I hope that your week and holiday — for those who partake — was a good one. I had a lot of fun this past weekend. On Saturday I went to White Oak Music Hall for the Somewhere Before Christmas tour, where I saw Say We Can Fly, Johnnie Guilbert and Social Repose play.

When I arrived, I found the atmosphere laid back. The people were much younger than I, but really very polite. Nobody was pushing or being obnoxious; even though the crowd was more full of energy than the shows I am used to going to, I felt more comfortable there. Huge plus! The show itself was very enjoyable. I enjoyed the music and the experience.The lights definitely had me spazzing out, though. Where I was standing, they’d blare right into my eyes. Blinding!

After the show, I got to talk to Richie, who was very warm for a shy person. Honestly, all I could do was throw compliments. I really enjoy his work. I loved the fact he is so nice to his fans. Musicians who go the extra mile definitely deserve the recognition. I believe Richie has formal training in music production, so once he starts playing venues with Funktion1s, he should really take off. I’d love to see Social Repose perform at a venue like Complex, where attendees can appreciate the sound quality. Yeees!

I walked out of the venue glowing with the positive experience. When I got home, it was all I could think about. The next day it rained in LA, a rarity, and I staid in bed most of the day wearing my new Social Repose shirt. It was nice and cold, and in my spare time I played video games. I never really get time to just relax anymore, so being able to this past weekend was much needed. Since then, I've added three songs to my work playlist and I've had Filthy Pride stuck in my head on repeat. I'm officially hooked! It's all I can listen to. You know when a song sticks and the lyrics pop up in your head randomly throughout the day? That's your very own lyrical oracle.

Even with all the drama going on around them, I'm really fond of these two. Wishing Richie and his new wife Jaclyn a happy marriage! Please come tour in LA again soon!

Stay sad! (But not too sad.)


I'm back from my trip, re-energized and totally understanding the hype. From the moment I arrived at Paris, I was delighted by its gloomy season of autumn. We arrived to a country that felt more like stepping back in time. I understood why my favorite artists thrived in the area, even though the Paris from today is not entirely the same was it was in the 18th century. The air is crisp and cold, and the trees are crowned with golden leaves. You can feel the spirit of the city as an old soul surviving the hustle and bustle of contemporary society. For me, an arrow that pierces the heart.

The French are very colorful and in many ways reminded me of my own culture. We do, after all, share romantic languages. We're cousins, if you may. We enjoyed Puerto Rican music in the Metro[!?], the drama of a suspicious suitcase left behind that later turned into a hilarious public spectacle, more artist galleries than I can name drop, and the best french fries I've ever had in my life. Ever since my return I have been drawing daily, working on my tarot project that has languished for years without an update. I am so inspired and so full of gratitude for this amazing adventure!

Chateau de Versailles was everything I had hoped it would be and more! I fan girl squealed a few times. Let's face it, when you dream of a place and then you are encountered with its staggering radiance, you can shed a few years and enjoy the excitement. In the hopes of squeezing the juice out of the experience, I will be uploading more photos from that adventure in a future post.

The above image is the ladybug that I spotted at Montmartre. Forgot to take a wish all three times I spotted one. The shadow in the photo is the hand of a tourist sitting next to the ladybug. For others, no big deal. For us spiritual folks, when we spot a rare animal we look up its meaning immediately. A life of purposeful living is not one of chance.
Monmartre is a stunning sight with wonderful restaurants and a staggering cathedral at the top of the hill. When we left Sacre Coeur Cathedral, I spotted a ladybug casually sunbathing in an area full of hundreds of travelers. By chance, I had spotted one at the base of the Eiffel Tower as well. That same day, we haggled a bottle of champagne down from 35 to 7from a street vendor.

Notre Dame Cathedral was the most gorgeous manifestation of Gothic architecture I have had the pleasure of seeing in person. The vaults and flying buttresses turned my eyes into hearts. I had the good fortune of being there when the sun hit the stained glass windows. On the inside of the nave, the light projected onto the wall like a prism. People photographed it and kept on moving, but not me. I stood in that crowded area and stared at the magic manifestation. It moved me. Moments like these are so rare, and when we get caught up in the stress of our responsibilities it becomes easy for us to miss these little miracles. After the experience, finding more little miracles became an entertaining game to play.

Enjoyed my very first Ladurée macarons, and from Chateau Versailles, no less! Can you say dream come true? I took a pastel green box with silver gilded details, and about 12 of them. They were delicious! I still have a few left because I don't indulge in cakes very often. Hoping to try them with some champagne rosé before they're out.

I have to say that after seeing Vincent Van Gogh's works and Paul Gaugin's, I get it. I totally get Post-Impressionism in a way that I simply could not understand in college. A painting moves you the most when you can stand in front of it and enjoy the experience. My eyes were hypnotized by the calculated strokes, which I am sure would have ruined part painting if they were placed off by just a hair. You have to be precise with layering, or else the colors blend together. If you want the pointillism strokes, you need to be precise. But these paintings are so organic and perfect. Mastery at its finest!!! I walked out of the experience with newfound appreciation for Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, and it has since been influencing my personal art.

We endured a three hour line in the freezing cold to venture through the catacombs, and it was well worth the ache. Wow! Piles of bones for as far as the eye can see, resting but not peacefully since their place of slumber is frequented by hundreds of people daily. Even though the signs say not to touch them, I saw some people touching the skulls. I took some selfies with them to share with you later. [And no, I did not touch them. There is mold growing everywhere, and you could take a spore home with you if you are not careful. The dead deserve to rest undisturbed.]

Staggering opulence and mazes of gardens. Why, oh why was I born at the wrong time?

A trip like this could certainly bring color back to anyone's life, no matter how grey problems have turned it.

Since I got back I had a very riveting reading with a dedicated spiritualist. He had a very similar style of reading to my own, but his messages were all very new. I loved that he added things the Babalawo I spoke to a few months ago had also mentioned. Both readings were from a close friend and loyal client, Seti. Thank you so much for always encouraging my spiritual development! Your endorsements have helped me grow heaps.

Heads up, my Tumblr account was deleted so I lost all my followers. If you're interested, please come on over and follow me! I am very active in the community and have made a few friends there. One of which came to visit me for my birthday and filmed two videos with me for her Youtube channel. Her name is Rose and she is a very gifted reader and has become one of my closest friends over time. You can watch videos 01 and 02 here. She is very popular on Tumblr as well.

I hope you enjoyed the visual diary. More to come soon. Stay tuned!