Today marks the start of this blog three years ago. It came during a transtional period in which I needed a creative outlet. Keeping a handwritten diary, day planner and sketchbook were other alternatives, but I wanted something that I could share with people who had the same interests. The journey has been brimming with light and self-discovery, and today I stand clear on all the questions that I had when I first started blogging. This creative outlet allowed me to connect with other creatives who enjoy documenting their lifestyle and practices, and I admire them in more ways than just for committing to being bloggers. They do a spectacular job at it, too.

As compared to 2012, 2013 has presented the setup for a whole new lifestyle dynamic. All of the goals that were set for last year have been checked off the list, which feels like a hearty accomplishment in itself. There is something empowering about going through projections that you were hoping for some time ago. Looking back at the pictures makes me smile, too.

What will you be doing this Halloween? Are you going to dress up and go for a night around the town, or is there a special event that you have been looking forward to?

I am thinking of going to see Grendel live at Das Bunker with my friend Kelly. You may remember her and Mat from last year's Japan adventure. We went to Tokyo Decadance and had a spooktastic time partying with Tokyo's children of the night. It was magical! We don't know what it is about the season that inexplicably brings us together while we are so far away, but I think at this point it is a good idea to deem it as the annual tradition that we share together. Let's see if it's a possibility for next year. It seems geographic differences are not limitation enough. Who knows?

This party is going to be so much fun. Grendel's Zombienation song has been playing at every industrial party I have gone to around Halloween time. Das Bunker is celebrating their seventeenth anniversary with LA's first live performance by Grendel in over 5 years, the Das Bunker debut of High-Functioning flesh, and welcomes back DJ Jasyn Bangert of God Module. Additionally, my clubbing friends are all going to be there. What is there not to be excited about? All I am missing is J's company, and we're all set.

Thinking about what lies ahead, I think that the next year isn't really about goals. The impression that I am getting is that it is time to enjoy what was worked so hard to attain. Now that the circumstances are different, my gut feeling says it's time to switch things up a little bit. Starting now, Hello Witches is scheduled on Sunday. Tarot Dreams will remain on Wednesday, but may or may not be posted just once a month in a lengthy post. The Friday editorials remain in the same day, but may come at a bi-weekly basis. Let's try this dynamic out, and if it doesn't work, I will reverse it to the way it is now or figure something else. Blogs evolve as you go along.

Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot to me that you come back to check out what's new, and most importantly, that you get involved in what is going on. Let's look forward to what seems to be a sparkly, emotive new year. Let's share our stories of life adventures, tarot card readings and journeys through the job market. I want to know more about you.


The special offer is back! Since the year starts winding down in November, I want to extend an invitation to my readers and clients for Annual Reviews or insightful general readings. As part of the invitation, there will be a special discount offer made available until January 05, 2014. I am knocking $20.00 off my one hour readings, which totals to the amount of $45.00 instead of $65.00. You can find it on the right hand side of this page or in the Tarot page.


Hopefully you are not cross with the lack of updates lately. Time slipped away, and all the spare time I get is invested into finding clients to read for. I am working myself nearly to exhaustion in order to be able to afford my lifestyle.

This past Wednesday, October 16, 2013 was the Puerto Rico Horror Film Festival Gala. There were two fashion shows scheduled; first the Party City costume show, and then a contest on the runway sponsored by Cyanide Nation. Six designers were picked to display one outfit based on the movie The Birds. They had less than a month to design and make a quality outfit to impress the public with. I nudged J and asked him to participate, confident in his talent and vision.

J's entry had life breathed into it very quickly. His design felt a lot like a modern-day Elvira. His initial sketch was very well done and was creepy and flirty enough to be used as a Halloween costume. It caters to his interests in fetish high fashion as well as a spooky undertone.

The outfit is composed of a leotard with feathers, framed by a skirt shaped as a cage. The heels had spikes and feathers, and there was a sheer mini cape with cross feet latching onto the shoulders. There is dramatic make-up to top it all off.

J got to work feverishly on the next few weeks. He assembled a team, measured out the model and hit the ground running. The days passed slowly, and the progress showed daily. There were a lot of hurdles faced that he had to solve, but he also had great sources to ask. There was a lot of anticipation building towards the big night because the creation of the piece took so much effort to finish.

I did not attend so I can't speak from experience, but I can show you the photos of the gala as seen through an iPhone camera. From what I heard, it was a huge hit. People were receptive to it and supportive of the work. All of J's co-workers were there to support, even his bosses. I wish I had been there to see it for myself. Congratulations on a job well done, J & Co. Styling was done by the multitalented Naelle Devannah of De.Lirium. She's a total styling rockstar.

It's near Halloween!


Tickets went on sale early this summer. For some reason I was under the impression that it was more or less the same concert dynamic as Puerto Rico. I stalled in getting my tickets and almost found myself without a ticket at all. Cue panic mode up until the moment in which I bought my ticket. When I had it, I sat back with a sigh of relief. My seat was secured and I would be able to attend the Delta Machine tour at the start of October. It was certainly something to be excited about! I raved about it for days.

This concert has been something out of this world. They did something right when they managed to stay relevant in the music industry for as long as they have. I am brimming with admiration for their hard work and well-deserved reputation. When they can still drive a crowd as rabid as the one from Wednesday was, they know they've still got it.

If I were to look back into the best investments in all of 2013, the Depeche Mode concert featuring Crystal Castles is definitely top of the line. My seat was so close to the stage that the band was playing less than fifteen footsteps away. I could almost see them as tall as they really were. I was earnestly surprised to find that my section and the one directly across had the best view in all of the stadium, since those were the least popular sections when the time came to purchase my tickets.

This performance was a big surprise. With the way Alice Glass was moving, you could tell that the right environment for them to play at is actually at a club or a nightlife lounge. She was doing a great job, but I was under the impression that people weren't feeling them so much. In fact, it felt as if they didn't know who the band was. Before the concert you could get a good look at the attendants, and most of them felt eerily like avant-garde goths paired with the classic goths. Perhaps it was just outside of their musical comfort zone.

Alice Glass has a very appealing look with a blonde pixie cut and really dark make-up on her eyes. She appeared in a hoodie and broke into her signature dance step. Their setlist felt very short, but was still rather enjoyable.

To hear the introduction to Welcome To My World with a light show, visuals and the band itself threw me into hyper fangirl move. I was immediately mobilized with thick electricity coursing through my nervous system. The show began and the pseudo-religious experience began.

Something I realized about their music — which had to come from experiencing the music live, — is that there are great undertones of depression and inner darkness that you have to battle. Over and over again I noticed the themes of being resurrected or resurfacing from a dark time in your life, whether because of a romance or a fight with yourself. I found myself resonating with the fact they had gone through the worst, killed off the people that they used to be and came back to the world as entirely new people. This is exactly what I am going through, and the reason why their concert was such a deep experience.


Having researched the setlist back when I first got my ticket, I knew that Martin had a solo song. In fact, he had three solo songs and one was acoustic. He blew me away with his vocals and the feeling that he put into the music. He didn't have to move around very much to convey the exact mood of the song. sometimes he just used his hands to gesture, and that was enough. Really very wonderful, and endearing when he smiled shyly once he was finished and people clapped for him. Dave Gahan teased him enough to make him blush.

Maybe I can't call myself a true fan of a band until I truly understand the roles that each member plays in it, but honestly, I have never seen them live before. I really had no way of finding out who did what because all I had was the music to listen to and enjoy. I didn't see any music videos for the longest time, so my acquaintance with their music was purely personal. Whenever I hear their songs, it plays back emotions of the situations that I was going through at the time I got acquainted with their songs. Their music is a sonic diary of my experiences lived through their lyrics. It was wonderful and all, but now that I have seen them live, I have to say that I feel I understand them better. I feel entitled to call myself a fan now, at long last. Had I had the chance before, I would have attended their concerts at a much earlier date.

☆ Welcome to My World
☆ Angel
☆ Walking in My Shoes
☆ Precious
☆ Black Celebration
☆ Policy of Truth
☆ Should Be Higher
☆ Barrel of a Gun
☆ The Child Inside (Sung by Martin)
☆ But Not Tonight (Acoustic; Sung by Martin)
☆ Heaven
☆ Soothe My Soul
☆ A Pain That I'm Used To ('Jacques Lu Cont's Remix' version)
☆ A Question of Time
☆ Enjoy the Silence
☆ Personal Jesus
☆ Shake the Disease (Acoustic; Sung by Martin)
☆ Halo ('Goldfrapp Remix' version)
☆ Just Can't Get Enough
☆ I Feel You
☆ Never Let Me Down Again

As a souvenir, I purchased a shirt to commemorate the experience. I will wear it with pride. If for some reason they decide to throw a concert in the near future, you can count me right in. Their show was very good.

Photos compliments of the Depeche Mode and Staples Center page.