What I have found after testing the horoscope & zodiac time and time again is that whether or not the vast majority of my readers believe in it, — and I think you do, because otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this, — is that they resonate with many characteristics of their zodiac. And hey, I’m not saying it’s to the T for everyone out there, because not even I come off as a 100% Libran… and I can vouch for having doubted and tested it multiple times before. Think of the horoscope & zodiac realms as you think of the tarot: archetypical, general, a guideline.

While Astrology remains a science and art, it can also be seen as a crash course into intuitive practices. It will help decipher what to expect from a general audience/individuals you interact with. The beauty of the zodiac is in the variety of personalities from the distinct moon signs and ascendants accompanying the original sun signs. Through the research I have been doing on my spare time, I have found some degrees of influences that severely change the composure of the sun sign. The sun sign is the sign that you are born under and identify the most with, such as Leo, Scorpio, Aries... But the moon sign, ascendant, and 12 houses all shed a different light into your personality. If you'd like to know more about your own inner workings, I suggest getting a natal chart drawn out for yourself.

If anyone is curious, I will gladly take a look at their natal chart and interpret what the positions of their houses mean. In this manner, daily and monthly horoscopes are also able to be deduced!
Time and time again I must remind you all not to believe everything that you see out there on the net. There are many crazies out there trying to sell you their made-up whims, passing them on as legitimate truths when in fact they’re not! Always check for legitimacy yourselves—don’t buy all the junk you’re being sold!

Since I'm already on the subject of horoscopes, I thought I'd introduce my readers to one of my latest projects—a set of 12 horoscope icons illustrated for my client, La Gitana Patricia. The process of creation has been going on for a little under a year now, but I'm proud of myself for how it came out. So, so happy!

CLIENT: Encuentros Mágicos - La Gitana Patricia
A set of 12 horoscope icons for press and web.

They are up on the Illustration tab just under my header, and I'll explain what's going on in that network of links soon enough!


The last I'll share with you today is a video on zodiac impressions as done by Xena's Hudson Leick. She looks stunning while she acts out a few encounters with the 12 signs of the zodiac. At the very least, you'll laugh at some of the ludicrous things she says!

On my next post I am going to entertain you with some of my own impressions from the zodiac thus far. I have Hudson Leick to thank for that idea!