Even though tarot is a subject I deal with and talk about on a daily basis, I find that it currently takes up less than 25% of the content on this blog. Maybe it is the fear of perpetual redundancy or of overwhelming my readers with too much information manifesting. Going against so many more sources already appearing on the internet...

Here I am! Ready to talk to you about the Daily Spread.

01 - 03; Morning.
04; Mid day.
05 - 07; Afternoon.
08 - 10; Night.
11 - 13; Summary.

Shuffle your cards thoroughly.
Do you reverse some cards, or do you leave them all right side up? Is there something specific that you want to know about? This spread is best used in general terms of the day, or when you have an important project happening that you want to know about.

Lay the cards down.Turn them over and get a good look at the whole picture. Is there a majority of Cups? Swords? Wands? Pentacles? How many Major Arcana present?

Begin reading from the very left.Card one—also known as recent past and upcoming present—and start adding up to the story the cards are telling you. You will find as you go that one card can spill into the next, and by reading them in order, you are weaving together your very own story for the querent. Don't be too theatrical! They just want the truth, not to be scared.

Ask for feedback.
Once the conversation is finished and all the messages have been delivered, give the querent a chance to share his or her feelings during and after the reading.

It has come to my attention that a great deal of you get lost whenever I talk about tarot. It could be the demo readings I offered directly after explaining each spread, so I'll leave a little leeway between each reading and a demo reading. If you're feeling confused, please comment on my entries and let me know what's up!

Remember that on the right hand side you can access older tarot spreads under the Divination keyword in my Labels category. Save the templates for when you need them and use the spreads on your tarot adventures!



I’ve just had a metaphysical experience that I want to share with my readers with some caution. I was induced into a trance on Sunday night, and it came with the first opportunity to get a good look at my own astral projection. I had the opportunity to see the energies that are surrounding me as well as the influences from other people made concrete and almost palpable. It helped me gain a better understanding of myself and my purpose in the world that I am currently living in.

It started out as a circle of four women burning two wands of holy stick, reciting prayers and anointing themselves with florid water. There were candles amongst the core of the group, and behind each person was a burning wand of holy stick. We were under the first quarter of the moon. At first we laughed to ease the tension, then collectively grew more serious as the ritual progressed. As the trance started, I felt the strange compression twisting and pulling simultaneously, and I laid down to experience it.

During the trance, I felt grounded and connected to all of my surroundings. My senses were exalted and I had a clear look at the emotions and the ‘composure’ of my ‘higher self’, for lack of a better word. I got to see the energy as it flowed within my soul. I was presented with mundane situations and with hopes as well as problems. I saw my romantic partner as well a person I have recently lost touch with. It was impressive to me knowing that I have built up my own obstacles and the concerns that I am dealing with at present time.

After the experience, I was regaining consciousness bit by bit. I felt calm and level-headed, and all the rage that I had been harboring prior to that night had dissolved. The feeling of being connected to the now and of understanding the reason for the circumstances surrounding me was both reassuring and second nature at that point. On the drive home, I felt creative and free-spirited. I was even in a good mood, when earlier during that day I was lugging around drama and rage as if I was actually feeding off it. My mind was clearer, and I found myself weighing thoughts of solutions to my ‘problems’. In current reality, those ‘problems’ seem silly to me now, and I have a brighter perspective on the situations that I had felt I was stuck in.

What I deduce from this whole deal is that it is important to stay connected with one’s ‘higher self’ in order to stay grounded. Experiences like these help to understand why the present situations are as they are, and they also help us no to blow those situations out of proportion. A really nice benefit from the trance is the realization that whatever is tormenting one person at current time will come to pass. It really is true, that they say… Everything transforms, nothing stays the same. This too shall pass kind of deal! It gave me the assurance to deal with my matters with an optimistic point of view, rather than just floating through the situations, and through my own life by extension. I have encountered people who don’t really seem to be there at all, just because they’re not quite living within themselves. For example, people with addictions or with very little presence are said to be living outside of their bodies, with the possibility that their aura is also not surrounding them and protecting them. They are unprotected.

As I experience these things, I become less and less of a skeptic. If any of my readers has had a similar experience, I’d like to know! Artwork is © Luke Brown from Spectral Eyes. Go check him out!


I’ve got a major special treat for you guys today!
Those of you familiar with my fixation for hand made things are likely to understand how excited I was to receive this. Rarely do I receive jewels like these in the mail. My friend and colleague Keyla Valerio has included me in the delivery of her self-promotion, which is looking nothing short of badass! That red envelope is a nice touch!

Keyla Valerio is an illustration graduate from Ringling College of Art and Design with a strong background in graphic design. Her design skills make appearances in her illustrations, but they are mainly used as a promotional skill. She has had work in Ringling College of Art and Design's annual "Illest of Illustration" art exhibit, Best of Ringling (awarded the Senior Illustration award in 2010), and a portrait featured in our 'Perspectives' magazine.


Hello! It's me again... I've got many projects cooking for Samhain Moon! Just today I compiled a list of subjects I will be writing to you guys about and I'm super stoked to share! If all goes as planned, there will be tons of activities taking over Samhain Moon in the next coming months!

It's been a while since I've allowed some voyeurism in my Samhain Moon blog. As most of you can see, my entries have been focused on the conceptual nature of the esoteric realm. Every now and then I will release a little eye candy to do with my personal life, but this will have to do for right now. My blog is in the process of change constantly; it reflects the personality of its author in more than one way.

I've hung out with some really amazing people in the past week that have made my heart flutter. They have also inspired me to look at the world in a different way and been present in a crucial turning point in my life. For this, I feel gratitude. This post is a discrete homage to those lovely individuals that graced me with their presence in the past weekend. Good times, good times!

I hope you enjoyed viewing these just as much as I enjoyed experiencing it!