I hope you enjoy my impressions of the 12 signs of the zodiac!
A Fire sign, and oh! How that fire burns! Since Aries, I have never before felt such burning passion. They like to seduce, be seduced, and they are not at all lazy in bed! Rather, they will exhaust you first, and feed off that energy you give off. 
Bear in mind that when they're angry, they may unintentionally use hurtful words—out of fury. They like to be treated with respect and caution. They are charismatic and loyal.
An Earth sign, Taurus love being comfortable. They enjoy lives of luxury and of recognition for their efforts as long as things go their way. If you dare oppose them, prepare for the punishment that Taurus has deemed appropriate for you. I promise it won't be pretty!
Taurus is hard to forgive, but in their best they are the most complaisant lovers, and in their worst they are your most powerful adversaries. It is a general observation that Taurus women tend to be more fierce than Taurus males involved in a disagreement.
An Air sign. "Yes! No! Maybe?" Indecisive for some things, and super on top when it comes to other endeavors. Gemini love to be social and they also possess imaginations worthy of envy. At their worst moments, they fight with themselves until they find the solution that they're happy with. They are very charming, but they can sometimes find it hard to commit. Due to their nature, they drift around a lot, but they have an amazing adventure as they go.
A Water sign, Cancer likes to play it safe. They don't like for things to go wrong. Any risk of getting hurt will be treated with extreme caution. They are very sociable, and known for their tricky little pranks. Hanging out with a Cancer ensures some good laughter as well as a satiated appetite. Cancers are wonderful hosts.
For a Fire sign, they are actually quite lazy. Things must go their way, they're ALWAYS right. You couldn't EVER forget how much they have sacrificed from their oh so loaded schedule to be with you, because they will only grant you a new audience when they feel you have internalized the truth.
One thing I love about Leos is that they're always on time!
An Earth sign, Virgos are generally very organized. They enjoy being hosts, dressing to the latest fashion, and going to parties when they aren't working. They are orderly and smart, but very grumpy if you get on their nerves.
An Air sign,  Libras are all about romance. They blossom when they're in love, and they self-destruct when it goes sour. Libras strive for balance in their lives, even though it takes them much longer to achieve that balance. Known for their sensual nature, they will likely take time from their busy schedules to tend to their needs. They are both feminine and masculine, and that could prove a little intimidating to their most loved ones. 
If it needs to get done, it will get done.
A Water sign,  Scorpios announce themselves as soon as they walk into a room. They like the flow of human interaction, and they rejoice when they are the center of attention. If they are caught doing something wrong, they do everything possible to deny it and flee the scene. Whenever they get the chance, they will come back and punish you for embarrassing them. Don't do that again!!
A Fire sign,  Sagittarius are charming people, but fatally manipulative as well. They have no reservations unless the situation merits it. When they have an opinion they want to share, they talk about what's on their mind and move on. Period!! 
They like to stay active and crafty, whether it be on the road or at home.
An Earth sign,  Capricorn is best known for being irreparably stubborn. When they set their mind on doing something, they carry on with their plans regardless of whether they have been encouraged to or not. Appreciative of life's finest luxuries, Capricons are like magnets for money and fashion. They work hard and diligently, they take the risks that need to be taken, and they reap success There is no lack of anything when a Capricorn is around.
An Air sign, they are never tameable and undisciplined, but they are also terribly charming. Aquarius is extremely experienced in manipulation and getting the best of others, but is also terribly smart. They're too smart for their own good!
They change their physical appearance often, particularly their hair, and are more prone to drugs than others. Party on, rock stars!!
A Water sign,  a Pisces is emotional, emotional, emotional. They feel everything tenfold! When they're happy, they rejoice with everyone and throw the best parties. When they're sad, they need to pull themselves out of the trenches after days of being locked up. No one sees life with as many colors as a Pisces does.

I have exciting news coming! Come back soon!


What I have found after testing the horoscope & zodiac time and time again is that whether or not the vast majority of my readers believe in it, — and I think you do, because otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this, — is that they resonate with many characteristics of their zodiac. And hey, I’m not saying it’s to the T for everyone out there, because not even I come off as a 100% Libran… and I can vouch for having doubted and tested it multiple times before. Think of the horoscope & zodiac realms as you think of the tarot: archetypical, general, a guideline.

While Astrology remains a science and art, it can also be seen as a crash course into intuitive practices. It will help decipher what to expect from a general audience/individuals you interact with. The beauty of the zodiac is in the variety of personalities from the distinct moon signs and ascendants accompanying the original sun signs. Through the research I have been doing on my spare time, I have found some degrees of influences that severely change the composure of the sun sign. The sun sign is the sign that you are born under and identify the most with, such as Leo, Scorpio, Aries... But the moon sign, ascendant, and 12 houses all shed a different light into your personality. If you'd like to know more about your own inner workings, I suggest getting a natal chart drawn out for yourself.

If anyone is curious, I will gladly take a look at their natal chart and interpret what the positions of their houses mean. In this manner, daily and monthly horoscopes are also able to be deduced!
Time and time again I must remind you all not to believe everything that you see out there on the net. There are many crazies out there trying to sell you their made-up whims, passing them on as legitimate truths when in fact they’re not! Always check for legitimacy yourselves—don’t buy all the junk you’re being sold!

Since I'm already on the subject of horoscopes, I thought I'd introduce my readers to one of my latest projects—a set of 12 horoscope icons illustrated for my client, La Gitana Patricia. The process of creation has been going on for a little under a year now, but I'm proud of myself for how it came out. So, so happy!

CLIENT: Encuentros Mágicos - La Gitana Patricia
A set of 12 horoscope icons for press and web.

They are up on the Illustration tab just under my header, and I'll explain what's going on in that network of links soon enough!


The last I'll share with you today is a video on zodiac impressions as done by Xena's Hudson Leick. She looks stunning while she acts out a few encounters with the 12 signs of the zodiac. At the very least, you'll laugh at some of the ludicrous things she says!

On my next post I am going to entertain you with some of my own impressions from the zodiac thus far. I have Hudson Leick to thank for that idea!


Due to the nature of a job as graphic designer + account manager that I applied to recently and have been interviewed for, I have started to contemplate signs and their correlation to people more closely. My thoughts have varied from message making to demographics and efficiency.

One great example would be the Gap's latest seasonal campaign, which I find to be quite effective and appealing.

I wake up every day and encounter at least 25 to 50 signs within the hour. Logos, saved ephemera for my journal collages, newspapers (with over 1000 messages in logo and adverts alone,) and magazines, packaging, etc. I stray from T.V., which is constant bombardment of messages, adverts, and logos that happen to fry your brain cells if you let it. I get in my trusty car — named Marvolo — and incorrectly neglect the signs that I see on shops in the streets as parts of design. Guess what: they are. They’re signs, and even though a vast majority of them are not presentable in my eyes, they get the message across to people like me, and most importantly, to the masses.

Signs. So simple. Their existence is nearly transparent to us because we don’t even register the fact that they’re there, but they carry messages and they guide us from point A to point B.

I’m not talking about the universal road signs that guide us through traffic, because those have been made standard for the reason of clarity. That is a whole subject in itself, but I do understand traffic signage to be much more effective in the USA than in Puerto Rico for obvious reasons.

Need I say it, they pay more attention to minor details being right the first and only time. In Puerto Rico, the quicker and cheaper the better. Cheaper won’t necessarily fill the expectations of those who need to find their way now and not after they missed their exit. Additionally, signs in general remind us about things we don't know. They're there to teach those that are not aware and to persuade the rest that are not sure whether they want to pick A over B.

In demographics, I get lost within myself when I think about it. I sat down at the mall’s food court today to look solely at displays and signage placement, and also observed how people reacted to it. Most didn’t even seem aware of their surroundings because they were immersed in conversations about school, work, and relationships. Some, however, looked around rather curiously. I assumed they were not as familiar to the mall, just as I wasn’t, and were looking around for any messages directed towards them. Sales, services, what to get your super awesome Dad for his day, and how to get from point A to point B.

Even though I have been designing to make messages for years now, it shocked me when I realized I was looking at something so familiar to me through a different perspective. To be honest, even my career is shedding a different light to me lately.

People like to be told how to get to where they think they want to go. They also want to be listened to and helped. People love telling strangers their stories because they feel they are more likely to be listened to by somebody they don’t know, rather than telling those that surround them daily and that are probably involved in the same matters. In general, I have come to understand that people feel misunderstood in Puerto Rico, and their outgoing nature makes them tell strangers their most intimate thoughts in the hopes of making connections.

I fell in love with the world of signs, the world of losing and finding directions. Hopefully I will be more involved in it soon!

Things have been moving at a great pace lately. The chain unties event after event and I am getting a much better grasp of the person I have always dreamt of becoming.

For somebody always so alone — but not lonely — who knew that I'd have so much love and support keeping me going? Up until now I have been blessed by loving parents, lovers, friends, mentors, clients, and even strangers. Even if my life seems stagnant, I guess I can't forget those people that constantly show me they care for me and need me around. I have never felt comfortable unless I have a purpose or unless I am doing something that feels productive to me, but now I see that in the long run, what matters most is the people that remain by my side through all kinds of stormy events. They make it well worth the struggle, and the victory so much sweeter.

How many people can say that they have been invited to spend quiet afternoons with their clients? Leisure must always include work time, but it is super fulfilling to get to know my clients personally. With all the respect that a client/designer relationship requires, I feel super blessed to have had such rewarding experiences up until now.

Thank you everyone, and I mean that.


Its been a while and I have definitely missed coming around to keep my readers informed about my weekly happenings. It is hard to keep you posted on the highlights and discoveries when events seem to fluctuate; sometimes I have nothing to talk about, and other times there is too much content to share with you. In an attempt to redeem myself, I think I will stick to random posts without a schedule for a while. Without the stress of actually having to sit down and compose a post, I will just update when I actually have something I want to say to you. Simple enough, let’s start!

I just got back from a trip to Orlando, Florida, in which I met up with two of my favorite people — Because you know, there aren’t that many. I am very picky with the people I choose to devote myself to. — I had a great time thanks to them. However brief, it just takes one encounter to make me realize that I have been asleep all this time. Not asleep in the literal sense, but asleep in the sense of unaware of my condition. It isn’t healthy to be cooped up in a house all day, churning out work and waiting on the next paycheck. People need to connect with others face to face, to share and relate experiences and build connections based on that. Being stuck at home, my grasp on reality was being warped to what I saw only. I was voluntarily giving up my rights to explore and to learn.

All it took to shake me back into motion was a night out with some familiar faces. Now I feel refreshed, energized, and ready to take on the changes that are coming.

I can feel the changes as they happen, and thanks to my studies, my intuition has doubled over the past few weeks. It feels like an awakening, the lifting of the veil, and a promise of life. New life.
I am currently undergoing a stage of intellectual stimulation as well. This week I tapped into a new world of metaphysics that I can’t wait to get involved with, and it deals a lot with perception of the mind. I will be testing myself in accuracy of intuition as well as practicing new ways of dealing with energetic ambiences.

As far as tarot cards are concerned, I may be offering tarot services through Skype and e-mail soon. A better idea of when exactly it will happen will surface when I figure out how often a week I can book appointments, or if I will be all right with spontaneous appointments. More and more, there seems to be a need to plan days ahead, and sometimes even weeks.

Additionally, my client is holding a workshop in case any of you are interested:

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!