They offer solace to lovers and dark romantics seeking answers to their questions, and solutions to their problems. It could very well be an answer to a question.

Monday. Two of Hearts. This card signifies a union in emotions, a balance of the male and the female in alchemy. I see this particular card as two people opening up to each other and having a heart to heart. The converging of ideas solidifies their plans and their expectations in their partnership.

Tuesday. Judgment. A call for change or awakening. This could be to leave the mundane things that don't matter and to focus on the priorities of the mind and of the spirit. I have been ignoring my higher calling for the sake of finding some other stability, and in the process I tend to feel saturated when this happens. Sometimes these abrupt changes are paintful but necessary.

Wednesday. Five of Hearts. This card could mean making sense of losses, or trying to. Sometimes when we have a spill of emotions or illusions, we focus on what we now lack rather than on what we can salvage. In the feelings of loneliness we can sometimes turn to our darker selves and wallow in our own pity without letting ourselves out of the rut. It feels like a tough day ahead.

What to strive for. The Star. Look for peace and tranquility. When there is too much noise going on, cut it out and seek a higher ground. Reconnect with your emotions and understand them as they flow. It feels like a control over the tumultuous waste of emotions and words.

What to avoid. Eight of Swords. Avoid thinking you're stuck. when we find ourselves in compromising throughts or positions, we don't see the possibilities or the way forward. In concentrating on what we lack, we dig a rut for ourselves to hide in from the rest of the world. We're not en route to our goals until we start moving.

Thursday. Prince of Swords. Thursday will be the day to rebel against the spell of the dark emotions and to charge into the depths of the mind. In seeking answers too quickly, sometimes we miss out the details. This card could also mean impulsive argument or defense from an attack that is made. It was present last week.

Friday. Nine of Swords. Friday is a day to openly face nightmares. It isn't easy to face things you fear, but sometimes you come out stronger after facing a difficult situation. It is definitely not comfortable to do so, though.

Saturday. Four of Hearts. This card showed up last week as well. Last time I took it was a sign of emotional stagnation or boredom. It tends to happen when you reach a point in which you can't foresee or feel growth is possible. It is the feeling of floating and not really having anything to fall back on but reality. It can also be seen as the card of day dreaming and of finding possibilities away from the problems that remain in the atmosphere.

Sunday. Ace of Hearts. New emotions arise. This looks like a wonderful new start, a time to get away from anything that may be bugging me over the week. The Ace is new energy in the field of the emotions and even intuition. I love without condition, but sometimes I keep that love close to the people that are even closer.

I wanted to know more about my reading so I pulled a final set of cards. They are both romantic suggestions of messages of love. I feel as if the message for the week is to accept my blessings and to relish the amount of love that I am given, rather than focus on the love that I wish I was given. I really enjoy feeling appreciated and comfortable with the people I care for. When I feel rejected, I go into a sense of loss of direction. I seek the reasons and possible amendments, forgetting that I deserve to love myself first and foremost. I can't ask others to love me or expect them to, but I can expect a healthy dose of self-love to help me find my way.

Extra. Nine of Hearts. Enjoying emotional stability and everything it has to offer. All the hearts are pointing at her, but she's looking at the knight in the next page.

Extra. Prince of Hearts. The dreamy knight delivers messages of love. He offers a world of illusions and promises of coming back to stay. I feel like he's saying, "come with me to Wonderland!" Perhaps I should get lost with my boyfriend for a few days...


I want to introduce you to one of my divination partners in crime. He is the Fortune Teller Miracle Fish and he is absolutely fabulous! What it is in reality a thin red polymer film with a fish illustration stamped on it. On the fish itself is written "Place the fish in palm of the hand. The movements will indicate your fortune. Keep the fish in envelope when not in use." It seemed quirky to me the very first time I saw it. I didn't think there would be anything special to this fish until I placed it in the palm of my hand. It started squirming! The polymer grabs onto the water molecules and brings the fish to life. It is a delightful surprise for first-timers.


Moving Head: Jealousy
Moving Tail: Indifference
Moving Head and Tail: In Love
Curling Sides: Fickle
Turn Over: False
Motionless: Dead One
Curl up Entirely: Passionate


Moving Head: Jealousy
Moving Tail: Indifference
Moving Head and Tail: In Love
Curling Sides: Fickle
Turn Over: False
Motionless: Dead One
Curl up Entirely: Passionate

This product made its way to me by chance. It came with a Lenormand that I ordered last year, but I feel that it merits its own introduction due to its innovative and quirky nature. The Fortune Teller Fish is just for fun but could prove to be useful at some point in the future. It can be deemed as a branch of divination if taken seriously. Since it is meant for use by direct contact, I would only recommend using this with people you know to avoid spreading germs.The film is pretty fragile and will not stand too much use. Keep that in mind when using this fish.

My little polymer friend makes it very clear that good things in life are simple. This is hardly a sheet of plastic, but it can be used to bring a smile to someone's face. I recommend it for parties of a naughty or good-hearted nature. Pry the laughs out of your friends with this frisky little character.

I wonder, have any of you been acquainted with this product before? He seems elusive in popularity, but funny to work with. Does anyone have a question for my Fortune Telling Fish?


I have not read with the Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner before, but on first glance this looks to be as a tarot reading about love. The emotions of the hearts are settled by the coins, which could mean either a love for work or working at love. Either way, it looks like a very good week is coming up!

This is a big leave from the gloomy spreads that I had pulled with the Bohemian Gothic Tarot. I had not realized before how much the color can shift the tone. Also, the artists have different outlooks on life, and it shows in the portrayal of their characters. It could be a little misleading, because pretty pictures can also tell of misfortune.

Monday. Ten of Hearts. This card looks like emotional satisfaction. The work to get up until this point may have been draining or even though it is also a reason for celebration. It could also mean family activity or renewal. The family in this photo looks happy, they look as if they're celebrating. It looks like a feel good day, framed in polka dots and other motifs reminiscent of scrapbook paper. Maybe it will be a good day to take pictures.

Tuesday. Princess of Hearts. A message of love, or of emotional purpose. The Princess is floating in a world of water and emotions, and she cares a lot about what she is reading. In her hands is a letter that she got from far away or from someone that she cares about as well, and could be a lead on where she is going next. It could be an invitation.

Wednesday. King of Hearts. On Wednesday there's a big appearance.The one that send the invitation shows up gallantly, poised for the conversation they are about to have. It could mean that the letter had forewarnings news of a big event the following day, but it definitely looks like something that lightens the senses.

Thursday. Ace of Pentacles. A good day for business meetings, projects and initiatives. Often I see this card as a chance for something or a lucky event. The energy here is making the coin, and since in is in the process of being created, it is not yet materialized. There could be many things that happen that delay it from reaching its full potential, but up until now it looks like it is well on its way.

Friday. The Empress. This card is always very lush, showing in it the wealth that comes with care and attention. The luxury of the landscape before the maternal Empress stretches out for miles, and she sits on her lavish throne looking out at it. The Empress is a motherly figure, one that will turn way wrath with caring and that will set straight any quarrels in her family.

Saturday. Four of Hearts. Notice how this woman kneels over a pilar that she has created for herself. It is the foundation of her emotions as they have grown up until that point. Energy in the form of hearts leaves her hands, and they float off until the energy wanes. This card shows emotional stagnation. It is easy to get bored with too much of a good thing, so it is best not to overload oneself with it.

Sunday. Prince of Swords. What a lovely court name for a Knight! Sunday is a fast-paced day with the Knight of Swords. It can be an exchange of sharp words regarding the past week or the charge towards a goal that has been in mind for a while. The shadow side to this shiny Knight is that he is impulsive,  he will charge straight into battle without first pausing to consider whether he can make it out okay or not.

What to avoid. Seven of Pentacles. The coins have stacked and now they actually overpower the worker that looks up at them. He can see the long, hard task ahead of him and as he rubs his shoulder. His stance indicates that he is getting ready to tackle a big task that is actually of a height larger than his. Avoid letting things pile up and going over your head.

What to strive for. The World. The world can be known to be a positive card as well, and as a Major Arcana it holds the most weight in the reading. The world is a card of travel and success. It is hard-earned prize for efforts, and news that bring with them great joy. It can be the feeling that one is in the final run towards a goal, or achieving a goal they have waited and worked towards for a long time.

The air of victory that influences this spread is contagious. It feels like a really big go for it from the universe. The cards are static but the elements within them have a lot of movement suggested in them as well as energy. I really like the dreamy feel of the cards because they stimulate my intuition.

I particularly noticed the romantic air of the first three cards. All of the Hearts (Cups) suit. The washes of pink and hearts are like the sweetest perfume, intoxicating and lavishly surrounding those that have caught the love bug. A very interesting deviation from the traditional suits of the tarot.


To mend my inactivity in the analog world of diarykeeping, J has gifted me with a sketchbook journal that he custom decorated for me. He designed a herald shield for our union as a house, and in it he placed a fictional story about a monarch couple living in a magical kingdom. As King and Queen of Samhain, we immerse ourselves in a world of magic and whimsy. It is the manifestation of our farfetched dreams. In this book I will write about Lenormand and tarot study, card spreads, rules for patience games, and keep a general record of my life as a modern witch. I would like for the book to include sketches as well. It would be nice to decorate these pages with more than just instructional writing.

A grimoire is a collection of spells and guidelines that serve as a mutable textbook for aspiring witches and metaphysics. Although I have read about the process of keeping a grimoire, I have never started one myself. I do, however, check up on the online musings and records of various grimoires online. It will be interesting to share analog pages through this blog if I work with certain regularity. Perhaps the first few pages will do for now. If any of my readers has a grimoire that they would like to share with me, please comment below. I would love to see how others have organized their work in the spiritual world as well.




This post is one that I have been looking forward to writing. The Steampunk Tarot, a magical concoction envisioned by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell has quickly ascended to my #02 favorite tarot deck to read with. I love the sounds that come to my mind as I look through the cards, and the mood that is prevalent throughout the series. Although the theme of this deck is based off an alternate reality to ours, I found that this tarot deck translates very well into our current society. When you turn all the cards over to shuffle, you are met with a lovely back showing the 4 elements of the suits embedded in the vowels of a machine. They are the gears keeping everything going.

The first thing I did when I pulled them out of the box was read with them, which is rare for me to do. I looked through the full deck three times, pausing to admire the cards that stood out to me the most. Usually I place the cards under a stack of books to flatten them out properly. It is the Samhain Moon way of breaking into a deck. After the cards are perfectly flat, I look through them a few times and charge them with the energy in my room. The process is known to take a few days, sometimes a couple of weeks.

When I was done looking them through, I shuffled for a few minutes and interviewed the cards. I was particularly surprised at how clearly the cards speak to me and others. The very first time I read with them, I tried a demo reading with my Mom. She picked out a few of the cards and started telling me what they meant to her, and how she related her impressions with my own from the reading. It was a perfect moment of synchronization and atonement. The cards have very direct messages and confirmations. The dialogue is different from what I am used to seeing in my other cards, because they feature people in almost all of the cards. I am used to pulling together elements without faces into stories, and the Steampunk Tarot instead features people that are giving me responses to my questions. I watch for the interaction amongst themselves, and the interaction that they have with me as a part of the reading. The cards like to talk!

My favorite music to listen to while I play with these cards is Abney Park, a musical delight from Seattle. They are the self-proclaimed quintessential Steampunk band, and I'm not one to argue with that! Abney Park's music breathes life into the cards, immersing me in the romantic Victorian world of spinning gears, airships and steam.

I wish that this deck came with an alternate set of court cards to mix and match. I don't feel that the Kings and Queens have the authority and the physical qualities of the suit, particularly the King and Queen of Pentacles. I envision these monarchs surrounded by lavish artifacts from the Victorian era. I even hoped their garments would be extravagant, but they seem very simple. Many members of the Aeclectic Tarot forums have disagreed with my qualms, but it's an idea I stand by. The deck is executed so successfully, though, that I will continue to read with this deck. I may also go as far as to manually apply gold leaf to the edges of the cards. I love gilt cards, and this deck would look stunning with gold edges!

I recommend this tarot deck for everyone, novices and experts alike. This is the type of deck that will always have something to say about any aspect of your life, and that will surprise you with its cheeky observations. The Steampunk Tarot speaks in a tone of casual conversation, it doesn't whisper or yell. The style follows the Rider-Waite Smith school of learning, but deviates enough to provide additional insight and clarity. It's all in the cards, you just need to look.

What is your most important characteristic?
The Hierophant. The wise teacher. He will sit down patiently to narrate for me and others, possibly my clients. He has an understanding of many subjects, not just a select few. It's apparent by the books stacked on the table. I can almost hear him telling his pupils that they need to look within for the answers, and that they come from within. He teaches how to have a more harmonious life.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
The Lovers. "I could not have made a better choice," reads the pull quote at the top of the page in the Steampunk Tarot Manual. I take this as a sign to be excited about, because it means that the relationship will be harmonious. It'll hold my hands through the hard times and celebrate with me when I've got events to talk about. The connection covers all aspects of life, from the physical to the divine. There are many layers that will be pulled back to show me the comparisons and contrasts of events as they relate to my life.

What are your limits?
The Devil. The people in the card are strings, and the pull quote reads "It's bloody hard work keeping this going." This card feels like a reminder that advice can only take you so far. It's great to seek insight, but you also need to live your life according to your own beliefs. Take the advice as a grain of salt, but otherwise continue on as you would. The truth in this impression is that when we listen to advice and we forget our own standing in the situation, we are depending on others to make important decisions for us. In seeking too much guidance, we might end up like the puppets that the metallic monster is toiling with.

What are you here to teach me?
Ace of Wands. This card says, "go for it!" If the Steampunk Tarot is taking the role of motivational speaker, it is urging me to reach for my goals. It is the same mix of self-empowerment with victory that I try to inject into my clients.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
The World. Have adventures, see the world, solve problems, and change. The world is the card of an open mind and what can happen when you're in control of all the elements present in your life. It is a good affirmation of travel and of accomplishment.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Seven of Wands. This deck offers to provide higher ground for me to stand above my problems. It will be a good companion when I feel that I'm stuck in a rut, because it'll help me find the solutions that I turn blind eyes to.

Which card do you want to show off?
Six of Wands. Victory through teamwork, and still managing to seem humble after it. One aspect of this card that I really like is the suggestion that it takes more than one person or influence to accomplish something great. It really makes me think about the importance of teamwork, of acceptance, and of that feeling of accomplishment.

How do you see me?
Three of Cups. Joined together for dialogue. This makes me feel that it's an amicable therapy for myself any anyone else that is willing to listen to the messages. The fact that there is someone else in the picture makes me feel like it includes my clients. The collective quality of the cards is a sign that this deck not only wants to read for me, but for my clients as well. The message is accessible and out there for anyone that wants to listen.

How do you see yourself?
Two of Cups. A conduit of alchemy to bring people closer together. This card shows people whose flowing emotions (water) have mixed and reacted, creating an illusion of light that shows the link between them. The exchange of energy keeps the conduit active for as long as they focus their energy on it, keeping their connection together alive for an extended period of time if they so will it.That's lovely!


I have been postponing the day that I would finally try this spread. It is a projection of the upcoming week that provides highlights and a little bit of advice. I would like to use this as an opportunity to study other tarot decks from my collection that I am not as familiar with.


Monday. King of Swords. This King is a quiet one. He’s far removed from everything that is going on and he protects his ideals within his helmet. Don’t be fooled by his armor, he’s still got his crown on and his identity goes without question. He stands ready for whatever comes next with a sharp mind, the problem is that any bystander couldn’t tell what he’s really thinking behind all that armor. Court cards usually represent people, so it could be somebody with those characteristics.

Tuesday. 7 of Wands. A battle that you know you can win is presented. Nothing is easy to accomplish nowadays, and this card signifies that. Every task has complications that need to be battled out before the product can be reaped. The fawn in the picture looks to be hiding, but he’s really on top of things. The people he’s fighting with are out of sight and reach; it makes me feel like the problem doesn’t have a face. It could be a busy work day, but luckily it’s not blown out of proportion.

Wednesday. 6 of Wands. Victory! All the hassle from the day previous is worth it, because the knight is stable and celebrating. When I look at the Bohemian Gothic Tarot Six of Wands, I feel as if the Knight is leaving the gates rather than entering. He worked what he needed to work and he’s en route for a well-deserved vacation in the country. It may be a good day to celebrate or take a break! It could also be the realization of a goal.

Thursday. 5 of Wands. Thursday looks to be a busy day with all the problems springing up again. They look to be more difficult than before, and the figure in the card doesn’t seem the be wearing any armor. In regards to the spread I feel that some time off the day before may turn out not to be such a good idea after all.

Friday. 6 of Cups. Friday looks like a good day to get back in touch with somebody I haven’t heard from in a long time. It could be a dominant mood throughout the day of missing memories and wishing to re-live them. It would be a good idea to go back to simple indulgences from the past and enjoy them with someone else. [Edit: I heard from one of my cousins that I hadn't talked to in a long time regarding family matters. It had the same bittersweet feeling as the cards usually do, and projects for a grave weekend as the reading started.]

Saturday. 5 of Cups. Saturday looks like a true blue day, still wallowing in the memories and the desire to go someplace. In the card, the light shines upon her face but she is too distracted with her feelings to admire the decadent beauty of the place she is in. She recognizes her higher calling, yet feels incapable of doing anything about it for now.

Sunday. 4 of Cups. The day of rest, the day to hide from the world and responsibilities and just breathe. As she lays in a coffin to go to sleep, I feel she’s ready to undertake another journey. Indicates a short stay in the hospital or perhaps a strong dream. Whatever the case is, she looks very tired and she needs to rest!

What to avoid. 3 of Cups. Try to keep away from social gatherings and other distractions. The girls are enjoying their leisure time near a waterfall, basking in the radiance of nature. The little girl carrying a cup suggests they’re talking about relationships or matters of the heart.

What to strive for. 4 of Wands. Building the foundation for the future. Stay focused on goals and try not to do it alone. This will be a good motivational card during the week: the reminder that as monotonous as things get, it will serve its purpose. It’s the foundation with which I will be able to carry out my plans and live out my dreams. I find the man in the building very curious. He’s too far away to hear them, but he has his eyes on the women at work. If his face didn’t shine so brightly in the moonlight, I may even have overlooked him!

Two fours, two sixes and two fives. Things remain in balance for the most part, but they could stand to be a little different. It seems very monotonous, with the same ups-and-downs that a week should have. I don’t feel that there will be any riveting events during the week, but I could be wrong. This projection states that things will go routinely, and that any deviation from that path will be in search of surprises to break that monotony. I feel that this week will be packed with things to do and not much time to spare.

The cloth I am using for my spreads is actually a scarf I bought at Forever 21. It goes perfect with light cards over it, but I like the romantic gypsy mood that it gives my tarot readings. Now that I have started using Instagram, I feel that I will be able to work with photo integration more often! I like the idea of offering sneak peaks to what I’m up to!

The Bohemian Gothic Tarot was designed by Alex and Karen from the Magic-Realist Press, also known as Baba Studio. They are based in Prague.